Tuesday, February 2, 2016


lululemon align-pant boom-juice
Boom Juice Align Pant

lululemonboom-juice energy-bra

lululemon boom-juice energy-bra
Boom Juice Energy Bra

lululemon boom-juice flow-y
Boom Juice Flow Y

lululemon boom-juice-what-the-sport-ss
lululemon dashing-purple-what-the-sport-ss

lululemon chalk-what-the-sport-ss
Boom Juice, Red Grape, and Heathered Chalk What the Sport SS

lululemon dandy-digie-what-the-sport-ss
Dandy Digie Multi Free To Be Wild Bra

lululemon free-to-be-bag

lululemon free-to-be-bag
Dandy Digie Multi Free To Be Bag (CAN)

lululemon free-to-be-bag
Red Grape Free to Be Bag (US)

lululemon dandy-digie short
Dandy Digie Porcelaine Tracker Short (CAN)

lululemon stop-at-nothing-crop peacock-space-dye-twist
Stop At Nothing Crop Space Dye Twist Peacock/Naval Blue

lululemon shifted-horizon wunder-under-crop

lululemon shifted-horizon wunder-under-crop
Shifted Horizon Wunder Under Crop Red Grape Black. I'm not a fan of this print.

lululemon red-grape-studio-pant-iii
Red Grape Studio Pant III. The leg looks narrower.

lululemon red-grape-in-flux

Red Grape In Flux Crop

lululemon battleship-in-flux
Battleship In Flux Crop

lululemon red-grape-aligns
Red Grape Aligns

lululemon white-run-times
White Run Times Shorts

lululemon boom-juice-define

lululemon lakeside-blue-hero-blue triometric-stripe
Boom Juice and Triometric Stripe Lakeside Blue Hero Blue Define (US)

lululemon heathered-black all-sport-bra
Heathered Black All Sport Bra

lululemon red-grape-bordeaux-stripe love-tee

lululemon sprinkler-stripe love-tee
Sprinkler and Sugar Cane Stripe Red Grape Bordeaux Love Tees (US)

lululemon twisted-dune-alarming run-times
Twisted Dune Alarming Black Run Times Shorts (US). Boo on all these Nike-ish new prints! 

lululemon runderful-ls white-silver-space-dye-camo
White Silver Space Dye Camo Runderful LS (US)

Noting for me today. I'm a little tempted by the Boom Juice Define jacket but it's such a bright color. I'm not sure I'd wear it that often. The Boom Juice What the Sport is a little tempting, too, but I really prefer the mesh fabric in that top.  Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

I am loving the studio pant iii. Has anyone tried these? Is there a difference between them and the studio pant ii?

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the turn jacket in US stores yet? I'm loving it and am waiting impatiently for it to upload one of these weeks!

Anonymous said...

I hope Canada got better stuff than the US. I don't usually complain but there was not one single thing I liked.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:20 pm - I've seen a comparison photo and the leg on the III is narrower.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a new version of the studio pant was uploaded, but why the $10 increase? Unlined studio pants now $118? I'm getting so tired of the price increases with seemingly decreasing quality.

Jessie said...

Should we officially give up on ever seeing the blooming pixie colored print in bottoms? *cries* where are those WUC they teased overseas?!

Anonymous said...

I'm tempted by the Boom Juice Define too, but will think about it. At least the fit looks normal, unlike last weeks where something was seriously off.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! What have they done to the studio pant!? We know where this is headed. I'm going to have to buy all the II's I can get my hands on. :-(( I guess the rumors over the summer were not that far off after all.

Anonymous said...

Bummed the new smaller bag didn't upload. Has anyone seen it in US stores??

Lululover said...

At first I thought it was Bon Bon , not Boom Juice Define, and I was like OMG I have to have this!!! But then I saw it was BJ. BJ has too much red in it for my liking. I cave and ordered &go LS dress from Canada last week and glad I did it. There were several items that Canada got but US did not and I already gave up on them

Anonymous said...

should we also officially give up on receiving poppy petals in wunder under crops? :(

Anonymous said...

Canada's upload is booorrrring. It's probably better this way but I really wanted to spend money LOL. I am tempted by the Studio III pants but I am not a fan of the color, will wait for others... but then again maybe not for that price.

LuluAddict said...

Potdevin felt the Studio Pants were granny pants so I'm not surprised they were updated.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:28 pm - the Studio Pants are also coming in Battleship, Deep Coal, Cool Cocoa, and Hero Blue.

Anonymous said...

Ughh, why do they always mess with the good stuff?? :( I wonder if Potdevin has even tried the pants on??

Anonymous said...

LLA Now that's what I am talking about. Thanks for the tip on those Studio colors! They are a much needed update to the old wide leg style.

Anonymous said...

Of course there were no "Tall" dance studio III's uploaded!

Chelsea Alexis said...

I seem to be in the minority... I like the narrower leg. IMO, it's a more updated look.

Anonymous said...

I got the Stop at Nothing Crop in Blooming Pixie Aquamarine. I'm loving the looks of these.

Anonymous said...

Should I give up on the Alberta Lake 5 year yogini LS on the US side too?

Anonymous said...

Yawn, oh was there an upload or did they just pull out last year's left overs to sell?

Anonymous said...

The new studio pants looks so dorky with the narrower straight legs :( Plus, the price increase too... :( what the hell is this company trying to do?

Anonymous said...

I like the narrow leg studios too. I hardly ever wear my other ones anymore, just feels baggy.

Anonymous said...

I love the studios as is. Not every pant lulu carries needs to be narrow or tights. Dont understand why they feel the need to change the classics. Colors always sold out. If they want a narrow leg introduce a second version. I like that the leg was uniform all the way down. Don't want a peg leg look. Too much of that already on this site. I have been debating trying another brand. Wanted to wait and see what the big spring upload was like first (what a joke). Changing these pants is the excuse I need to try another brand tonight!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what blue top the model is wearing in the Dandy Digie Multi Free To Be Bag photo? Thanks!

Lululover said...


ann said...

I'm not sure about the narrower studio III yet. They kind of remind me of scrubs with the straight leg. (I used to be a nurse) :)
I got the Boom Juice wts tee and tight stuff crops to try.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree anon 6:29! ...plus the price increases too...

Not much left for me to look forward to now that Lulu has gone and changed everything I ever liked for the worse :(

Erinna Lu said...

I thought the whole point of the studio pant is to be casual and relaxed looking inserted of fit or slim?
Seems like I have to spend some money on eBay to hunt down for some older version. :(

Unknown said...

Anyone in need of a laugh go to the Loop it Up Mat strap reviews. Scroll to the one titled "Versatile & Discreet" (currently 4th down). I nearly died laughing. Hurry before they remove it!


LuluAddict said...

@uknown - lol

Kim said...

The leg is narrower on the lll' and they have upped the price on them 😔

Anonymous said...

In the Red Grape Free to Be Bag, the model is wearing what looks to me to be a new version of the Scuba. Unless this is the Scuba II? (Also... Is Red Grape just Plum renamed???)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. In so sick of loose pants with tapered legs. They really only work for apples.

shannon o'malley said...

Third week in a row that I haven't ordered a thing, which is quite a statement for me! I love my studio pants, but there's no way I'd by another pair because I have so many. However, a 'new' style with a slightly narrower leg is a different story!! I need talls though... Hopefully they're coming because I like the new style!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what shirt is with the red grape winder unders. Looks promising?!

Anonymous said...

As long as the overall fit and sizing are the same as the ll's than I will be happy with the new lll's and the hero blue and dark coal will be mine.

I can't believe this is their upload for the first week of spring releases, rather lack lustre IMO. The cream of the crop went to Hong Kong. Very disappointing.

The twisted dune alarming black Run Times are horrible, we have had the white Run Times in store for awhile now as well as the white silver space dye came Runderful.

Anonymous said...

This was such a boring upload. And, Lululemon has been repeating items from previous weeks -- I suppose because they are not selling. I bought the Herringbone Hustle in your Bustle Jacket on e-Bay in Slate Herringbone because it never debuted on the US side. Also, still waiting for the Turn Jacket specifically in the color Alberta. How many more Define colors can they download??? Lastly, they should restock items that are fast sellers such as the Swiftly in short & long sleeve in the color Heathered Menthol.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the Studio III's to come in Talls! My only gripe is with the wideness of the leg on the II's and it's the main reason I ask to keep the cinch when having them hemmed. I'm excited for the new II's! I like that it's a more modern boot cut but is still very loose and casual.

I have a pair of studios with the rolling waistband but haven't done anything about it because of the hassle of damaging out, re-hemming w/cinch and driving back and forth to my store which takes half a day since I don't have one conveniently close. If the ii's show up in Talls, i'll gladly do that!

Anonymous said...

The Shifted Horizon print reminds me the ziggy from a couple years back - which wasn't a huge seller IIRC. Didn't like it then. Don't like it now. The run times shorts pattern is just ugly. That was a slam to Nike to call it Nike-ish. Lol! I wouldn't buy those if it was a Target/Old Navy pattern at $15.

More and more I'm finding I'm done with Lulu. There are a few things they come out with that I like (Toasty Techs, Runderful Rulu tops) but since August i've only bought 4 items and 3 of those were from WMTM and 1 I used a gift card.

Anonymous said...

where is the inkwell longsleeve dress? I tried chat to see if an educator knew anywhere in the US that had it and nothing!! I haven't bought anything in three months which is a huge record for me!

Anonymous said...

I think the studio III is an improvement, being on the short side, the bottoms fit me better. The boom juice energy bra is really nice, I don't buy those anymore because they are too low cut. Lulu should make the energies with more coverage in the front.