Thursday, February 11, 2016

FYI - Zobha Panties 30% Off This Weekend


I am a huge fan of Zobha boyshort panties (review here) for workouts and they're all I wear when running since they're seamless and don't chafe me. They're $18 a pair so I stock up when they're on sale and Zobha is having a 30% off sale this weekend on bras and panties.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!! I'm ordering these today. I LOVE LOVE these and live in these

LuluAddict said...

I know. Me, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I've been wanting to try these and never would have known about the sale if it weren't for your post. I'm a size 6 in Lulu and purchased the M in these underwear, which seems to match up on the size chart, plus in lulu underwear a 6 is a medium. I hope they fit!

Anonymous said...

Never tried these. I usually go commando in all my workout gear. (I know some of you think that is gross) but they look comfy for everyday wear.

Thanks LLA for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

How do these compare to the mula bandawear from lulu?

Have you tried the thong version of these?

Anonymous said...

Good deal! Got some to try. I'm with M when it comes to workouts but can never find good everyday drawers.