Tuesday, January 12, 2016


lululemon ray-cool-racerback
Ray Cool Racerback. I ordered this. Fingers crossed that it isn't thin and scratchy.
lululemon ray-power-y
Ray Power Y.

lululemon ray-swiftly-ls

lululemon ray-swiftly-ss
Ray Swiftlty LS and SS. These look pretty sheer.

lululemon ray-all-sport-bra
Ray 3 Strap All Sport Bra

lululemon cozy-up-buttercup-jacket

Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket (US)

lululemon chilly-bomber-jacket
Chilly Bomber Jacket (US)

lululemon cool-breeze-down-for-a-run-vest
New colors in the Down for a Run Vest in Cool Breeze and Inkwell.

lululemon warm-up-ls
Aquamarine Warm It Up LS. This is made out of Rulu Light (i.e., thin rulu) and I've heard it's on the see-through side in the solid colors. I'll wait to see this in a store.

lululemon warm-your-core-ls
Rulu Warm Your Core LS

lululemon yogini-5-year-ls alberta
lululemon yogini-5-year-ls lullaby
Pretty new colors - Aquamarine/Alberta Lake and Lullaby - in the Yogini 5 Year LS (CAN)

lululemon yogi-racerback minty-pink

lululemon yogi-racerback minty-pink
New cotton Yogi Racerback back in 4 Color Space Dye Minty Pink (CAN). I like this.

lululemon naval-peacock-space-dye-twist high-times

lululemon naval-peacock-space-dye-twist wunder-under-crop
Wunder Under Pants and Crop in Naval Blue/Peacock Blue Space Dye Twist.

lululemon inkwell-speed-tight-brushed
Brushed Inkwell Speed Tight In Inkwell

lululemon inkwell-speed-tight
Inkwell Speed Tights

lululemon inkwell-speed-short
Inkwell Speed Shorts

lululemon space-dye-twist-enhearten-tank
Enhearten Tank in Lullaby Space Dye Twist

lululemon desert-olive-define
The US got the Desert Olive Define Jacket.

lululemon bordeaux-hit-your-stride-skirt
Bordeaux Hit Your Stride Skirt

lululemon inkwell-tracker
Inkwell Tracker Short

lululemon gator-salute-the-sun-tank
Gator Salute the Sun Tank

lululemon fatigue-wind-chill-high-times
Fatigue Wind Chill High Times Pant

lululemon daily-practice-space-dye-slate-fatigue
Daily Practice Jacket in Space Dye Slate/ Fatigue

lululemon lullaby-scuba
Lullaby Scuba III

lululemon step-mindfully-leg-warmer
Step Mindfully Leg Warmer

lululemon post-barre-pant

lululemon post-barre-pant

lululemon post-barre-pant
Post Barre Pant (CAN)

Just the CRB for me. Did you get anything today?


Amy said...

I ordered the Bundle Up Buttercup coat based on your pics. It won't be warm enough for this very cold, howling wind snowy night but it looks so fun and comfy for cool spring/fall days. Plus the butt-covering features are a plus. I'm excited to try it out!

LuluAddict said...

People love that jacket. I think you'll like it.

Anonymous said...

Oh the yogi racerback! I hope US gets it. :) that Define...wow ugly color.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a flash light and ultra violet sculpt tank listed under tanks? Is this new or did I miss it when it was uploaded?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5L47 pm - those were uploaded last week.

Anonymous said...

The yogi tank looks nice but not sure that I like the pocket. Flashlight CRB looks nice and new Yogini shirt colours, yay! However, wavering on a full pass or get the Flaslight CRB.

Anonymous said...

Just the cool breeze CRB for me tonight. I have slub denim/cool breeze crops from years ago so happy to obtain a CRB to match.

Anonymous said...

Feels like a traffic light threw up. Not interested in Ray at all.

Pretty unmoved by all of this. Canada got the blue twist CRB and I will check that out in store. It may be thick but as long as soft, I would use it as a fall and winter CRB. Wear one almost everyday.

Also will check out the blue peacock ss swiftly in store and intend on getting that.

Like seeing Alberta Lake but do not care for that particular shirt. I also like the look of those Speed Shorts. I did not buy a single pair of Speeds in 2015 and that would be the first year ever not doing so in quite a long time (i.e. would buy multiple patterns/colours a year).

The enhearten tank in lullaby space dye twist looks really pretty but it's not for me. I don't care for those types of tanks - CRB girl all the way with FTB and FTBW bra. I don't think I really care at all for that mock neck on the Warm it Up LS.

Space Dye minty pink looks really nice but no thanks on a cotton tank.

The only other thing I might be interested in is the luxtreme cadet CRB that was posted for one of the foreign sites. But I won't hold my breath since the CRB offerings for NA have been lacklustre.

Custom Baby Boutique said...

I want every color of the Down for a Run vest...but I know myself and I already have the black one and love it, and will reach for it before another color.
I am waiting for berry rumble to go to WMTM. I think they are worth the $99 but I can't stomach more than 1 at the $138!
I love the inkwell and cool breeze but I will wait and drool.
A lot seemed really sheer on this upload.

Lululover said...

I got All sports bra and CRB in Ray.

Yoga mom said...

I have been patiently waiting for over a year for the yogi tank to come back! Can't wait to get it in US! It's my all time favorite. I will buy every color! And loving the inkwell vest- it will make my 3rd DFAR vest though.... Not sure I need it but I do love that vest

Anonymous said...

@5:46 ha I love it! Different strokes. :)

Amanda Harrison said...

Will Canada ever be getting the Let Be LS?? I absolutely love it in Lullaby.

julia said...

The Flash Light CRB has been there since fall. Those tricksters shuffled it to the front in an attempt to pass it off as new! I ordered the Ray CRB and both Ray Swiftlys. They do look sheer--I'm looking forward to comparing them to my Ray swiftlys from 2012, which are looking a little dingy at this point.

Still waiting for the Berry Rumble Rest Less PO to get to the states.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw the Aquamarine Warm It Up LS in the store tonight. When I asked if they had gotten any rulu items in the ed showed me this. I remember thinking, this is rulu? Yep thin and see through. Pretty color. What a shame :(

Unknown said...

I ordered the cozy up butter cup in the lighter color. It looks so cozy , I can't wait! I also ordered the inkwell speed tights with the space dye twist down the sides.
I too love the DFAR vests .. I own black and tender violet so even through I'd love 1 or both of the new colors especially inkwell I will hold off for now :)

Anonymous said...

It never showed up for Canada like it did for the US in the fall. I've been waiting!

Only problem is In the mean time I bought a crb in pink lemonade so now I don't know if I need the flash light.

Anonymous said...

Second week in a row I preferred Canada's upload to the US's. I was also REALLY hoping for the Think Fast Hoodie in tiger space dye so I'm bummed it didn't upload here this week. Hopefully it doesn't end up being one of those items that never makes it down here.

Anonymous said...

My store( in U.S. ) got the Ray crb. It's very thin and sheer. I still brought it though. It's such a pretty color.

OttawaLuluLover said...

Just the twist dye CRB & redish Yogi Tank for me today! The upload wasn't too bad today, but I have spent way too much on Lulu lately so I gotta take it easy in the next couple weeks!
My latest purchases included the Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket, Flurry Fighter Pullover in Raspberry & Lulu pants in heathered grey. Also bought the berry rumble jaquard define, but haven't quite decided yet if I should keep it or not. The fabric is a bit on the stiff side, not as cozy as my lullaby one from a few years ago or even the plum twist dye one from the fall. I haven't bought jacquard anything yet, so I'm wondering if that's just my experience.

Fortunately these cold colors like fatigue green, cool breeze & ray don't do much for me! Canada got the fatigue green/ray FTBW, which I didn't see mentioned in the post, but I also saw it in store today.. the two colors don't complement each other at all, so that was an easy pass for me!

Anonymous said...

I... strongly dislike the "wind chill" print. Too bad since I love inkwell. It would have been hard to resist some of those speed tights save for the waistband. I thought I'd have to buy the post barre pant too based on the preview, but I'm not into the details on that one, either. I guess it's good to save...

Does anyone know if South Coast still has the cozy ups? Can't decide whether to try in store or just order.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Trying to use my gift card and it does not go thru. Same thing happened last week and and educator had to place the order for me. Any one else having problems using their gift cards online?

Anonymous said...

I picked up the Scuba III in H. Lullaby... I am hoping it's a shade of purple, because I have both the navy blue and gem blue (not the real color name, lol). App I am drawn to blues. I also got the Ray CRB, I got so excited for the yellow I just had to get it. I also scored the new turquoise vinyasa, excited about that one. And, a pair of WU Crops in the Iris... I love the color, but I'm hoping they aren't sheer like my last pair of WU Crops. We shall see... I'm hoping for some new Align Pants, or maybe just getting the size 2's back in stock ; )

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what top she's wearing with the Naval Blue/Peacock Blue Space Dye Twist WUCs? I've seen this before in stock photos but have never actually seen it for sale. TIA!

Unknown said...

More ugly twist stripes. Canada never gets the nice colors (thinking Heathered Berry Rumble swiftly tank in particular).
Ray CRB looks nice but not is scratchy cheap fabric. Wish they'd release the CRB in Black Swan or Tender Violet. Very disappointed with their colors this last year or so, and the CRB is my go-to top for working out.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Swiftly Heathered Peacock, now if I could just get the Black Heathered Blue Sapphire! I also ordered the Yogi Racerback in 4 colour space dye minty pink and hope I like this colour combo in person. I tried on the Aquamarine Warm It Up LS and did not care for it at all. The rulu is ultra thin, the neck didn't stay up and I didn't like the fabric puckering out so much from the shoulder seams. I saw but didn't try on the Warm Your Core LS and I have to say the back looked really nice but I just can't get passed the boring front.

I think I would buy a lot more winter LS tops if they weren't so costly and if there was more options other than heathered grey, bordeaux, or black. How much heathered clothing does a person need in their wardrobe?

Anonymous said...

I too was waiting for CRB Flashlight in Canada, ended up ordering Raspberry a few weeks ago - so do I need another pink CRB?... LOL

Anonymous said...

to anon@1:40 - it is the Open Your Heart LS II. It was on the US side for a long time and went to WMTM a month or two ago. It is not terribly exciting but it is AWESOME. I actually have 3 of them and I reach for them all the time. You can get them reasonable from ebay; I highly recommend.

Anonymous said...

the only thing I like from Lulu lately is the enhearten tank. and this blog.


LuluAddict said...

@M - thanks!

Anonymous said...

I really wish, they did not hire a new designer from nike - i'm a previous employee, there is a reason we shop at lulu, not nike!

OttawaLuluLover said...

I've had similar problems lately. It always says there's not enough money to cover the taxes, even though it gives me a positive remaining balance right next to it. What I do is I take the gift card out and enter it again. Seems to work that way.

Madi said...

Do you think the US will get the Yogi Racerback tank soon? It's my all-time favorite Lulu tank and I've been dying for it to return. I hope they haven't changed the fit too much.

LuluAddict said...

@Madi - I hope we do. Lululemon has been so weird about what country gets what lately.

@ anon 6:06 am - Wind Chill is a Nike-esque design for sure. They should hire Waterson back.