Tuesday, January 5, 2016


lululemon flurry-fighter-pullover
Raspberry Flurry Fighter Pullover (CAN)

lululemon split-second-short-ii desert-olive
Domo Pixel Desert Olive Split Second Short II. 

lululemon split-second-short-ii  windy
Wind Chill White Split Second Short. This print reminds me of something Athleta would do.

lululemon definitely-raining-jacket
Desert Olive Definitely Raining Jacket

lululemon what-the-sport-short lullaby-space-dye-twist
Lullaby/Ray Space Dye Twist What the Sport Short. I like this version of SDT.

lululemon wunder-under-crop naval-space-dye-twist
Naval Blue/Peacock Blue Wunder Under Crops

lululemon think-fast silver-spoon-space-dye-twist
Silver Spoon Space Dye Camo Think Fast Hoodie (CAN). I ordered this through a Canadian friend.

lululemon herringbone-speed-tights
Giant Herringbone Speed Crops. I saw these at my store today. The US didn't get these in a 12 so I ended up ordering them from the Canadian side. I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6+ so thigh pockets have become a must on my run bottoms.

lululemon naval-blue-tight-stuff-tight
Naval Blue Tight Stuff Tights (CAN)

lululemon let-be-ls
Lullaby Wee Stripe Let Be LS

lululemon lullaby-swiftly-tank
Lullaby Swiftly Tank

lululemon dashing-purple-swiftly
Dashing Purple Swiftly LS

lululemon &go-flare-pant

lululemon &go-flare-pant
&Go Take Off Flare Pant (CAN)

lululemon berry-baller-hat
Berry Rumble Perforated Baller Hat. We got this style hat at Sea Wheeze and I like it a lot better than the 'Sup hats. I might get this when it hits the US.

lululemon cosmic-dot-wunder-under-pant
Cosmic Dot Wunder Under Pants. This print reminds me a lot of something K-Deer would put out. 

lululemon barre-star
New Barre Star Pants. My store had these today.

lululemon chilly-bomber
lululemon chilly-bomber
Chilly Bomber Jacket (CAN)

lululemon sweat-tee
Sweat Tee. I tried this on today and kind of liked it. I think you can safely size down in this.

lululemon rudnerful-half-zip
The US got the Aquamarine Herringbone Runderful Half Zip. My local store had this today.

lululemon bleached-coral-rest-less
Bleached Coral Rest Less Pullover

lululemon camo-space-dye-inspire-tight
Space Dye Camo Black/Slate Inspire Tights

lululemon tikki-tac-ffestival
Tikki Tac Embossed Naval Blue Festival Bag (US)

lululemon endeavor-tight
Raspberry Blooming Pixie Endeavor Tight

lululemon raspberry-define
Raspberry Define (US)

lululemon shake-it-out-crop

lululemon shake-it-out-crop
Shake It Out Crops

lululemon urban-sanctuary-bag
Fatigue Urban Sanctuary Bag

lululemon peacock-tank
Peacock Enhearten Tank

lululemon peacock-pique-run-and-done
Peacock Pique Run and Done Toque

Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

Is there a new gray half zip teased in the Race to Place hat pic?
Can we hope to get the think fast Canada got today? The one you ordered?

Lexie said...

Got the Chilly Bomber Jacket in BLK and I love it!! Kind of want the desert olive It's Definitely Raining Jacket, but haven't seen it in Canadian stores and same with the berry LS Swiftly! Anyone else seen these in Canada?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:11 pm - I HOPE SO! It looks a lot like a Race With Grace pullover to me (there are some details missing so I don't think it is, unless it's a 3.0) and I'm crossing my fingers it is. We've been seeing that top used a lot in photos for other items. I like it anyway - long two way zip, cuffins, no horizontal stitching on the bust, long length, turtleneck with zipper garage - it ticks all my half zip/pullover boxes. Hurry up and put it out for sale, lulu - I'll take it!

I would think we're getting that Think Fast but it's hard to tell these days.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been paying much attention to the Runderful 1/2 zip, but did the US ever get the "tonka stripe inkwell black/black" color or only Canada so far? I just saw it on the Canadian site today. Love that fabric and would love one of those.

Unknown said...

I was in my local lulu tonight and got the new lullaby let it be LS and got the new define in diamond jacquard berry rumble magenta . I also tried the sweaty endeavor tight and love them and ordered the new blooming pixie print. I tried on the new speed crop and they didn't fit well on the bottom for me.. I liked them everywhere else but I'm 5'8" and they just hit my calf in a funny spot and were too big unless I pulled them up to hug my calf but then they bunched up in other areas .. Just not right for me. I'd love to get the new think fast color that you ordered through a Canadian friend LLA... Here's hoping we get it!! Also interested in the new bomber jacket of it comes to the us .

Anonymous said...

Agree on the Wind Chill White Split Second Short...very Athleta looking.

I saw the Aquamarine Herringbone Runderful Half Zip in the store today. Very nice, very soft. Just a bit short for my liking.

The new What The Sport Short II is 6' instead of 4". I tried it on today. Much much better length for most people I would think. It also seems like a slightly bigger spec. On the original, I had to size up to an 8. This one is TTS 6 for me.

Also tried the Sweaty Endeavor Tank today. I love it. However I'm a 34D and there is no way I can wear it even for walking the dog. The bra simply isn't big enough. Causes unnecessary back fat. Bummer, b/c it is super cute for A/B cup sizes. Thankfully, it says that on the tag.

Love the Silver Spoon Space Dye Camo Think Fast Hoodie. Hoping this comes to the US.

Interested to see what other colors the Flurry Fighter Pullover comes in. Looks cozy!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Also tried the new speed crop today. Love it. I tried the black. I have to say, I'm not crazy about the full Luxtreme back panel, b/c it is a slightly different shade of black that the regular Luxtreme balance of the pant. That aside, I thought it looked and fit great!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:16 pm - 6" is a much better length for the WTSSII. Interesting. I am hoping the Flurry Fighter is coming in a bright blue like Peacock or Kayak. That would be fun. I tried the Sweaty Endeavor today, too, and totally spilled out of it. It is a really cute tank, though.

@anon 8:50 pm - I don't think we got the tonka stripe half zip, just the LS. But I could be wrong.

Megan said...

Definitely getting the Swiftly. I don't usually as they ride up on me, but can't resist that color. Did we get the bleached coral rest less in the US? I can't find it. I know it's been in Europe for a while. I would order that if I could. Maybe next week?

Anonymous said...

I really like the Cosmic Dot print. You are right, it does look similar to K Deer.

Anonymous said...

The Get Sweat Tee is kind of intriguing for me. Would love to see some try on or store pics!

Deezee007 said...

Gosh- the only thing that I have LOVED from Lulu is a long while is that Definitely Raining Jacket in Desert Olive. But a rain jacket for $200? Can't do it lulu. I'm hoping to see more affordable pieces in this color. Would LOVE a Flip Your Dog Tee in this!

Alyssa Jobs said...

Nothing for me. Is the lullaby swifty tank only on the Canada side? Should we expect to see a SS? Is there a reason why LULU does not release the swifty tank, SS, and LS all at once? It seems like a tank will get released and you'll see an SS like five months later or never!

Unknown said...

Thanks for giving K-Deer a shout-out. Between Athleta ripping on her highwaisted stripes style and now Lulu pulling a disco dot lookalike, I really feel like she's been getting the shaft. Small, creative lines like hers deserve more recognition!

LuluAddict said...

@Heather - I know a lot of lululemon fans like the brand. The lulu version is not nearly as bad a copycat, more inspired, as the Athleta leggings. One thing I really like about K-Deer, besides being woman-founded and a US company, is they offer up to 4X and they regularly feature a larger sized woman modeling their leggings on their Instagram and Facebook pages. I want to try a pair of their leggings but am waiting for a print pair to go on sale. ;-)

@ anon 8:11 pm - I think I know the name of that mystery half zip. Hong Kong just got a rulu ls called the Warm It Up LS, which has similar stitching and reflectivity across the forearms to the mystery PO. I bet the new PO is called the Warm It Up Half Zip.

@Megan - not yet.

@ anon 5:23 am - I do, too. I want it in crops, though. I never wear WUPS to the gym and those are too "gym-y" to wear casually.

@ anon 6:39 am - I liked it a lot but am waiting for it to hit WMTM since there are other things I'm more willing to pay full price for.

@Alyssa - They used to be better about that but it's something that we're getting all three versions year round now. Used to be tanks and SS would go away until spring and summer and we'd mostly get LS.

Anonymous said...

nothing… I haven't bought anything in months! I want a rulu top in the Tiger Space dye! without weird bust seams.

purrfiktangil said...

That heathered grey half zip with the white zipper that keeps popping up in accessory pics looks like the Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip from last fall to me, just with a white front zipper instead of the almost pear. The little side zipper for the pocket is even that almost pear yellow color. I keep hoping it pops up as an actual item to buy b/c I wasn't wild about the almost pear zipper on the front from last year's in terms of matching, but so far, just the teaser pics.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the new What the Sport II will completely replace the old version? The original was my favourite workout item *ever*, and I'll be heartbroken if they're discontinued. I came from Nike pros before lulu, so for me the original WTS was already long. If they made a boogie with pockets, I'd buy 20.

Anonymous said...

If you are in the US I'd wait on purchasing the Aquamarine Herringbone Runderful Half Zip. This went to wmtm Canada immediately and was widely available marked down for Boxing Day week. USA always gets way more stock than Canada. Just a friendly tip if you feel you can wait for markdown :)

I do think it's rude they put it at full price for USA when already marked down in Canada. I know Can-US treated differently for new and markdown and there is no longer any consistency (unlike in the past) on who gets what, when, full price or marked down. Ridiculous!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:42 am - I agree. I would wait.

Anonymous said...

What shirt is she wearing with the cosmic wunder unders?! I don't remember seeing anything like it!

LuluAddict said...

@Kiralic - maybe the Align and Define?

Anonymous said...

Are the Space Dye Camo BLack/Slate INspire Tights in the US? I've been waiting for a gray color scheme in the inspire tights this season