Tuesday, January 5, 2016

UK Spoilers

lululemon daily-practice-jacket

lululemon daily-practice-jacket

lululemon enhearten-tank pixie
lululemon enhearten-tank pixie
Blooming Pixie Raspberry Daily Practice Jacket and Enhearten Tank

lululemon raspberry-wudner-under-pant

lululemon raspberry-wudner-under-pant
Raspberry Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants

lululemon raspberry-align

lululemon raspberry-zone-in-crop
Raspberry Aligns (top) and Zone In Crops

lululemon bordeaux-inspire-crop
Bordeaux Inspire Crops

lululemon scuba-iii-lace-placy
Lace Play Scuba III

lululemon pace-rival-crop pixie-slate
New Pace Rival Crops in Slate Blooming Pixie/Light Flare

lululemon static-miss pace tight
Static Mist Pace Tight


Anonymous said...

Just saw this on NRF Smart Brief: Lululemon Athletica Inc shares rise as analyst predicts rebound in profit margins. Here's the link to the article.


Anonymous said...

I am kind of digging that daily practice jacket.

Also, what is with the new Zone in crop? I thought they couldn't get rid of those fast enough with the $39 on WMTM. I wonder if they fixed the issues that people were complaining about. Personally they worked for me, but I know a lot of ladies hated the fit on those.

MissLiss21 said...

More zone in crops? SERIOUSLY? There is a reason they went to $39 on markdown... and now the scammers are trying to make a quick buck on re-sale sites (Poshmark, Mercari, etc.) getting the better of women who don't know any better...they just see "cheap" LLL crops and swoon. Ugh.

Am really hoping for the blooming pixie multi HTP ...but I've learned not to get my hopes up. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

The bordeaux inspire crop was uploaded to US last Tuesday

Anonymous said...

I am curious whether there has been a lot of turnover in their design department? All of the designs seem very different than before, and less sophisticated and thoughtful to be honest. So wondering if it's the same designers going in a different direction or if there a new crew that is perhaps less seasoned.