Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Let Be LS, Barre Star Pants, Exquisite Tank, and More

Let Be LS and new Barre Star Pants. I saw the pants in my store today but didn't try them on.

Let Be LS

Let Be LS and Sweaty Endeavor Tight

Exquisite Tank

Enhearten Tan and SE Wunder Under Pants 

5 Mile LS and Pace Queen Tights

Strap It Like It's Hot Bra

Sweaty Endeavor Tank and Tight. I tried this tank on today. It's TTS but not nearly supportive enough for me.

Berry Rumble Jacquard Define and Lace Play print bottoms.

Think Fast Pullover and Runderful Pants

5 Mile LS, Strap It Like It's Hot Bra, Cool Racerback and Speed Crops. My store had Speed Crops in today but only to a size 8 so I wasn't able to try them on.

Pace Queen Tight, Hustle and Bustle Jacket, Sweaty Endeavors Tank and Tight, Strap It Like It's Hot Tank, and Shake It Out Crops (I think), and Chilly Bomber Jacket (I think).


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Canadian upload today is terrible... Again. Still thinking sbout the sweaty endev tights from before but that's it really.

Anonymous said...

i bought the speed crops today in the stripe and they could be my new favorite! luckily our store always seems to have a big selection of stuff.

Anonymous said...

I really want the exquisite tank II to return as I like that version much better. I have it in 2 colours already (lullaby?and jewelled magenta?) but missed out on black. I'm almost tempted to cave into the ridiculous eBay pricing just to get that tank.

stylistadiva1 said...

Finally! Something of interest! Definitely want to check out the Let Be ls, Exquisite tank and Barre Star pants if they hit Canada.

Ilovemytoothbrush said...

Hi, LLA!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! (A bit late...)
I ordered those pants - Barre Star (black).
I wanted to order the fatigue green ones, too, nonetheless, lo and behold OUT OF STOCK in my size. Hai!
I also ordered the WUP III in that print - cosmic dot white multi/black. I know may have said they are not too fond of it because it is so Nike la la la, I personally like it very much.

Anonymous said...

Just had to say I love that group photo. Nice to see the clothes shown with a little sense of humor. Sometimes we take this stuff too seriously. Love it!