Monday, January 11, 2016

Australian Spoilers

lululemon wind-chill-short

lululemon wind-chill-white split-second-short
lululemon wind-chill-white all-sport-bra
lululemon wind-chill-white energy-bra
lululemon wind-chill-white race-to-place-hat
New items in the Wind Chill White print: Split Second Short, Speed Short, Energy Bra (with Ray), and Race to Place Hat. This version of the print does nothing for me.

lululemon stop-at-nothing-tank

lululemon stop-at-nothing-tank
Aquamarine Stop At Nothing Tank. I've been waiting for this to make its way to North America.

lululemon cadetcool-racerback
Cadet Luxtreme Cool Racerback

lululemon fresh-mesh-run-crop
lululemon fresh-mesh-run-crop
lululemon fresh-mesh-run-crop
Fresh Mesh Run Crops in Fatigue and Deep Navy Wind Chill. These have thigh pockets. I like these versions of Wind Chill much better.

lululemon ray-all-sport-bra

lululemon ray-all-sport-bra
Ray 3 Strap All Sport Bra

lululemon such-a-cinch-vest

lululemon such-a-cinch-vest
Such a Cinch Vest. It also comes in black.

lululemon wind-chill-groove-short
Fatigue Wind Chill Groove Shorts

lululemon light-speed-ls

lululemon light-speed-ls ray
Cool Breeze and Ray Light Speed LS. Didn't these go to markdown last time they were out?

lululemon slate-ss
Heathered Slate Swiftly SS

lululemon urban-duffel wind-chill
Sprinkler Wind Chill Urban Warrior Duffel


Anonymous said...

Australia can keep that Wind Chill White pattern. Don't need to see that in the states... circa 1990 Florida condo couch/drape pattern.

Anonymous said...

That wind chill white pattern looks like something I had a couple of years ago in run shorts. From Target. For $14.99. Maybe I should have kept them. Lol!

Anonymous said...

I want the stop at nothing tank!!! I like the wind chill in navy/blue (like on the duffel). Love the ray all sport.

Courtney said...

@anon joke, I came here to say the same exact thing. 1990's couch patter, or a hideous generic print you would see framed in a cheap hotel room. Not a fan!

LuluAddict said...

I was really hoping to see more pieces in the Blooming Pixie prints since I am loving that print a lot. I also want more Strap It Like It's Hot Bra and Tanks colors/prints.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Light Speed LS did go to WMTM last time. I wasn't impressed when I saw them on the website, but I saw a woman wearing a white one in real life and it looked so good that when they showed up on WMTM, I grabbed one in a very pretty mint. I haven't worn it yet because, y'know, Winter, but they're pretty shirts. And, with that thin, hide-no-flaws fabric, a good motivation to get the core in shape! I'll have to give it a test drive before the new colors hit the US. I'm a sucker for Cool Breeze.

So ... what's the appeal of the Stop At Nothing tank? It seems shapeless and plain, so I guess I'm missing something.

Anonymous said...

@8:08, I was trying to figure out what that print reminded me of and that's exactly it!!! lol

Anonymous said...

that stop at nothing tank... the only thing ive been excited about for the past 3 months!!! fingers and toes crossed for canada :)

WW said...

I like the Stop at Nothing tank too. Does anyone know what top the model wore in the pic for the Fresh Mesh Run crop in Win Chill Deep Navy? Also, did US ever get the Lighten Up tank?

Jenny said...

The wind chill white looks like an Athleta pattern I used to have. I sold it cause it got old super fast.

I also want strap it like its hot tank in any color in a 12! I purchased the bloomie pixie, order a 12 received 10. Ordered the gray one in a 12 cause that was all they had left and I love it. Shows sweat (during hot yoga) but fits amazing, supportive at bra and then loose through hips so it just skims plus I Didn't have to adjust it at all. Bought the black bra online. I even went to my store and they searched the whole country for me. No luck with any size 12. I'd love that in a bunch of colors, i'd buy them all. First top with a bra that fits me from lulu.

nichi said...

I feel like there are quite a few things that went out or were on WMTM that are coming out again... What no new ideas??? I'm in the same boat as many losing the love....

Anonymous said...

what is going on with lulu sending out wrong sizes and getting online orders wrong as of late! gives me the jeebies!

Anonymous said...

LLA or anyone have any comments on how previous luxtreme crbs fit or the thicker ones like the cyber twist?

Anonymous said...

Love the stop at nothing tank too. Does anybody know which bra this model is wearing with it? The white one with the thick straps? Is it a white all sport?

Anonymous said...

@Jenny me too!! By the time I got my order and realized it was a 10 not a 12 it was sold out. I checked probably 15 stores in the two nearby counties and none had it. I finally found it at a store a few hours away. It's worth checking in store where they can scroll through stores that have it. Most of the stores were oh it's listed as 1 but we cant find it.

Anonymous said...

Love you Australia but for once I am not envious of the product you are to receive.

The wind chill energy bra with those straps looks pretty cute in just that set up - I otherwise do not care for the print.

The cadet luxtreme CRB might appeal to me. I have one in stripes from Sea Wheeze 1 and do really like it.

I like the Ray colour initially as it is a yellow - feel starved for a nice yellow - but I think this is probably too florescent for my taste.

Sprinkler Wind Chill print in the bag looks OK.

Yes, Light Speed LS totally went to MD (even hit online warehouse sale?) last time it was out. I think it looks cute but I was underwhelmed by it in person.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the US already has the wind chill Split Second Shorts:

Apologies if that was already posted.

Anonymous said...

What is with the boring, shapeless vests of late and this latest iteration in the Such A Cinch Vest? zzzzzzzzzzzz As just one example, how this company continues to squander resources on this type of stuff is really bizarre and yet also a weirdly fascinating thing. They really have no perspective.

Emily said...

That's the funniest thing I've heard all week! So true!

Lululover said...

I have been waiting for Stop at nothing tank but in black and white print . I think it's called Milly. It was uploaded in HK like 2 months ago

Jenny said...

@Anon 6:04. I went to my store and they did the scroll through all the stores and called a bunch of places for me with no luck! I was so disappointed. I should have gone in much much earlier in the week but I wanted to see if the 12 I did end up ordering fit. I don't think my store even got a full size run. They had the bra, so I picked that up in the blue and didn't get it in the pink, now I want the pink of course. This is the first thing in a long time I actually want because its so cute, comfy, useful and I love luxtreme.

And this size thing happened with 3 orders for me over the holiday. Ordered 2 CRBs is 10 received 12s. Ordered the strap it like its hot tank in 12, 10 arrived. Annoying.

Anonymous said...

I agree that I am finally not jealous of an Australian upload! I don't like the Wind Chill White print at all. To me it looks like something meant for Iviva. I don't like the colour Ray at all and will not be buying anything in that colour. As for the Light Speed LS, I remember trying the SS one on last year but the bottom didn't lay down, it curls up and I think it was because there is no hem on this?

As for Stop At Nothing Tank, I love that they have put out a tank with normal sized armholes and it's not a racerback. It's nice to have some variety in straps styles when it comes to tanks. I like the mesh trim on the straps and it looks like a nice light tank to wear on a hot day or wear out and about, just not for a run. It's nice to have an option for a tank that doesn't have lots of straps or the entire back showing or armholes down to your waist or so wide that your side boob is on display. I also like that they show this tank with a sports bra showing the straps. Just because the tank has straight straps doesn't mean you have to wear a straight strap bra. This style of tank makes everyone happy, ,the ones who don't want to show their bra and the ones that do, perfect solution!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:42pm, I had all three iterations of the first luxtreme CRBs that came out (heathered royalty, heathered dewberry, and heathered pigeon or pearl). They fit a little snugger than a luon CRB but I stayed with my regular size. They were thick and silky (cool to the touch).

UGA said...

Why no long sleeve heathered slate swiftly!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Anonymous said...

zomg everything is so fugly.


Jen said...

Luxtreme CRBs are coming back! Hallelujah! I love all of my SW ones and was sad they didn't have a luxtreme option in 2015.