Monday, January 4, 2016

Australian Spoilers

lululemon love-and-light-scarf
Very pretty Love and Light Scarf, made of merino wool. 

lululemon endeavor-short
Cute Endeavor Short, in Raspberry.

lululemon raspberry-define
Raspberry Define

lululemon lighten-up-tank-raspberry

lululemon lighten-up-tank
New colors in the Lighten Up Tank.

lululemon cool-racerback-slate-blooming-pixie
lululemon cool-racerback-naval-space-dye-twist
New Cool Racerbacks in Slate Blooming Pixie and Naval Blue Sapphire Twist. I suspect the twist one will be on the warm side but I like the blooming pixie.

lululemon wunder-under-crops blooming-pixie-multi

lululemon high-times blooming-pixie-multi
Blooming Pixie Multi Wunder Under Crops and High Times Pant

lululemon &Go-on-the-go-jogger

lululemon &Go-on-the-go-jogger
&Go On the Go Jogger Pants, made of Swift.

lululemon splendor-bra
Blooming Pixie Raspberry/Black Splendor Bra

lululemon enlighten-crop
Regal Plum Enlighten Crop. These come in S, M, L.

lululemon free-to-be-wild dragonfly-twist

lululemon free-to-be-wild dragonfly-twist
Dragonfly Space Dye Twist Free to Be Wild Bra


Unknown said...

Do you think the Blooming Pixie wonder under will make it to the US? I hope so! Love the print!

LuluAddict said...

Yes, it's already been spotted in Canadian stores.

Unknown said...

I saw the Blooming Pixie Wunder Under crop and a heathered lullaby CRB at a partner store, Dailey Method in Willow Glen. I resisted the crops, only because I just bought the run times in the same print. It's a beautiful print!! I did buy the CRB, it has vintage pink (I think) stitching on the inside of the tank. Thin like recent heathered CRBs but soft.

anne-marie said...

I saw that the straight up tanks have been resurrected. I bought one from the US site ages ago -_-

Anonymous said...

Will those CRB's make it to NA? I love the FTBW in Dragonfly spacedye and would definitely get that one if it comes to NA. Chances?

I feel really annoyed that OZ gets a few great items and NA doesn't and hasn't been given a lot of great product lately. I know, first world 'problems'

Alyssa Jobs said...

Not excited for anything. I wanted a blue peacock solid tank. Do you think we'll see a solid CRB? The bra is so bright, wow.

LuluAddict said...

@Alyssa - I am hoping for a solid Peacock CRB but who knows if we'll get one. I'd guess no but you never know.

@anon 6:40 pm - I think they'll come to North America. We've been getting everything else in the blooming pixie and space dye twist prints.

@ Sarah Burns - I got a heathered lullaby CRB in May (see: The stitching is more like a pale peach color, though. It's very soft and decently thick, though.

Anonymous said...

LLA, this is off-topic... Since lulu is trying to pass the Runbeam Hoodies off as "new," do you think we will get any actual new UPF hoodies this year, or do you think those are it for LS UPF tops this year?

I kind of regretted not buying the lullaby one last year so I might pick that one up if you don't think any more will be coming out this year. I'm disappointed that the black ones are already sold out in so many sizes. It's either a popular top or they didn't have very much black inventory. I could use another black one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply LLA! There is not a lot of LLL that I am really drawn to these days but that FTBW and some CRBs would be great.

Anon 6:40

Cwags said...

Hi Sarah did the blooming pixie wu's have white on the inside? Just wondering how polyestery or synthetic they feel it if they are soft?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:39 pm - that is a good question. I would think if we did it'll be more towards summer time for a summer collection. The Vent It LS and SS are UPF tops.