Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Try On Reviews: Align Pant, Zone In Tight, All the Right Places Pant, and Tight Stuff 7/8 Tight

Align Pant (thanks to Ms. K. for the photo)
Align Pant hang tag.

Since Facebook was buzzing with pants-mania and lots of 'I love them' posts about the Aligns, I went this morning to check all the new styles out.

Align Pant fabric content.
Of the four new pant styles, the very simple Aligns had the most elaborate fabric content.

Align Pant gusset.
This is what the crotch looks like - no triangle or oval gusset. It's constructed similar to a pair of Spinerette shorts I bought a few years ago:

Gusset in the Spinerette Shorts
These were double layered because of all the rubbing against the saddle you'd do in spin. I liked this design feature since I wore pinholes into a pair of Passion Crops by putting a year of spin classes on them. I'm going to guess the gusset in the Align's is this way to minimize pilling in the crotch area since the pants feel super soft and seem like they be might more prone to pilling. It also might be to prevent CT when using such a thin fabric.

Align Pant waistband pocket.

The hidden waistband pocket. The educator had to locate it for me - you access it horizontally.

The feel of the new NuLu fabric reminded me of rulu but a tighter knit, more supportive version of it that isn't hot. It felt very breathable standing there in the store. I wore 2008-era Clam Digger crops to the store and I thought the coverage and opacity of the Aligns was similar to them. One interesting thing was that they were fully opaque with a flash so I almost suspect they were designed for that. People are saying the fabric is the softest they've ever felt but if any of you have tried Beyond Yoga pants you know they are very soft. These didn't seem like they would be prone to crazy pilling like Beyond Yoga but I'll be curious to see how they do wear because a lot of times softness = pilling. The support was decent for how thin the fabric is but if you rely on the double thickness waistband of regular luon bottoms to help flatten a poochy belly this fabric isn't going to do much for you. I might pick up a pair of these if they come out in crops since a lot of times I find black luon crops rather hot to wear in the summer. Those of you who got these, do you intend to work out in them? They are so soft I was really tempted to get them for daytime pajamas but I resisted for now. I thought sizing was TTS. They are very stretchy and I am reading some people are sizing down in them but I don't know if I'd recommend that.

Zone In Tight hang tag.

Zone In Tight fabric content.

Zone In Tight gusset.
Cranberry logo.

The Zone In Tight fabric and fit felt a lot like In the Flow and Seamlessly Streets to me except much smoother and softer. I really liked the feel of the fabric in them and I thought they felt nicely breathable. The Cranberry was a bit revealing of my lumps and bumps but that is the only color they had to try in my size. The fabric was nice but I don't know if it's worth the big price bump over the In the Flow/Ebb to Street Pants. Fit was TTS.

All the Right Places Pant (thanks to Ms. K. for the photo).

All the Right Places Pant tear out tag.
The All the Right Places Pants are made of a mix of regular luxtreme and full-on luxtreme. What this means in the black version I tried on is that there were patches of shiny fabric and matte fabric that met in the middle of my thigh. You can see a little bit of what I am talking about in this photo:

The fabric in the front of the crotch area is matte but it changes color after it hits that mid-thigh seam. I'd prefer a more uniform look.

These pants also have the strip-style gusset through the inside of the leg.

The waistband on these only has one slot pocket in the small of your back. It also has two generously-sized thigh pockets. The waistband is high rise and nicely wide.

These pants were ok but there is a ton of seaming going on. For the price point these are at, I want to be able to use them for running and for me, that means two front slot pockets for gels, a back zip pocket for my car key/ID, and thigh pockets. The opacity and coverage was good on these and the compression seemed similar to other dual-fabric run crops. Fit was TTS.

Tight Stuff Tight * Reflective Nightfall Tricolor (thanks to Ms. K. for the photo).

Tight Stuff Tight fabric content.
The Why We Made This on the Tight Stuff 7/8 Run Tights says they give you locked and loaded support and I have to agree. A friend said she felt getting these on was similar to putting on a wetsuit which I think is not a bad description. I was leery of these since they're all Full-On Luxtreme but this seems to be a new version of the fabric. All my other Full-On Luxtreme crops have polyester and lycra spandex in them but these are nylon with lycra elastane. I thought they didn't feel as harsh and were both more compressive and a bit stretchier than my other Full-On Luxtreme run crops. They felt very breathable in the store, too. These tights have the standard triangle gusset.

My store only had the Gator and Cranberry in my size. The coverage and opacity of the Gator ones I tried on is the best of the four pants I tried on today - great smoothing, fantastic compression, and fully opaque. They are nicely matte - no shininess at all, even when stretched. Fit is a snug feeling TTS.

Black/Nightfall Black Tri Color with three colors of reflective dots. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)

Gold logo. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photo.)
The *Nightfall Tricolor version has a logo in gold and three colors of reflective dots - silver, gray, and gold. They're super pretty in person.

Full disclosure - the manager of my store surprised me today and said I could have the pair of new pants I liked the best so I ended up getting the Gator Tight Stuffs because of the coverage, opacity, and compression. I put them on when I got home and wore them the rest of the day. As the day wore on I could really feel the compression along the outside of my thigh and knee, right where my ITB tends to ache.

These tights have the standard two gel pocket, back zipper pocket set up. The waistband fit reminds me a lot of the Pace Rivals - a bit looser fit than Inspires but the Tight Stuffs are high rise.

The breathability is excellent. I expected to be hot in these since it was in the upper 80s today but they were really pleasant. I plan to test them out with a run tomorrow.

The big question - would I have paid $148 for these? While I really like the compression, opacity, and coverage of these I am not usually a tights-length person because I find them too hot to run in where I live for all but about two months of the year. Would I pony up $128-138 for a crop version of these? I might have just because I like to try out new fabrics and I liked these a lot. I don't buy solid colored run bottoms other than black because of cellulite issues but these did a really good job of smoothing that away. If they put thigh pockets on a crop version of these then it would be a slam dunk and I would have shelled out the money to give then a try. However, looking at the panel construction, I don't think thigh pockets are possible in these.

Is it worth it for you to shell out $148 for them? If you've been dying for lululemon to come up with a highly compressive pair of run bottoms and you're feeling flush I say give them a try. If you've been sticking to black and print luxtreme run bottoms because of thigh dimples and have been dying to wear color, definitely give these a try. They felt so nice running errands and depending on how they feel for my run tomorrow I started to seriously think about getting another pair. In fact, I ran the numbers to see if it was worth it to take advantage of currency disconnects and order from a foreign site. I thought the Nightfall version with the three colors of reflective dots were especially pretty. That is the pair all the eds in my store were getting.

All in all, I thought the new pant designs and fabrics are nice additions to lululemon's line. The sky-high pricing on them is a major obstacle to me fully embracing them, though. Many people in my Facebook groups were raving about the Aligns and bought them. People have also been reporting their stores were running out of Aligns. However, I see on the website, the US is out of some sizes (mine!) in the Tight Stuffs in the Tricolor and Bordeaux.

Did you try on the new pants and what did you think?

FYI - Hey, Lululemon Topic on the Across the Board Price Increase on Pants

There is a thread started on Hey, Lululemon to give feedback about the price increase on pants that were in existing stock and were $16 cheaper yesterday.


Upload is up early today.

People are pretty annoyed by the across the board increase in price of the solid crops and pants and stunned by the prices of the new All the Right Places, Zone In Crops, and Tight Stuff Tights. I ended up sticking with the relative bargain of the Cyber Stripe Naval Blue Pace Rival Crops.

Align Pant. I tried these on today and will put my photos and comments in another post. The material feels like tighter woven, more supportive rulu but a version meant to keep you cool. I wouldn't mind trying these in a crop form. Opacity was decent and coverage was good for how thin they are.

All the Right Places Pant. I tried the crop version of these. Fit is TTS. They're a mixture of luxtreme and full on luxtreme. I didn't care for the shiny panels in the black ones I tried on, nor the pocket situation since I'd want to be able to use these for running. The high waist was nice and comfortable and the thigh pockets are roomy.

 Zone In Crops. These are like super soft In the Flow crops. I couldn't really tell a difference in support. I thought they fit the same as In the Flows.
Tight Stuff Tights. These were my favorite of the four new styles - supportive, opaque, and excellent coverage. Fit is a snug TTS.

Cyber Stripe Naval Blue Pace Rivals. I ordered these since they're now kind of a bargain in light of the price increases. Plus, I love textured luxtremes.

Space Dye Twist Define (CAN)

Sweaty or Not Kit

Super Sport Tank (CAN)

Clouded Dream Multi Power Y (CAN)

Cranberry Definitely Raining Jacket (CAN)

 Regal Plum CRB (CAN)
 Regal Plum Stuff Your Bra (CAN)
Cranberry Ghost Dot Scuba II 

Bordeaux Groove Pants (US)

Naval Blue Denim Wunder Under Pants (US)

Fatigue Bhakti Yoga Jacket (US)

Jacquard Space Dye Black/Slate High Times and Wunder Under Pants (US)

Naval Blue Studio Pants were uploaded in lined and unlined.

Space Dye Twist Regal Plum Power Y (US)

Did you get anything today?

UK Spoilers

lululemon-coast-camo wunder-under-crop

lululemon-coast-camo wunder-under-crop
Wunder Unders in Deep Navy Mini Coast Camo. I think I'm over camo now.

lululemon-herringbone wunder-under-crop
White Herringbone High Times

lululemon space-dye-twist wunder-under-crop
Space Dye Twist Ultraviolet High Times

lululemon sapphire-wunder-under-crops
Sapphire Blue Wunder Under Crops

lululemon sapphire-scuba-iii

lululemon sapphire-scuba-iii french
Heathered Sapphire French Terry Scuba III

lululemon space-dye-twist define
Regal Plum Space Dye Twist Define Jacket

lululemon bordeaux-drama-cool-racerback
Heathered Bordeaux Drama Cool Racerback. I might need this.

lululemon space-dye-twist power-y

lululemon space-dye-twist wunder-under-crop
Regal Plum Space Dye Twist Power Y and Wunder Under Crops

lululemon space-dye-twist speed-tight

lululemon space-dye-twist speed-tight
Ultraviolet Space Dye Twist Speed Tights

lululemon coast-camo speed-tight

lululemon coast-camo speed-tight
Deep Navy Coast Camo Speed Tights

lululemon ultraviolet go-the-distance-jacket

lululemon ultraviolet go-the-distance-jacket
lululemon sapphire go-the-distance-jacket

lululemon sapphire go-the-distance-jacket

lululemon go-the-distance-jacket cherry-cheetah
New colors and prints in the Go the Distance jacket - Ultraviolet Big Washi Weave print, Sapphire Blue, and Cherry Cheetah Dark Slate. I bought the black Go the Distance last week and really like it.

lululemon windy-blooms-energy-bra

lululemon windy-blooms-energy-bra
Sapphire Windy Blooms Energy Bra

lululemon kanto-catch-me jacket
lululemon kanto-catch-me jacket

lululemon-kanto-catch-me jacket

lululemon kanto-catch-me jacket

lululemon kanto-catch-me jacket
Interesting new Kanto Catch Me run jacket made of rulu and glyde. I definitely want to try this on.

lululemon kanto-catch-me tank windy-blooms
Windy Blooms Kanto Catch Me Tank

lululemon gym-to-win duffel
Gym to Win Duffel in Wine Berry

lululemon sea-mist-power y
Sea Mist Power Y

lululemon namaskar-pant

lululemon namaskar-pant sapphire
Windy Blooms and Sapphire Namaskar Crops

lululemon in-the-flow-crop

lululemon in-the-flow-crop
Sapphire and Slate In the Flow Crops

lululemon cherry-cheetah groove-short
Cherry Cheetah Ultraviolet/Naval Blue Groove Shorts. This print looks Ivivva-ish to me.

Kanto Catch Me Bra

lululemon all-the-right-places-crop fatigue

lululemon all-the-right-places-crop bordeaux
Fatigue and Bordeaux All the Right Places Crop

lululemon all-the-right-places-pant cranberry
Cranberry All the Right Places Pant

lululemon align-pant
NuLu Align Pants in Black/Flash Light

lululemon zone-in-tight
Deep Coal Zone In Tights

lululemon tight-stuff-tight

lululemon tight-stuff-tight
Tight Stuff Tights in Scratch Match Print.