Friday, August 28, 2015

Daily Practice Jacket, Sattva Pant II, and More

lululemon-daily-practice-jacket sapphire

lululemon-daily-practice-jacket sapphire



lululemon-beyond-boundaries-pant lighten-up-bra

lululemon-beyond-boundaries-pant lighten-up-bra
The new Daily Practice Jacket in Sapphire, Lighten Up Bra, Beyond Boundaries Pant, and Gym to Win to Duffel.

lululemon-seva-sweater jazzy-snake-wunder-under-pant

lululemon-seva-sweater jazzy-snake-wunder-under-pant

lululemon-seva-sweater jazzy-snake-wunder-under-pant
Seva Sweater, Jazzy Snake Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants, and Follow Your Bliss Bag.

Sattva Pant and Sunset Salutation LS.

Mail Day: Heathered Fatigue Cool Racerback

lululemon heathered-fatigue-cool-racerback
Shown with a Heathered Fatigue Swiftly and Fatigue Still Pants.

lululemon heathered-fatigue-cool-racerback
Fabric content.
I got my Heathered Fatigue Cool Racerback today. I love the color but it is another thin CRB. For those of you who have tried on the Poseidon CRB, it feels a lot like that. I am going to keep it since I love the color but I wish it was a little thicker.

New What We Love

lululemon-define space-dye-twist-regal-plum

New Space Dye Twist Regal Plum Alarming Define - really liking this one. I have the Sapphire Space Dye Twist WUCs and the material is so soft.


These Heathered Ultra Violet High Times are super cute.

lululemon-clouded-dreams-multi distance-jacket
Very pretty new print called Clouded Dreams Multi. I'd love a Sculpt Tank in it.

lululemon windy-blooms-sapphire cool-racerback
Windy Blooms Sapphire looks like a swimsuit print from this photo but maybe it's better in person.

Really loving the Fatigue Bhakti Jacket. Maybe I'll finally succumb and get one.

Cute Fatigue version of the Satnam tank.

Sapphire Blue Pleat to Street Skirt. Crossing my fingers for a Sapphire CRB.

lululemon-ebb-to-street cadet-sapphire
Cadet/Sapphire Tie Die ebb to Street Pants.

lululemon 1x-a-lady-jacket black

lululemon-free-to-be-bra apex-stripe-cranberry

Dashing Purple Ebb to Street Pants and More

lululemon-dashing-purple ebb-to-street-pant butterfly-free-to-be-wild-bra
Dashing Purple (I think) Ebb to Street Pants and So Fly Butterfly Free to Be Wild Bra.

lululemon-wunder-under-pant jazzy-snake
Jazzy Snake Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants with Pink Lemonadae Energy Bra

lululemon-pink-lemonade-ta-ta-tamer speed-short
Pink Lemonade Ta Ta Tamer and Speed Short