Tuesday, August 4, 2015



lululemon-racer-to-place-hat butterfly
The US got the Butterfly Race to Place hat. I ordered this.

lululemon-sweaty-or-not-bra butterfly

lululemon-sweaty-or-not-bra butterfly

lululemon-energy-bra butterfly
lululemon-run-times-short butterfly
Canada got a Sweaty or Not and Energy Bra in the Angel Wing version of the Butterfly print. The Sweaty or Not now goes up to a 12. They also got Run Times shorts in the blue version of the print.

lululemon-cool-racerback pink-lemonade

lululemon-cool-racerback cranberry
Canada got Pink Lemonade and Heathered Cranberry Cool Racerbacks. Both were $42.

lululemon-swiftly pink-lemonade

lululemon-swiftly pipe dream
Canada got a Pink Lemonade Swiftly and the US got a Snake Print Pipe Dream Blue Swiftly tank.

lululemon-inspire-crops mini-stripe

lululemon-inspire-crops mini-stripe
The US got Mini Pop Stripe Black Mink Berry/Butterfly Inspires. I ordered these to try. They are full on luxtreme which are not my favorite but I am a sucker for a stripe.

lululemon-inspire-crops jazzy-snake
The US also got Pipe Dream Ziggy Snake Inspires.

lululemon-cyber-stripe wunder-under fatigue

lululemon-cyber-stripe-naval high times
Canada got Gator Cyber Stripe Wunder Under Pants and the US got Naval Blue Cyber Stripe High Times.

lululemon-pretty plume wunder-under
The US got the Pretty Plume Wunder Under Crops.

lululemon-ziggy-snake wunder-under fatigue

lululemon-butterfly wunder-under fatigue
The US got Ziggy Snake and Butterfly print Wunder Unders.

lululemon- wunder-under cranberry
Canada got Cranberry High Times.

lululemon-cranberry in-flux
Cranberry In Flux

Cranberry Studio Pants

lululemon-cranberry high-times
Cranberry Wunder Under Crops (CAN)

lululemon-butterfly define

lululemon-cranbery define
The New Defines.

lululemon bark-chocolate in-the-flow
 Canada got Bark Chocolate In the Flow crops.

Reflective Speeds (CAN)



Canada got an interesting Silverescent Sweat It Out Racer. I definitely want to give this a try.

Just noticed these when I was looking at the UK/HK uploaded - 9" Long What the Sport Shorts. Though the black comes in a 12 in HK (?!) it only comes to a ten in the US and CAD. I totally would love these for summer running.

Two new rulu Vinaysas.

Did you get anything today?