Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gold What the Sport SS, Sweaty or Not Jacket, and More

lululemon-what-the-sport super-squad-short

lululemon-what-the-sport super-squad-short

lululemon super-squad-short
I'm trying to stay strong against this Gold What the Sport SS but it keeps calling my name. It's super cute but a bit scratchy. Shown with the Gold/Black Super Squad Shorts (OMG, I had to dig up my old link to find these on the website since they aren't listed under 'Shorts' and a search of 'super squad shorts' brought up 40 pages of stuff - no thanks. You can get to them if you bring up 'Shorts' and then hit 'Run' under the Features side bar. So annoying.)


lululemon-sweaty-or-not-jacket white

lululemon-sweaty-or-not-jacket iris flower


Upload! Get it here.

lululemon-define blue-denim

lululemon-define gator
Blue Denim (US) and Gator Green Defines. I am tempted by both of these.

lululemon-speed short flora-sport-tranquil

lululemon-speed dashing-purple

lululemon-free-to-be-wild alarming

lululemon-free-to-be-wild alarming

lululemon-free-to-be-wild dottie-dash

City Summer Dress (US)




lululemon-wunder-under-crop gingham
Gingham Roll Down Wunder Under Crops (US)

lululemon-wunder-under-crop bali-breeze

lululemon-scuba angel-wing

lululemon-scuba naval

lululemon-scuba tranquil


lululemon-cool-to-street bra

lululemon-cool-to-street crop

lululemon-power-y bali-breeze

lululemon-daya tank

lululemon what-the-sport floral-sport






lululemon-out-and-about-bag blush

lululemon-sweaty-or-not jacket


lululemon-adjustable-all-sport stripe
Classic Stripe Adjustable All Sport Bra (CAN)

lululemon-inspire-tight floral-sport

lululemon-groove-short shady-palm



lululemon-splendor bra


Amazingly, nothing for me this week but I hope we get some of that new Peacock stuff next week. Did you get anything today?

HK Spoilers

Bali Breeze Cool Racerback and Power Y

Tranquil Blue Swiftly Tank. I might need this.

Peacock Blue Swiftly SS and Tank. I think I need that tank.

Peacock/Tranquil Stuff Your Bra

Ace Spot Pace Rival Crops (Paired with a heathered gray top - really?)

Heathered Black/Blush Quartz Inspire Crops

Grain Dottie Dash/Ace Spot Top Speed Crops

Ace Spot Cool to Street High Times Pant

Tranquil Blue Ace Spot Block It Speeds

Floral Sport Tranquil Blue Speeds

Grain Dottie Dash and Tranquil Blue Tracker Shorts

Tranquil Ace Spot and Grain Dottie Dash Spring Breakaway Shorts

Bark Chocolate Studio Pants. I might need these.

Dottie Dash Step Lively Crops

Dottie Dash White Wrap It Up Tank

Pizazz headband

Tranquil Splendor Bra

Tranquil Straight Up Singlet

Blush Quartz Palm Party Out and About Tote