Tuesday, June 30, 2015


It's up! Get it here.

Alarming CRB. I ordered (buy first, think later) to have since CRBs seem to be harder to find than Wanderlust stuff.  It's been a few years since it was out so I'll put a few comparisons to Love Red and Atomic Red in another post.

The US got the Grapefruit Mesh What the Sport. I ordered this since I love this top and I need grapefruit for my new Pace Rival crops.

Very cute Slate Stripe Play Inspires. I wonder if this means we'll get a Wee Space Inspires, too.

Super Squad Shorts. Very 70s retro. Tube socks are mandatory.

Canada got a very pretty Bali Breeze Wrap It Up Tank. Included in the photo set was this gem of a low-information photo (and the overall composition is really bugging my OCD):

Are summer interns in charge of the web photography now?

Breezy Singlet. Lots of people are liking these.

Gold What the Sport SS. Though I am not a fan of gold accents, I like this top a lot.

Canada got the Straight Up Singlet. I am curious to try this one on.

Canada got the Dashing Purple DSPs.

Hot Times LS in Iris. This looks like it could be comfy/useful but I'll wait to see if I can snag one on WMTM.

The US got the Sunset Stripe Speeds.

Wild Tanks are back. I actually like the photography for these tanks since it shows how huge a gap you can have in the back.

Grapefruit Wunder Under Pants. These were there earlier. Not sure where they went to.

Cardio Squad Tank. The cut is meh but I do like the color and print.

I swore the US already got these - Gator In the Flow Crops.

Sweaty or Not Tank. lululemon is saving me money by having all the new stuff stop at a 10.

Sweaty or Not Runsie. Looks like an apron.

Sweaty or Not Bra. Very Bebe Sport with the gold accent.

The Alarming CRB and Grapefruit What the Sport Mesh top for me. Did you get anything today?

Step Lively Crop, Breezy Tank, and More

Sunset Stripe Sweaty or Not bra and matching Speed Shorts.

White Sweaty or Not bra. Note the gold trim. Is gaudy in this summer?

Sweaty or Not bra.

Sweaty or Not bra and Step Lively Crops

Step Lively Crop and Sweaty or Not Tank

Step Lively Crop and What the Sport Tank

Breezy Tank

HK Spoilers

Dashing Purple Studio Pants

Sweaty or Not crops

Sweaty or Not Long shorts. Wow, just wow. The liner is built in.

New print - Sketchy Palms - in the Race to Win Hat.

Scratch Match All You Need Duffel

Net Pop Hotty Hot short