Thursday, June 11, 2015

New What We Love

lululemon-iris-flower swiftly tank
Looks like the Iris Flower Swiftly Tank is finally coming.

lululemon bleacher-stripe CRB
This is already in Canada. I'm not sure if I'll order it. I think this is a print I'll tire of quickly. We're supposed to be getting a couple of other CRBs, too. I hope the US is getting Pistachio. Canadians are reporting the Pistachio is thick and nice.  I know that Gator has been spotted in Canada, too.

lululemon iris inspires
It's too hot for Tights here but I'm hoping for the crops in this.

Canada is supposed to finally be getting the Silver Fox High Times.

lululemon net-pop-define

Update: Katelin recanted and these are not coming.

lululemon what-the-sport-ss
I was wanting to try this until I saw the mesh version pop up in the UK so I'll be waiting for that.

lululemon-pleat-to-street iris-flower
Love this!

Not a fan of this style. 

Not a big fan of these.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I'm not a fan of the maternity-rear designs.

Mail Day: Wanderlust Diversity Bag

My sister in law was able to snag me the last print Wanderlust Diversity bag from one of the Boston lululemon stores this weekend and I got it in the mail today. I totally love it.  Here are a ton of photos for you:

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag front zipper
 Front zipper with tassel pull.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag front zipper
Front zipper pocket has several slot pockets for cards and pens. It's pretty roomy so if your wallet isn't too huge you can fit it in here, too.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag back zipper
Back view - there is a hidden phone pocket under the navy trim.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag back-zipper
External back phone pocket.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag back zipper
Phone pocket with an iPhone 6.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag side view
Side view.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag bottom
Bottom view.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag tag
Hang tag.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag inside
Interior view - empty.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag inside
It's large enough to hold a full size iPad.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag inside mini ipad
The tag says the interior slot pocket is for a journal but it's also perfect for an iPad mini. You can see the mesh water bottle pocket on the left. In front of the slot pocket is a mesh zipper pocket, inside is the wet pouch.

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  wet bag
The wet pouch. 

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  wet bag

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  lining

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag lining
The interior pouch and lining have a funky version of the manifesto on it.

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  loop
I'm not sure what these little saying loops are for in the bags but I use it to hook my carabiner key ring to them.

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  hardware

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  hardware

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag -hardware

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag  hardware
The hardware is all rose gold and fully labeled/logoed. The shoulder strap has a pad and is detachable.

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag go-lightly-festival
Empty Wanderlust Diversity bag compared to the Go Lightly (left) and Festival bags (right).

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag go-lightly-festival
Front views, stuffed.

Side views.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag go-lightly-festival
Back views.

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag mantra-tote

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag mantra-tote
 Compared to a Mantra Tote.