Friday, May 29, 2015

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Color Comparison: Heathered Jeweled Magenta CRB to Heathered Flash and Paris Pink


Thanks to Ms. A. for the great comparison photos - from left to right: Heathered Flash CRB, Heathered Jeweled Magenta, and Heathered Paris Pink.


The Heathered Jeweled Magenta Define and CRB are identical in color, though the heathering is slightly different in the different fabrics. Heathered Jeweled Magenta Define (regular luon) on the left and Cool Racerback (light luon) on the right.

lululemon-jeweled-magneta-energy-crb-power y
Comparison of Jeweled Magenta in luxtreme and luon: Top to bottom: Top - Jeweled Magenta Energy Bra (luxtreme), middle - Heathered Jeweled Magenta CRB, and Jeweled Magenta Power Y (luon) on the bottom.

I got my Heathered Jeweled Magenta CRB today. It's on the thinner side - I could see the shadow of my black bra underneath and it will not smooth your lumps and bumps - but it is decently soft.

Mail Day: Crosscourt Petal Pow Pink Light Race to Win Hat

lululemon-race-to-win crosscourt-petal pow-pink-light
My Pow Pink Light Crosscourt Petal Race to Win Hat came today and it's a bit bright but I really like it. Here is it next to my other new hat, the Clarity Crosscourt Petal What 'Sup hat. The Race to Win is made of Swift so a much lighter hat. I have several lululemon run hats and really like them. 

lululemon-race-to-win crosscourt-petal pow-pink-light
A close up to show you the colors in the print - Pow Pink Light, Strawberry Milkshake (?), Lullaby, Peach Fuzz, and Silver Spoon. 

lululemon-race-to-win crosscourt-petal-pow-pink-light
It's a little bit of a bummer to me that the inside sweat band is Sea Mist since that will show makeup and other dirt but I have washed all my lululemon run hats without problem.

lululemon-race-to-win-crosscourt-petal pow-pink-light
The hat has the new smaller lululemon symbol reflective sticker on it.

The adjustable strap slides - yay for no catchy velcro - and is in Sea Mist.