Tuesday, May 12, 2015


It's up! Get it here.

Pipe Dream and White Deep Navy Stripe Weekend LS tops finally hit the US. I ordered the Pipe Dream. I have heard from friends this one is buttery soft, but I'm pretty sure they're all buttery soft.

Jeweled Magenta and Clarity Dottie Dash Speed Shorts. I saw the JM Speeds in the store over the weekend and they are gorgeous. 

Canada got the pretty Jeweled Magenta and the US got a pretty Lullaby and Dashing Purple In the Flux jackets.

Lullaby Scoop Neck and regular Swiftly SS. I had this in my cart for a little while but decided to wait to see it in the store.

The new swim wear uploaded. I'm rather annoyed the Sun Runner tops stopped at a ten. 

Canada got Runbeam Hoodies.

Canada got a pretty Heathered Jeweled Magenta Flow Y

Canada got the Jeweled Magenta Swiftly Tank. I tried this one on over the weekend and was very tempted to get it. It's like a normal swiftly - soft and stretchy. Some of the patterned swiftlys have been thicker and lacked stretch but this one is nice.

Canada got the Liberty Shorts in Jeweled Magenta. The US got them in Clarity Jacquard.

All You Need Sweatpants. I was a tempted by these but I don't really need more sweats.

Very pretty blue denim In the Flow Crops (CAN)

The US got a bunch of new colors of Jet Crops. I'm not sure if these are the rulu ones.

Overall the upload was disappointing. I ordered the Weekend LS and the Poseidon Warrior Tank. Did you get anything today?

HK Spoilers

Sun Runner LS in Grapefruit. I like this. HK shows this topping out a ten but I don't think they carry 12s on that site anyway. Crossing fingers for a 12 for the US.

Crosscourt Petal Sun Runner Tank

The Runsie is back - this is the Be Free Runsie. I wonder if Runner's World will test it again this year:

All Sport Crops

Speed Tights in Art Pop Multi

Inspire Tights in Palm Party Gator Green and Naval Blue

Palm Party Top Speed Crop

Palm Party All You Need Tight

Inspiration Tank

Splendor Bra

Superb LS made of Vitasea

Clarity Jacquard Flow Y

Liberty Short in Jacquard. It also comes in black.

Pretty Lullaby What the Sport Singlet

Pleat to Street Short in Art Pop

Pleat to Street Skirt in Art Pop print