Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Lullaby Swiftly Tank (Updated)

lululemon swiftly tank

lulullaby swiftly tank

lululemon head band
A new Swiftly tank color has shown up in the photos and I'm having trouble figuring out what it is. I initially thought it might be Lullaby since it's kind of purplish but then I spotted the Harbor Blue headband above and thought it might be that. (That dark tank between Fresco and Bleach Coral in the second photo is throwing me, too, but I think it might be Regal Plum). If I had to bet, though, I'd say lullaby.  Update - a reader confirms it is Lullaby.

NEW! Blue Denim Space Dye LS Swiftly

lululemon blue denim swiftly ls

lululemon-blue-denim swiftly ls

lululemon-blue-denim swiftly ls
A new LS Swiftly is popping up in US stores. The color code is HPDN which I think stands for Heathered Space Dye Blue Denim. The color seems to resemble the Blue Denim in the new Wake & Flow line. Shown with Light Speed Crops.