Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More of the Run For Days Line

lululemon run-for-days-shorts-tank

lululemon run-for-days-longsleeve



Run for Days LS. Also shown are the Tank, SS, and Crops. A friend pointed out the Deep Camo LS is already sold out on the Canadian side of the website. Because it has a luxtreme body, I liked the LS the best of the tops. The fit was on the roomy side but I think it's a bit on the short side (and I'm only 5'5").



lululemon-run-for-days-tank all-sport-bra





lululemon-run-for-days-tank var-city-crop

More of the Run for Days Tank. Now that I see more photos of this tank, it looks like it fits a bit snug through the chest on a number of these ladies. The tank was snug on my chest (36DD) and made the armpit/strap area gape above my breast. I only tried on the Regal Plum version but I found the material itchy.


Run for Days SS. I liked the feel and fit of the top well enough but there is a lot going on with the camo and the stripes. I thought it fit roomy TTS.

Pigment Wave Multi Speed Tights, Var-City Track Pants, and More

lululemon-speed-tight pigment-wave-multi
From New Zealand - Pigment Wave Multi Speed Tights. Shown with a Run for Days Tank.

lululemon-all-sport-support-tank electric-coral
lululemon-all-sport-support-tank electric-coral
New color in the All Sport Support Tank - Electric Coral/Deep Navy. Shown with Run For Days Shorts in the top photo.

lululemon-all-sport-support-tank wave multi

lululemon-all-sport-support-tank wave multi

lululemon-all-sport-support-tank wave multi

lululemon-all-sport-support-tank wave multi

lululemon all sport supprt tank

All Sport Support Tank. Shown with Run For Days Shorts and Deep Camo Wunder Under Crops in the last photos. I have yet to try this tank on but I am curious about it. I didn't see it at my store today.

lululemon-var-city-track-pant gray

lululemon-var-city-track-pant gray scoop-back-tank

lululemon var-city-track-pant gray scoop-back-tank
Var-City Track Pants. Shown with a Bumble Berry Scoop Back Tank in the last two photos (credit: Alex CD Photography).




Pigment Wave Multi Sculpt Tank. I ordered this tank last night but tried it on today and came home with it in a different size. I'm planning on wearing it for my run on Friday.

lululemon in-the-flow-tank

lululemon in-the-flow-tank
In the Flow Tanks. Shown with Heat Wave Wunder Under Pants in the top photo and Breezy Regal Plum Pace Rival Skirts.

lululemon-swiftly tank

Changes in Flow Y Design

New Flow Y compared to an older one.
The topic of changes in Flow Y fit came up in the comments yesterday. I remembered to bring an older Flow Y - the black one - with me. This bra is pretty old, at least four or five years old. As you can see, the current Flow Y has a lot less coverage in the front. I know the Flow Ys have been this way for a good two years or so. I didn't get a good comparison photo of the back but the back is still the same, it's just the front panel that has changed. I knew the fit was different but I didn't realize so much coverage had been taken out. Lululemon used to make a Flow Y-type bra - I think it was the Flow Y III - that worked well for bustier women with thicker straps. I wish they'd bring something like it back.

Nori/Kale Flow Y III (I think)

Try On Reports - Run For Days Crop, Bra, Tank, LS, SS; Var-City Track Pants; In the Flow Tank First Wearing

Showing the backside of the material used in the Run For Days Crops 
Fabric Content of the Run For Days Crops

I tried on the Run For Days crops today and really liked them. I found the rise and waistband comfy. The luxtreme (regular luxtreme, not full-on) is nicely thick, buttery soft, and decently opaque. The Deep Camo color is very pretty and different. Many people were a bit poleaxed by the price of the line when it was uploaded last night but it turns out the material in all the pieces is shot through with silver. I am a huge fan of silver from way back (see here and here, also). As women, I don't think we really fight odor too much after one workout but the silver makes a big difference in my son and husband's workout clothes - I know I don't have to open the car windows when I pick my son up from track practice when he's wearing a Metal Vent Tech shirt. Silver tops also tend to come in really handy on vacations when you might have to re-use clothes that you'd otherwise wear fresh. My husband was marathon training when we made the trip to the 2012 Sea Wheeze and he did several training runs, including an eighteen miler, in the same shirt. His shirt didn't smell fresh but it didn't smell BO either so silver really does work. UPDATE - I went back and ordered the crops in black. I couldn't stop thinking about the nice buttery soft luxtreme. They reminded me of my all time favorite Passion crops.

Fabric content of the Run for Days Tank

I really wanted to like the tank but I found the material kind of itchy. This version of silverescent is among the thickest lululemon has ever produced. I am a big fan of this material and have tried nearly ever silverescent run top since I've been buying the brand - the material in the Run For Days feels quite substantial. I thought the fit was TTS. I didn't love the square armholes but I might have lived with them if the material didn't bother me. I also tried on the SS and LS. I probably liked LS the best since the body is made of luxtreme. I thought the cut was was similar to the Run For Gold LS - kind of boxy in the body and on the shorter side. I prefer a more fitted cut, like in the Pace Pusher LS (one of my favorite buys this year).

Showing the silver used in both layers of the bra.

I liked the Run For Days Bra and think I will be keeping mine when it gets here. I ran out of time but I intend to have some comparison photos between it and the Energy bra. The cut reminds me a bit of Water Bound bras and it definitely shows more cleavage than an Energy. The bra was nicely supportive - I'd put it up there with an (regular) All Sport bra.

Can you see my hand through the holes?
Reader Robyn commented last night that the material in the new Var-City Track Pants was perforated all over so I thought I'd get some close ups of it for you. These pants are super breezy on.

I wore my new In the Flow tank for a three mile run at the gym this morning (shown with Athleta Floral Fade Sonar crops - reviewed here). I have to say those of you who predicted it would ride up are right. I spent the whole run pulling it down. I think it wouldn't be nearly as bad worn with a pair of regular luon pants where the material could 'grab' a bit more. I also found the tank freaking-A hot. I spent my whole run thinking about how hot I was, which I hate. One reason I love lululemon clothes is that I can put them on for a workout and forget about them. That wasn't the case today. I think this tank is fine for low impact activities like weight lifting or yoga but I won't be using it for a run again.