Saturday, April 18, 2015

Regal Plum In the Flow Crops, Regal Plum Swiftly Tank, and More

More photos of the Pigment Wave Multi Speed Shorts. Shown with a Regal Plum Power y.

Pigment Wave Multi Sculpt Tank. Shown with Var-City Crops.

Regal Plum Swiftly Tank - it's striped - and Breezy Regal Plum Pace Rival Skirt.

Black In the Flow Tank and what looks like new Regal Plum In the Flow Crops.

Still Going Pants

Deep Navy Cool Racerback and Good Vibes Deep Navy/Black Top Speed Crop

Keep It Cool Crop and Principle Tank

Scoop Back Tank and Breezy Regal Plum Pace Rival Skirt

Fresco Blue LS Swiftly and Brushed Animal Inspire Crop and Run Times Short

In the Flow Tank Photos

lululemon-in-the-flow-tank regal-plum

lululemon-in-the-flow-tank regal-plum

lululemon-in-the-flow-tank regal-plum-tag
I picked up the new seamless In the Flow Tank today and really like it. You wear your own bra under it. It's very soft and lightweight. My store was having a giant sale this morning so I just grabbed my larger tank size but it's a bit loose in the armpit/upper chest so I might go back and try the next size down before I take the tags off. However, I suspect that since I'm a bit of a pear shape it'll be too snug in the hips. For sizing, I think you should get your CRB size in this tank.

Side gather detail.

lululemon-in-the-flow-tank-crb regal-plum
Compared to the same size CRB. However, the In the Flow is stretchy so you can pull it longer. 

lululemon-in-the-flow-tank black
I also grabbed the black. Not sure whether I'll keep this one since the color is on the duller side. It also comes in Fatigue.

Color Comparison: Regal Plum vs. Ultra Violet, Tender Violet, and Potion Purple (UPDATED)

Left to right - Ultra Violet, Regal Plum, Tender Violet, and Potion Purple along the bottom.

In bright sunlight.

Subtle tone on tone lululemon symbol - I love this!

For a reader - Plum on left, Regal Plum on right. This is taken in evening conditions.

Pigment Wave Multi Speeds Hitting US Stores

lululemon speed shorts pigment-wave

lululemon pigment-wave-sculpt-tank
I'm sorry I forgot to post this yesterday but Pigment Wave Multi Speeds are hitting US stores. If you want them, you better head down to or call your store because they are going fast. The Pigment Wave Multi Sculpt tank is also hitting stores. Why can't I like this tank better?