Friday, April 10, 2015

NoirJacket, Hot to Street Crops, Pant, and Tank.

Heat Wave Cool Racerback with Tech Mesh High Times (CRB not in North America yet).

Heatwave Hot to Street Pant. Also shown is the Brisky Biker Jacket. (Photo credit to Losh photography.) Hmmm, these pants are mostly mesh. (Not in North America yet.)

Hot to Street Noir Jacket, Crop, Jacket and Tank. This is from a US store. 

Lucy Liu wore a Ghost Weave-type print top in last night's episode of Elementary (photo from CBS)

Heat Wave Hot to Street Tank. Shown with Regal Plum Hot to Street Crops.

Ghost Weave Wild Tank

I went to my store today to check out the Var-City Muscle Tank - got one (the Navy and Black were super soft but I thought the Sea Mist was scratchy and a little stiff) - and saw these Prickly Pear Print Jet crops.  I also tried on the new Scoop Back Tank and liked it. If it comes in some fun prints or colors I will definitely get one. I also bought the Clear Mint Swiftly tank. I saw a side by side comparison photo and Clear Mint is a duplicate for Faded Zap. I got my Iridescent Multi Studio Racerback tank today but not sure if I am going to keep it. The print is very Athleta-like IMO. I'll post some photos, along with some coordinating colors, of it tomorrow when I have bright sunlight.

Regal Plum Power Y, Pigment Wave Multi Inspire Crops, Iridescent Multi Miss Misty, and More

Iridescent Multi and Biggie Pigment Wave White/Black Miss Misty Jackets

Pigment Wave Multi Inspire Crops


Regal Plum Power Y with Breezy Regal Plum Wunder Under Crops



lululemon var-city-crops


lululemon-refresh-skirt var-city-muscle-tank

lululemon refresh-skirt var-city-muscle-tank
Refresh Skirt with the Var-City Muscle Tank

lululemon-find-your-bliss-jacket neon-pink fresco-speeds

lululemon-find-your-bliss-jacket neon-pink fresco-speeds
White Find Your Bliss Jacket, Neon Pink Swiftly Tank, and Fresco Blue Speed Shorts

lululemon-find-your-bliss-jacket breezy-regal-plum-wunder-under-crop

lululemon-find-your-bliss-jacket breezy-regal-plum-wunder-under-crop
Find Your Bliss Jacket, Scoop Back Tank, and Breezy Regal Plum Wunder Under Crops

Breezy Regal Plum Sculpt Tank

Scoop Back Tank. The neckline is a bit too high for my preferences.