Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Savasana Wrap, Hip to Be Free Bag, Sea Mist Cool Racerback, and More

That new Black and White Mystic Jungle Hip to Be Free bag shown with White Street to Studio Pants and a White In Flux jacket. The model is also wearing a White Power Y.

Savasana Wrap and Hip to Be Free bag.

The Hip to Be Free bad and a On the Daily Hoodie.

Black Savasana Wrap and Devi Yoga Pant

Sea Mist Cool Racerback

Heathered Slate Cool Racerback and Textured Stripe Slate Wunder Under Crops

lululemon-heathered-slate cool-racerback textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop

lululemon-in-flux-jacket textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop

lululemon-heathered-slate cool-racerback textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop
I was second guessing ordering the Textured Stripe Slate Deep Coal Wunder Under Crops and then I came across these photos. Shown with the Heathered Slate Cool Racerback and White In Flux Jacket. Update, I liked her outfit so much I had to order the Heathered Slate CRB.

lululemon-devi-crew textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop

lululemon-devi-crew textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop

lululemon devi-crew textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop
Shown with the Devi Crew.


It's up! Get it here.

lululemon-textured-stripe-slate wunder-under-crop
Textured Stripe Slate Wunder Under Crops (US) - I ordered these to try.

lululemon-electric-coral wunder-under-pant
Man, missed these on my first pass-through - Electric Coral Wunder Under Pants. (US).

lululemon-high-times-pant cyber stripe
The US got the Zipper Cyber Stripe High Times pant.

lululemon-hawk-blue wunder-under-crop

Canada got the Fresco Blue Swiftly LS.  Can't wait for more of this color.

Roll Down Star Crush Wunder Under Crops (US). I bought the regular waist version of these the other week but I think I'd rather have the roll downs so I ordered these and will return the other.

White In Flux Jacket. In a nice nod to summer we are starting to get a few white core items in.


lululemon-street-to-studio-pant vintage-green

Canada finally got the Black Hip to Be Free bag. I know lots of people were waiting for this.

lululemon 50-rep-bra

lululemon-trail-bound-ls black-cherry

Trail Bound LS and Tank showed up. I'll wait to check these out in the store.

lululemon watebound-hoodie
The US got the Water Bound Hoodies.


lululemon-love-tee lux-indigo
The US got the Lux Indigo Love Tee.

lululemon devi-crew
Devi Crew. I like this but will wait to see it in the store.



lululemon-retreat dress
I'm convinced I can see her underwear in the pink Retreat Dress.

lululemon jet-crop
More colors of the Jet crops showed up in the US side, including Black Cherry.

lululemon-star-crush studio-racerback

lululemon star-crush inspire-crop

lululemon rain-on-jacket bark-berry
Canada got the pretty Bark Berry Rain On Jacket this week.


New Groove IIs in Black Cherry with the Star Crush Black Cherry waistband. The other version of Black Cherry Groove IIs had that Bark Berry Snake Skin print (nearly sold out on the US side of the website) but I like these much better. I ordered a pair of these to try. 

Did you get anything today?