Thursday, March 26, 2015

New What We Love

New LS Swiftly in very pretty Fresco Blue. Without seeing them side by side this looks close to Spry, one of my favorite blues. I am hoping against hope we'll see a CRB in this color.


I like the Black Cherry Trail Bound LS a lot but the weather is heading to 90-degrees here so I can't really get into a heavy long sleeve top. I love luxtreme tanks but am not a fan of the color blocking so feel these are likely be a pass for me.

The write up calls this silverescent but it looks like seriously light luon (aka, sheer luon) to me. This might have made a cute tunic top if there were side ties to cinch it up but I don't see any.

Lots of people have been waiting for these to arrive. They're supposed to hit Canada a little later.


This will make a cute layering piece over a tank. 


Based on the styling, I assume the Heat The Street Onesie is a "fast turn" product (the other two product types are core and seasonal) that are supposed to be more trendy. I find most of them too plain and, frankly, cheap-looking.

I would think this has to be the last of the Miss Misty jackets. After fixing the tank wall, lululemon can get to work on coming up with the next new mega-hit jackets. The new designs we've seen so far have not been bad but I've found often have a fit issue so I haven't loved any new designs this year enough this year to pay full price for one. Honestly, I love it if the Downtime was re-released in new colors.

Excerpts From the Quarterly Conference Call

Some interesting points from this morning's Q1 quarterly conference call: 

-Mobile app was 8% of on-line sales.

-The little handheld on-the-floor sales devices were 6% of on-line sales.

-They considered the If You're Lucky line a big success: "Our guests responded very strongly to our storytelling, as well as the great performing feminine technical product that featured mesh panels, cutouts and beautiful prints.

- Global website redesign planned for later in the year

- West Coast port delays will extend into Q2. A meaningful portion of inventory was delayed up to three weeks and some even beyond that. It is affecting spring flows and even some winter ones.

- Tanks are the new focus: Posley said, "Q2 is about tackling the tank wall. You are going to see a better balance of support options in the tank which has really been lacking. So we're adding four new styles with medium support and then by Q3, we will be adding a full support tank.
So also not only addressing the technical piece of the tank, we're going to be addressing the beauty and we have always owned exquisite designs in our tank wall and we're aggressively returning to those roots. From an innovation standpoint, you will see more innovation in tanks as we move into 2016." I cannot wait for more tanks. The tank selection has been horrifically thin for far too long. 
- Similar level of markdowns as this time last year.
- More markdown events will be coming, per the CFO: "We may opportunistically run some markdown activities to take advantage of our inventory position and more recently, we actually ran an event earlier this week that was really an opportunistic chance for us to drive some traffic to the store, to get clean on some of the late winter inventory flows that were reaching our stores now so that we're ensuring we're in a clean place for the spring flows that are in the pipeline..."
re: warehouse sales - "The warehouse sales, as you mentioned, have been wildly successful, I think, because of that strong full-price position of the brand and so we will continue to evaluate where and when to do those, but it's not part of the business model in terms of driving sales with markdowns and we don't have plans to introduce that go forward." So... no warehouse sale, I guess?

Sea Me Run LS, Sea Me Run Crop, Star Crush Power Y, and More

New Clear Mint Sea Me Run LS and Deep Navy Sea Me Run Crop. Note her headband in that new jungle-looking print.

Star Crush Power Y. I ordered this the other week. The luon is nice and thick. I'm on the fence about keeping it simply because I've spent a lot but this photo is swaying me towards keeping it.

I'm loving all the outfits in this series - Silver Fox Star Crush Retreat Yogi Crop with a Deep Navy Power Y and Free to Be Wild Bra.

Sugar Crush Power Y and matching Black Cherry Retreat 7/8 Pant