Thursday, March 12, 2015

What We Love (I.e., the new name for Britt's Picks)

lululemon yeah yoga
Yay! The Yeah Yoga Tank is back. I bought one of these last time it was out and really liked it.

lululemon trail bound zip
Interesting new light luxtreme half zip. I might be interested in this, though it's going to be 90 degrees here tomorrow so it's hard to work up excitement over a long sleeve pullover.

lululemon cyber stripe high times
I am definitely interested in these.

lululemon tracker short
lululemon ebb and flow racerback
If this comes in a twelve I'd be interested in this, too.

lululemon block party bra

lululemon 7/8 trail bound tight
I don't get the 7/8 tight concept for run bottoms. If it's cold enough why are you not wearing full length tights and if it's warmer regular crops are what I want. Why do you want cold ankles?
lululemon best vest jacket
An interesting idea.

Sculpt Short, Star Crush Pace Rival Skirt, and More

Star Crush Pace Rival Skirt. This is pretty wild.

Star Crush Tracker III shorts.

Surf to Sand Swimwear and More

Retreat Yogi Crop, Baller Hat, and More

Retreat Yogi Crop, Sugar Crush Power Y, and Plum In Flux Jacket. I tried on the in the In Flux jacket yesterday and liked it. I thought it ran snug.

I actually bought a pair of Yogini Trouser pants yesterday. As I was uploading these photos I was wondering why I liked them so much when I tried them on but then got to the last photo and remembered why - it looks kind of cute when the top of the waistband is covered up. I actually ended up buying that exact outfit, too - Sugar Crush Power Y and Black Yogini pants. I tried on the Black and Dark Wren and found the luon to be really nice - cottony soft and nicely thick.  I liked the black best since the color obscured the crotch fold. These run large so I would recommend sizing down.

Baller Hat vs. 'Sup Hat (right)
New Baller Hat, $32. I think this is only in Canadian stores right now. (Thanks to Ms. K. for her photos.)

Deep Navy Swiftly LS. I got this yesterday, too. It's soft and thick and has a nice denim look to it.

Star Crush print Tracker III shorts.

Mesh With Me tee. I took this into the changing room yesterday and then totally forgot to try it on - duh.

Seek the Heat Shorts in Harbor Blue

In Flux Jacket photos. I liked this a lot but will try to snag on markdown.