Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Crossback Tank, Plum Peach Speeds, and More

lululemon crossback tank

lululemon crossback tank
I kind of like this tank on her. It's the new Crossback Tank. Shown with the Stirrup Wunder Under Pants. This photo is from a Canadian store so I don't think the tank is in the US yet.

lululemon miss-misty-jacket plum-peach-speed shorts

lululemon miss-misty-jacket plum-peach-speed shorts

lululemon miss-misty-jacket plum-peach-speed shorts

lululemon miss-misty-jacket

lululemon miss-misty-jacket plum-peach-speed shorts
Some Miss Misty jacket / Plum Peach Speed short outfit combos. The first photo shows the Plum Peach Speeds with the Silver Fox Miss Misty. I like the second out a lot more even though I didn't think I liked the print. It shows the Seaside Silver Fox Alberta Lake Miss Misty with the Plum Peach Speeds, a white 105F Singlet, and what looks like an Atomic Orange Energy bra. The Plum Peach Speeds photos are from US stores so the shorts are in the US.

lululemon sea mist rise-and-shine

lululemon sea mist rise-and-shine

Sea Mist Rise and Shine Jacket. This is from a Canadian store.

lululemon moody mirage
Moody Mirage Wunder Under Crops, Silver Fox Miss Misty Jacket, and Vintage Pink Pace Pusher LS.

lululemon adjustable all sport bra

lululemon adjustable all sport bra

lululemon adjustable all sport bra
Adjustable All Sport Bras in Vintage Pink and Nightsky Harbor Blue Print. Shown with Raspberry Glo Speed Shorts.


Get the upload here.

Only Canada got the Mystic Jungle Rise and Shine Jacket. Whew, FOMO bank account crisis averted! It was also uploaded in Black and Sea Mist.

Funky new Deep Camo Find Your Bliss Jacket (CAN). I really like it on the solid side out, not so much for the print side. A mesh jacket is an interesting idea.

Canada got Pace Pusher Crop in Brush Strokes Harbour/Menthol and Heathered Black. I definitely want to give these a try when they hit the US.

Canada got pretty Harbour Blue Inspire Crops.

Canada got Mystic Jungle Top Speed Crops. I am interested to try these knee length crops on.

The US got the Street to Studio Pants.

The US also got the new Track to Reality pants.

Both sides got Harbour Blue Speed Shorts. (CAN)

Canada got Speed Shorts and Tracker II Shorts in the Fatigue Mystic Jungle print.

Pace Pusher LS uploaded in heathered black and white. (CAN)The only color I was interested in was the Vintage but I think it's at my local store so I'll check it out tomorrow.

Canada got the cute No Sweat Pant. I don't care for the print so will cross my fingers US gets the black.

Both sides got the Fo Drizzle Jacket. (CAN)

The US got a solid Black and the Seaside print Miss Misty Jackets.

The US got the Plum Peach Swiftly LS.

The US got Scream Green Swiftly SS and LS.

Canada got Neon Pink Swiftlys in the LS and SS version.

The US got the new Adjustable All Sport bras in Black, Vintage Pink, and Nightsky Harbour Blue. I ordered the Pink One to try.

Both sides got a new Hawk Blue/Harbour Blue Mystic Jungle Studio Racerback (CAN). I ordered this tank.
Canada got that new Crossback Tank. It looks a little short so I'll wait to see this in the store.

The US got the Rainforest Menthol Scuba.

Canada got Heathered Speckled Medium Gray and Black Commuter Denim Scubas.

The new Be Radiant Headband was uploaded.

The US got the new Race to Place Hat.

Flow Into Crow headbands were uploaded to Canada. I ordered one of these a few days ago. I am hoping it fits a bit looser than my Bangbuster headbands. It has some good reviews already.

Did you get anything today?