Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Both Ways Bomber, Mesh Inspire Tights, and More

lululemon just breathe ls

lululemon just breathe ls
Just Breathe LS. Shown with the Just Breathe Tank and Pant. I am really liking this top in the photos but I have so many casual rulu tops I can't justify it. 

The Both Ways Bomber Jacket in Atomic Flower/Heathered White. Shown with Alberta Lake Just Breathe Pant and Pack to Reality bag.

lululemon mesh inspire tight
There is everything and the kitchen sink in this photo but I am posting it mainly for the Mesh Inspire Tights. Also shown are Animal Swirl Deep Coal Tracker II shorts, the Let's Get Visible Vest, and a Runaway Jacket.

lululemon just breathe tank pant

lululemon just breathe pant solo-bra

lululemon just breathe pant solo-bra

lululemon just breathe pant solo-bra

lululemon just breathe crop tank

lululemon inspire tight

Chevron Shuffle Inspire Tights, Animal Swirl Hot Hot Shorts, and More

lululemon chevron inspire tight
I didn't love the Chevron Shuffle Inspire Tights until I saw this photo. It looks great paired with a black top - shown with a black Runaway Jacket. I need to dig out my Sea Wheeze chevron Inspires.

lululemon inspire tights
Leg detail on the Chevron Shuffle Inspires.

lululemon hot hot short swirl

lululemon hot hot short

lululemon hot hot short

lululemon seek-the-heat-short

lululemon seek-the-heat-short

lululemon seek-the-heat-short

lululemon seek-the-heat-short

lululemon reverse groove short

lululemon atomic-red define

lululemon atomic-red define


Upload is up. Get it here.

lululemon chevron shuffle speed short

lululemon all sport bra

lululemon chevron-shuffle wunder-under-pant

lululemon skinny-will

lululemon seek the heat

lululemon easy breath bra

lululemon just breathe crop

lululemon just breathe tank

lululemon just breathe ls
The US only got one color in the Just Breathe LS but Canada got all of them. I like it but I'll wait to try it in the store.

lululemon oil slick blue lotus camo high times
Canada got Oil Slick Blue Lotus Camo High Times Pant. I ended up ordering these and will have a Canadian friend send them to me. It's weird these come in a 12 but the Roll Down Wunder Under ones did not. 

lululemon lotus camo inspires
The US got the Lotus Camo Inspires. I tried these on today and found them opaque. I decided to live without them (for now ;-)  ).

lululemon black-cherry high-tiems

lululemon studio racerback
I also ordered the Parallel Stripe Studio Racerback. The US got this to a size ten so I ordered the twelve from Canada and will have the same friend forward it to me. With the currency differential it shouldn't be too expensive to do things this way. I've been chasing Studio Racerbacks at my local stores for over two weeks now and I'm kind of tired of it. I also ordered the Atomic Red one, too, since I really like the Studio Racerbacks.

lululemon both ways bomber
Canada got the Both Ways Bomber. The pockets are bizarrely high.

lululemon scuba

lululemon scuba 3

lululemon ebb and flow bra
Alberta Lake Ebb and Flow Bra. I tried on the Seamlessly Plunge bra for the first time ever today - it was on the sale rack. It seemed pretty comfortable but it squished me down. I am curious to try this one on.

lululemon inkwell energy-bra

lululemon lotus-camo-high-times pant
Lotus Camo Speed Tights (CAN). I like these but I think I'm good with two pairs of Speed Tights.

lululemon relaxed fit pants
Relaxed Fit Pants (CAN). These are an older design but were a big time favorite of a lot of people.

lululemon breezy tank
Inkwell Lookout Stripe Breezy Tank (CAN). I saw this in my store today.

lululemon mesh with me tank
The US got the Mesh With Me Tanks. Has anyone tried this yet?

lululemon mudra scarf
New Alberta Lake sweater teased in the Mudra Scarf photos. Too bad it has funky sides.

lululemon speed short
Canada got funky Painted Lady Speed shorts.

lululemon pretty-purple swiftly ls

lululemon resolution hobo
The US got the other colors in the Resolution Hobo. I really like mine.

lululemon gym-to-win-duffel
The Atomic Flower (and Alberta Lake) Gym to Win Duffel was also uploaded. I know someone in the comments was complaining about how big lulu gym bags were - you should check this bag out. I saw it in the store today and it's on the smaller side.

I was hoping to see that new Oil Slick Blue (or Inkwell) and Alberta Lake LS Swiftlys we've seen photos of. I was also hoping the Menthol Studio Racerback would show up. Did you get anything today?