Thursday, December 10, 2015

Upload! (and Some Try On Reports)

lululemon forage-teal-crb
Forage Teal Cool Racerback. I tried this on at the store tonight. It's on par with the other heathered CRBs we've seen - on the thinner side but nicely soft. All my heathered ones have softened up a lot with washing and are my go-to CRBs lately. I ordered this tonight.


Canada got this color - slate Lace Play.


I tried the new Free Flowing Tank on tonight and really liked it. I ended up ordered the Static Mist version from the web tonight since my store was out of my size. The neckline is nicely high so you don't show cleavage and the straps were decently supportive. I like that it's made out of light luon since I find full luon tanks on the warm side for workouts. My only nit was the armpits could come up a little higher in front but I think I can live with it. The fit is a figure-skimming TTS.

lululemon static-mist-scuba-iii

lululemon fleur-somber-scuba iii
My store had both these new Scuba III prints tonight. I tried on the Fleur Sombre and didn't love it. The material wasn't super soft like my wee stripe gray Scuba III and the bottom band wasn't as stretchy. I guess this is the new material that is supposed to be more like a Scuba II but I'm not a fan. I like the Scuba III because it was super soft.

lululemon passage-to-prana-sweater
Passage to Prana Sweater

lululemon heathered-slate-define

lululemon millie-mesh-define
Heathered Slate and Millie Mesh Define Jackets

lululemon think-fast-hoodie
Canada got the Peacock Think Fast Hoodie. I totally want this. People who have tried it say the pique is nicely thick.

lululemon rest-less-hoodie
Tender Violet Restless Hoodie. I tried this on tonight but don't love the neck on the hoodie. I felt like the hoodie would drag it down and it would choke me.

lululemon runderful-half-zip
The US got these Tuesday but I tried on the new Runderful Half Zips and liked them. I thought the pique on the Tender Violet one felt a bit on the thin side but the others were fine. I really liked the Forage Teal. I don't love the dark ribbed contrast that much but if these hit a nice price on WMTM I might get one.

lululemon runderful-ls
My store also had the Caspian/Sapphire Camo Space Dye rulu Runderful LS and I ended up getting this tonight. I really like the print on this and think it will look nice with both black bottoms and jeans. I see this color is already sold out from the website.

lululemon vinyasa
My store also had this gold zipper rulu Vinyasa.

Did you get anything tonight?


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see the restless hoody but the read the comments about how it is super thin material and just a cheesy print on the fabric. Nothing like the quality of the restless pullover. Any thoughts???

Lululover said...

I didn't get anything , but I'm going to the store tomorrow to try Snowballer jacket. If it's soft I might get it. I just wish they would come in other cool ways than black and white. Black grape for instance

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:27 pm - the material was soft and thinner than the pullover. I liked the material on the hoodie and remember not liking the pullover material - finding it too thick and stiff - when it first came out.

Ilovemytoothbrush said...

LLA, what is the 'static mist white black/black' like in real life? I am also contemplating on it, yet, am also attracted to the plain black. I am concerned on a smaller frame, it may swallow me like an overloaded Christmas tree...

Anonymous said...

There is another Think Fast Hoodie that is not currently available on the website. I saw the picture in a product notification from a store (Canada) yesterday. It is all black with horizontal parallel stripe bands down the side of the sleeves and on the cuffs.

I also noticed that the US has a tonka stripe black version and a herringbone version; Canada has the herringbone and the peacock blue. Just in case you are trying to sort out which Think Fast Hoodie you might want to get ;)

On the Rest Less hoodie. I'm in Canada and was all set to buy this weeks ago as I love my RL pullover from last year but I took a pass on the hoodie. Way thin and not up to the quality of my pullover. If it went to wmtm for decent markdown that's the only time I would consider getting it.

I didn't buy anything. I'll be after the forage teal CRB and am going to check my local stores today.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27 I have the rest less pull over and was gushing over the hoodie. It is too thin and see through. even the blue wasn't a nice blue, was more of a hospital blue and they took the extra material that was in the pull over to put a hood and make it longer. Not a win for me. The fit wasn't as flattering because of the thinness it was less forgiving.

Anonymous said...

OT, I tried on the Runderfuls Pants and loved them! I got those and a pair of leg warmers last night and I'll be grabbing a Think Fast. They didn't have the color I wanted in the store. The store was filled with awesome product last night and I had a hard time deciding what to get. The Runderfuls won.

Anonymous said...

Kicking myself for not trying on the Free Flowing tank. I definitely want to try on the Restless Hoodie, I'm in love with the style.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the Wunder Under Crops in the Pigment Wind White Multi color in the US? If not, can any Canadians tell me about the fabric texture? Is it the silky polyester Luon or the regular think Luon? Idk if they are truly sold out in the US or they never arrived. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.27
I tried the hoodie and the pullover. If the hoodie was cheaper than pullover and cheaper than stress less hoodie, then I would keep it and love how silky smooth it is on my skin. However, I returned it as I could not justify the price- pullover is thicker, less prone to snags, better geometric colors, and doesn't have a silly hood thst is so light , it looks a bit silly because of the lightness and you cannot tighten it as it has no tie. Stress less hoodie is longer, much much thicker and warmer, durable, and substantial piece. Costs the same. If I saw the restless hoodie on sale, I would get it immediately- in my TTYS or even size up. Oh, yeah, the arms are enormously long, but drape nicely because of thin fabric.

And now to upload. I got peacock pique hoodie. Glad to hear it is normal thickness. These days you have to be careful- lots of lulu feels like lulu imitation(((

LuluAddict said...

@llovemytoothbrush - I think in the tank it's fine since there isn't a lot of it. It reminded me of older lulu prints. I found it a little overwhelming in the Scuba since there was so much of it.

Anonymous said...

No WMTM last night?

Lululover said...

That's actually good news for me! I remember getting the PO last year, but ending up returning it because I just couldn't get over its stiffness and that it just was nothing special. If hoodie is thinner I will give it a try. Thank you!

Nicole Parnell said...

are they TTS?

Anonymous said...

LLA, so bummed to hear that the new Scuba IIIs are being made in the older, bulkier cotton fleece! I love the Scuba III style and the softer fabric, but have been holding out for months for a have-to-have color or WMTM pricing on a good-enough color. Lulu is so disappointing lately.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone received an email coupon in their inbox from lulu??

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:49 pm - no! Drats! What did yours say?

@ anon 3:51 pm - I believe the new material is only used in the solids and prints.

Unknown said...

I will be returning the Restless Hoodies that I have been waiting and wanting for quite awhile. After reading the reviews, I expected them to be really thin -- the material is thinner than the pullovers, but thinker than a swiftly -- but I don't like the way the pattern on the front falls. It think it looks like the outline of a bra or bikini top, and would definitely draw unwanted attention to an area that does not want or need attention. The dream is over -- Going back! I'm also probably returning the slate Speed Tight from Thursday's upload. I know it's luxtreme vs the brushed or rulu, but they feel cheap and really thin -- thinner than some of my other 'summer' Speeds. Bummer because I've been wanting gray...