Friday, December 4, 2015

New What We Love

lululemon think-fast-hoodie

Ooh, the Think Fast is back. I bought the light gray one last year and it's my go-to top when I am feeling chilled and want my warmest top. I hope this comes in other colors since I'm not thrilled by the white edging and cuffs. It doesn't look bad but white cuffs and me is a bad idea.
lululemon snowballer-jacket

This fleece jacket looks interesting. Crossing fingers for a Berry Rumble version.

lululemon cozy-cuddle-up-jacket

I like this jacket, too.

lululemon runderful-half-zip
This isn't a bad pullover style but I am not a fan of seams under the bust.

lululemon runderful-pant

I can live without these pants.

I know people have been waiting for these but I don't think I've read many favorable try on reports of them. I think a lot of people find them narrow in the leg, droopy in the crotch, and would rather have Dog Runners back.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the new cozy cuddle up jacket will come in other colors?

Anonymous said...

I googled Heather Hansen (the name of the abstract artwork on the shopper this week & on the new towel mat) and I have a newly found
appreciation of what I thought was contemporary art. Apparently, Heather Hansen is an independent artist who uses charcoal with her physical movement work on a canvas mat to translate her amazing physical movements to tangible 2-dimensional forms that are unique
each & every time.

While I initially didn't care about the print, I now look at in a new light and in awe with all of its the creativity.

The new asymmetric zip jacket looks like last years cozy Karma-collected jacket.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. How much Bordeaux drama cotton fleece/French terry fabric did Lulu buy?! I used to love the colour but it's so overdone and in so many pieces.

Anonymous said...

agree w/ LLA...the Think Fast Hoodie is the warmest, coziest top (vs. jacket - altho it rivals in warmth) I own. I do not like the high contrast waist or cuffs and in white of all colors. Not good. Runderful 1/2 zip contrast ribbed? bottom/collar - will need to see other color ways, but as LLA pointed out that chest seam is an issue - it invariably hits in the wrong spot for me. I have dog runners which I love, so don't need the runderful pant, especially considering LLA's fit comments. I'm curious about the Snowballer Jacket.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the runderful pants. Was looking forward to them- any word on the price point? They were going to be one of my few purchases in months...

Anonymous said...

Sorry if someone else's comment gets approved before mine. It is $128 on the Canadian side.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7:04 -- totally agree. Bought some pieces in bordeaux this time last year, would have been nice if they didn't repeat it so much!

KLo said...

I bought the Runderful pant the other day in black. They are much heavier than the Dog Runner (which are my favorite!!) - I liked the style, but I had to size up considering the style. They were $128.

Also, I saw the Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket in one store in Calgary on Friday. It was in a nice black and white pattern. I didn't try it on although.

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of relieved to her that about the runderfuls bc I WAS going to buy them even though I most definitely should NOT. But what will I wear for winter dog walking?? I tried the wind runners but didn't like them. The pattern down the leg was too much and no useful pockets.

lulubell said...

@Anon 6:15 - I just looked Heather Hansen up after reading your comment. Her art is fantastic! I have a new appreciate for the shopper I just got instore!! Lululemon just hosted one of her performance pieces a week ago and they posted a video of it on vimeo. It's very interesting to watch in action:
Thanks for your post! I enjoyed discovering something new!

Anonymous said...

To anon 3.30 about dog walking walk my dogs in fleece pants by lulu...they are the best

I don't get what it is about runderful pants. Why not to wear your best cosiest WUP and some loose windbreakers or DSP on top?

Anonymous said...

I really dislike pullovers with the seams under the chest too! C'mon lulu!

Anonymous said...

I tried the Think Fast hoodie on last year and I did not care for how high the neck is. I found it a little constricting. For the one pictured, white is a nice idea but definitely not practical for the cuffs.

I'm glad I have Dog Runner pants. I haven't tried on the Runderful pants yet but based on all the reviews, I can kind of forget about these. However I might try them on just so I can see/know for myself. I appreciate all the feedback people have shared from their experiences.

Runderful 1/2 zip: pass. High seam at the bust, colour blocked waistband, star trek body suit zipper.

Cuddle Cozy Cuddle Up jacket. Can't believe they still are taking photos showing the model obscuring the item. Completely useless and makes me think that they are trying to hide something, e.g. stripes on WU no longer matching so the model poses with a sweater tied around her waist. Oh look, those made it to wmtm, imagine that.