Sunday, November 29, 2015

What We Love

lululemon berry-rumble fluffed-up-jacket

My bad, we were out of town last week and traveling yesterday so I forgot to check for the new What We Love. There will be an upload for Cyber Monday that should happen sometime tonight. Last year it was scheduled for around 9 pm PST but didn't show up until 11 pm. New Berry Rumble Fluffed Up Jacket - so pretty!
lululemon down-right-cozy-pullover

New Down Right Cozy Pullover.
lululemon runderful-ls
 The Runderful LS should hit tonight. I'm looking for the pique version.
lululemon sunshine-coast-ls

lululemon cool-racerback shine-on
The new Shine-On SE stuff will show up tonight. We saw these items spoiled earlier this week in the Hong Kong upload earlier this week.
lululemon wunder-under-pant shine-on
New Shine-On Wunder Under Pant.

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Anonymous said...

Check out the UK website wmtm, quite a few items uploaded yesterday, some items were discounted up to 60%.