Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Sorry for the late update on the upload. A very boring upload so I guess the Thursday one will be full of goodies.

Wind Runner Softshell
Amazing Neck Warmer *Sherpa. 

Lulu Pant IIs. The US only got these to a size ten and not in solid black so I won't be getting a new pair.
Dragonfly Salute the Sun Tank.

 Bordeaux Runderful Pant (CAN)

Black Grape High Times (CAN)

 Amazing Leg Warmer
Interesting new Nouveau Limits tank but the $68 price tag is off-putting. I'll wait to try this in a store.

Slate High Times

 Slate Power Y
 Space Dye Camo Forage Teal Define Jacket. I'll wait to see this in a store.

The US got the Tech Fleece/Soft Shell Wind Runner Pants this week.

Nothing for, did you get anything?


OttawaLuluLover said...

Hong Kong had by far the best upload today. So disappointed the Berry Rumble Jacket from "what we love" didn't make it online today.. fingers crossed it will appear on Thu!
Only the tender violet define for Canada today, but not the space dye forage teal.. WHY??? Just give both countries both options for Christ's sake! It's like they are trying to tick me off & make me want to quit lululemon altogether.
@Luluaddict - Any rumors about when the Black Friday upload will be posted?

Anonymous said...

OT -- Does anyone know how often LLL has warehouse online sells? Generally, during which months/seasons do they occur? Broke student here, trying to find the best deals! Thanks!

Unknown said...

I bought the noveau limits tank in store today in Singapore in black and love it! A much better update from the no limits tank, you shoud definitely give it a try :)

Anonymous said...

What is that shirt she is wearing with the Bordeaux Runderful Pants? That is super cute! I want that outfit. Too bad I'm in the US and they don't seem to think we want the Runderfuls here... grrrrr... the closer we get to the holidays, the more I think two or three times before spending on myself. Lulu isn't doing themselves or me any favors by waiting to release to the US!!

Anonymous said...

Was pumped for the wind runners...until I saw they had limited sizes. Do they not know that people in sizes 2 and 12+ also enjoy winter running? If been waiting for two years for an updated dog runner :(

Unknown said...

Nothing for me either ... Looking forward to the Black Friday upload!

Miffy316 said...

Is Black Friday upload on Thursday or Friday?

Ilovemytoothbrush said...

@Kelly Tann What size do you wear? I saw it on the HK upload and am considering... on getting one (or two)... Heh heh!! Greetings from Malaysia by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:07 am - The model is wearing the Rest Less Hoodie. It's quite nice although thinner then the Rest Less Pullover.

Anonymous said...

the most boring upload ever..... hoping to see some of the stuff Hong Kong received. then I am seriously in trouble!

Unknown said...

I can't recall from last year, what time was the Black Friday upload? Is it like the usual upload time?

Unknown said...

@ilovemytoothbrush! I took a size 2! I'm usually a size 2 for lulu tops but I tried the 4 in the noveau limits and definitely could have fit into that too! I would wear the bra area is a little tight but as I don't have much in that area (haha) I decided on the 2!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:17 - in 2014 it was in January in Canada. In US I think it was May (cannot quite recall) and this year, 2015, it was in July. It does not mean that they will be the same dates again. But stay tuned to the Blogs as LLA is on it!

Keep your eye on Boxing Day sales. In Canada this is Dec. 26th and there is usually a huge online wmtm upload and in store markdowns. Good luck.