Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Upload. Get it here.

lululemon peace-of-mind-wrap

lululemon peace-of-mind-wrap

lululemon peace-of-mind-wrap

lululemon peace-of-mind-wrap
Peace of Mind Wrap. Canada got the Black Grape one. I like this but the $138 price tag is off-putting. I'll wait to see it in the store.

lululemon sapphire-swiftly

lululemon sapphire-swiftly
lululemon sapphire-swiftl-ls

lululemon sapphire-swiftly-ss
Sapphire Swiftly. I saw these in the store today but left them there. I have a Sapphire Mesh With Me LS that I like a lot more than the Swiftly. It did feel nice and soft, though.

lululemon forage-teal-swiftly
Forage Teal Swiftly LS

lululemon raspberry-glo-cool-racerback

lululemon kayak-cool-racerback

lululemon bordeaux-cool-racerback
Raspberry Glo, Kayak, and Heathered Bordeaux CRBs. I bought the Raspberry Glo today at the store and ordered the Kayak.

lululemon it's-a-cinch-ls
lululemon it's-a-cinch-ls

lululemon it's-a-cinch-ls

lululemon it's-a-cinch-ls

lululemon it's-a-cinch-ls

lululemon it's-a-cinch-ls
The It's a Cinch was uploaded to Canada today but it was in my store, also. It's nice and soft but I don't love this style neckline.

lululemon jungle-green-swiftly-tank

lululemon jungle-green-swiftly-tank

lululemon jungle-green-swiftly-tank
My store had the new Heathered Jungle Green Swiftly. I'm more of a sage green person so I left this at the store but it is nicely saturated.

lululemon forage-teal-jacqard wunder-under-crop

lululemon forage-teal-jacqard wunder-under-crop

lululemon forage-teal-jacqard wunder-under-crop
The new Space Dye Jacquard Forage Teal Jungle green Wunder Unders were at my store today.

lululemon face-the-frost-half-zip
The US got the Face the Frost Tech Fleece Half Zip. I ordered the Tender Violet one.

lululemon raspberry-glo-energy-bra

lululemon energy-bra flashback-static
Raspberry Glo Light and Kayak Flashback Static Energy Bras

lululemon ta-ta-tamer
Biggie Fleur Sombre Caspian Ta Ta Tamer

lululemon beat-the-sleet-ii
Beat the Sleet Pant

lululemon base-runner-pant
Black Grape Base Runner Pant

lululemon black-grape-toasty-tech-tights
Black Grape Toasty Tech Tight

lululemon black-swan-wunder-under-croo
Black Grape Reversible Wunder Under Crop

lululemon herringbone-black-swan rebel-runner
Black Grape Herringbone Rebel Runner Crops. My store had these today.

lululemon all-the-right-places jeweled-magenta
Jeweled Magenta All the Right Places Crop

lululemon kayak-wunder-under-croo
Kayak Wunder Under Pant

Space Dye Tender Violet Camo High Times. My store had these today.

lululemon pique-speed-tight
The US got the Pique Speed Tights.

lululemon forage-teal-wunder-under
Forage Teal High Times

lululemon scuba iii
Sapphire Simply Shadow Wrap Scuba III

&Go City Pullover

Caspian Radiant LS (CAN)

The US got the new Stress Less pullovers. These were at my store today.

Canada got the Passage to Prana sweaters.

 Black Om the Day Bag. This was really eye-catching in person.

Bring It Om Tote Pigment Wind Berry Rumble

Mind and Body Kit in Berry Rumble Pigment Wind

Race to Place Hat in Flashback Static

Sapphire Festival Bag (CAN)

Space Dye Camo Vinyasa (US)

New Top Knot Toque. My store had these today.

Did you get anything today?


OttawaLululover said...

Decent upload tonight, but again pure disappointment over some things only making it to the US or UK and not here. Why does lululemon continue to piss off loyal customers by cherry picking which market gets what items. Just give us all the same options and make it fair, for God's sake.

I was lusting after the teal circadian tank for weeks, hoping it would be uploaded in a week or two.. It wasn't! By the time I decided to order it in the US they didn't have my size anymore. It went on clearance in Europe already, so I asked a friend of mine to get it there for me and paid for it. That was this Sunday. Today I find the teal circadian tank in my local Ottawa store! Grrrrrrrrrr!

Crystal said...

I bought the black grape Rebel Runners and the black sapphire LS swiftly. The wrap is a no-go for me. That uneven hem at the front would drive me crazy. I saw that they brought back the Universal Wraps too, I'm curious about how soft they are...

Lululover said...

I got CRB in Rasberry Glo & Kayak blue. I liked a couple of other things , but didn't pull the trigger. That being said, I stopped by my store today and was pleasantly surprised that somebody ( I'm assuming from Canada) returned Flyffin Awesome vest in Washi weave, the one that was uploaded in Canada in September , but never got to the US. It was in my size too, so I grabbed it. It's not shiny like other Fluffin awesome items , more like Down for a run stuff.. Also picked up Yogini LS , I sized up for a loose fit.

Anonymous said...

Just the long-sleeved Sapphire Swiftly for me. I really need some new Speed Tights (gained some weight since last year), but I am just hating the thought of paying $108 for them. Maybe I should just lose weigh instead. ;)

Kas said...

Crude this was an expensive US upload for me and I didn't even buy everything I want. Luckily I didn't buy anything last week. Tonight I got several things I have been waiting for like the black grape TTT, the face frost half zip in tender violet (LLM did u stay TTS in this, I didn't know so I did), raspberry glo CRB and sapphire LS swiftly. Then I just went back for kayak CRB. UGH!! I left a scuba and scarf plus some ear warmers and festival bag behind at this point. Hope to see some in store. I am curious how soft that new vinyasa is....this time of year I prefer the pique ones but it is pretty. Too much stuff tonight!

Kas said...

Really sorry!!! Meant LLA!

Anonymous said...

Is the raspberry glo CRB polyestery and scratchy or soft?

Bianca said...

Let us know if the raspberry glo light crb has any bleeding issues. I know that was a problem in the past. I'm going to wait and order mine after I read some customer feedback. Also post the color of the kayak blue when you receive it.

Anonymous said...

Got the face the frost half zip in black grape. I'm also considering the toasty techs in black grape because they're pretty, but not sure if actually wear a purple bottom and worried about reviews saying that the toasty techs pill.

Anonymous said...

I want that saturated green swiftly, but in the LS version. LLA, are the sapphire blue swiftlies not that saturated in person? They look kinda faded in your store pics...

Anonymous said...

@6:16, I tried on the toasty techs in store, and they were like meh. Too much going on with the zippered pockets and weird seams. I ended up getting a pair of brushed speed tights instead.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving these saturated swiftly colors (sapphire and jungle) but i so don't need any swiftly.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:22pm - They are but I like the pure Sapphire in the Mesh With Me LS better. The black mutes the sapphire and makes it more like a navy bllue.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:16 - I have the black toasty techs and somewhat "generous" thighs. I've worn them a few times and haven't had any pilling issues yet. I've also walked quite a bit in them the few times I've worn them - was golfing and walking the dog.

I'm just disappointed there have been no Runderful pants in North America yet! I want them so badly for my upcoming Chicago winter runs!

Unknown said...

I found the Raspberry glo crb rather scratchy, which is often the case (for me anyway) with light luon. I'm returning it on my next trip to the store.
I tried on the peace of mind wrap in my store today and it was nice and cozy, but still light enough. Love the cinch detail in the back! One major design flaw though is that it needs a second button on top to keep one half of the sweater from sliding down - making the bottom edge uneven. And it's not just me... The pictures from the upload show the models having the same issue.

Unknown said...

LLA, what's the difference between the brushed wunder unders and the regular wunder unders?

Anonymous said...

@6:16 I've had my Toasty Techs for a couple weeks and have worn them quite a bit to cycle and to walk - no issues with pilling so far. I also have brushed speeds which I also like but are much thinner.

I got the black grape Wind Runner pants today - love the style and fit, unsure about the colour. Ended up ordering the black that was uploaded tonight, will likely return the black grape.

Anonymous said...

@Kas: I ordered, received and kept the Face the Frost 1/2 zip in Black Grape that was uploaded to Cad site a couple of weeks ago, (then it disappeared/reappeared tonight). It IS definitely a TTS, and a wonderful top!! Thick, super warm, great quality. The details on the arms and back are nicer in person. If I had the budget I would have ordered the tender violet too but I am a sucker for black grape. I also purchased the heathered Caspian blue Yogini LS in store. WAY nicer in person, I sized down to a 4 which was still loose but a bit more tailored on me. The cut on my size down is very flattering on. Why they make it look like a cheap ragged sleep shirt on these online photo's I know not.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the tender violet high times pants have been uploaded yet to the U.S.?

Starfighter said...

Nothing for me, I'll head to the store this week though to be sure. ;)

AnotherLu said...

I'm excited to try the &Go Everywhere Pant since I've liked the look of them since I saw the UK upload. I will say, though, that I feel like a total fool for spending $148 -- what is that about? Most Lulu pants are around $100. Needless to say I won't keep them unless they are absolutely amazing. Also, I wish they would have made the logo more discreet. It kind of defeats the purpose of an elegant stealth athletic wear pant if you can easily see the logo. Sigh. I would be happy to report on fit when I get them if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

I bought way too much today and might not keep it all. Grape base runners, purple herringbone rebel runners, dark slate and sapphire LS swiftlys, green tank swiftly, tender violet fleece, and and both CRBs. I want the down vest because it's finally cooling off in CA but it's way too tight in my chest because I'm built like a football player. I'm sad since it's the perfect weight for LAs 50 degree nights and not $180 like northface.

LuluAddict said...

@Lauren - the brushed are roughed up on the inside - but feel super soft - so they feel thicker and warmer. They're the next step up in warmth from regular luon.

Anonymous said...

I got the face the frost tech fleece 1/2 zip in black swan, the l/s heathered sapphire w/ black swiftly, the heathered jungle swiftly tank.

I noticed on the what's new page for the heathered sapphire blue image, it shows a print, but when you click on it, it shows a solid. Wonder what that's about...I got the solid. Not into the prints.

It was a decent upload. I'm getting better about what I will realistically wear....I think.

LuluNUT said...

@ottawa I agree with you in regards to the way lulu releases things only to certain regions! They should make enough to sell worldwide. Or the way they release to one region and then wait a few weeks and have it show up in another region! I just paid almost double for some items because I had a friend get them for me in the UK since they weren't in the US and now guess what? One of the items shows up in the US today...UGH!

dogrunner said...

I ordered the beat the sleet pants. Does anyone have last years that can comment on them? I also am interested in the tech fleece half zip but holding off till under it in the store. I was hoping for a high rise black grape WU or high times.

Junie B said...

Living in Houston I have ZERO need for tights, or most winter stuff in general. However I do love me some LS Swiftlys so I got the Sapphire. Along with the biggie fleur sombre Caspian speeds.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what top the model is wearing in the photo of the black grape herringbone rebel runners? It looks like a nice classic long sleeve without too many over the top embellishments. It does look like there might be a little something on the fore-arms. I'm very attracted to it!

Anonymous said...

@dogrunner - I have last year's beat the sleet pant. They are really nice and they fit well (a little long, but I'm a shorty). I would comment they are NOT warm - for winter or cold activities you will want a layer under them. I bought them to wear over running tights on slushy cold days. Hope that helps!

Misty B. said...

Does anyone know if the Sapphire short sleeve swiftly is available in Toronto stores yet or if it will be online in Canada? So far only the long sleeve one (which I had to have) is out.

Kas said...

Thanks so much for the info! I feel better about my order now. I am excited to get it

Anonymous said...

that kayak blue looks like a blue i have from a few years ago but can't remember the name anyhow i have that also i have a crb in rasberry glo from a few years ago as well...... I love it too. I like the jungle swifly however i don't like the light green thread they contrasted w/ it..... I know picky right? ha ha..... severel things i like but i'm still not buying, I always talk myself out of any purchase lately.

Anonymous said...

The raspberry glo CRB is polyestery, thin and scratchy. I decided to keep it anyway because I ordered it from Canada. But this will be my last CRB until Lulu i starting to produce better quality. I'm also not impressed with the Hi rise crops and Groove pants quality and their pilling issues. I wish Lululelon had the same great reurn policy as Athleta.

Anonymous said...

I found the kayak CRB thin and scratchy too. I might be mistaken but I think it was 100% polyester. Got the violet camo high times but, unlike my many other pairs, they gaped at the bottom. I thought this was just the pair I got but noticed it is the same as the pic in this post...they also felt thinner and loser than other pairs but I'm keeping them bc I love the print (perpetuating my love/hate relationship with lulu)

LuluAddict said...

I got my Kayak CRB yesterday. I didn't think it was thin.