Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Product Recommendation: RaceDots (and Performance Report on the Mesh With Me LS)

Thanks to Ms. C. from our SeaWheeze Facebook group for recommending RaceDots as a way to pin my bib without damaging my lululemon tops. They're super strong little magnets that hold your bib in place through your clothing. I have been using a bib belt for races but I wanted to wear my new Mesh With Me LS tops for the Disney Avengers races this weekend and I suspected a belt might abrade and/or snag the mesh.  The magnets worked perfectly - my bib didn't move at all and my shirt is still perfect through a back-to-back 10K and half marathon.

racedots lululemon
Photo: RaceDots website
I find it kind of funny that RaceDots features a woman wearing lululemon clothing on its website - I wonder if the inventor's wife/girlfriend filled his ear with complaints about pinning her pricey run clothes.

Photo: RaceDots website.
RaceDots come in a variety of colors and graphics. I got the Captain America ones since everyone and their brother was costumed as Captain America at last year's race. They're $19.99 for a pack of four and shipped out of Virginia via USPS. I ordered mine on Saturday and got them by Thursday.

lululemon mesh-with-me-ls
Sapphire Blue Mesh With Me LS
For both races I wore a Sapphire Mesh With Me LS - it matched the blue of one of the race shirts - and Cyber Stripe Naval Blue Pace Rival crops. The weather for both days was mid-50s at the start and mid/upper-60s at the finish. I felt that the Mesh With Me would be cooler to run in than a LS Swiftly, which I think is best-suited for 40-degree weather. I was a touch on the warm side overall but I like to get to the corrals super early and didn't want to sit in the pre-dawn hours in a short sleeve shirt. The top stayed in place nicely - no riding up - and didn't get any snags. I know one person commented on here that the back zipper pocket of her run crops snagged her shirt but I checked that area and didn't get a snag. The only bad thing about these shirts is that they show sweat marks. I spotted one other person on the half marathon course wearing the same shirt. I've been waiting years for lululemon to make a mesh technical shirt and I think the Mesh With Me is fantastic. It's very classic lululemon - a functional technical piece with a flattering fit and just enough design detail to give it that lululemon look. I know it sold very well at my local lululemon store so I hope we'll see it again in new colors.


Anonymous said...

How did the race dots do with the timing strip on the bib? Did it mess it up and did you get your split times at your races? My only hesitation on these was magnets can cause the timing strips to not work so interested in real life experience regarding this.

LuluAddict said...

It didn't interfere with mine. All my split times showed up. This is from the FAQ on their website:

Will RaceDots interfere with RFID/RTLS/ANT timing devices?

We have contacted a number of timing system companies and sent prototypes for testing, and so far we have not found any timing system that is affected by RaceDots. That said, we highly recommend not allowing RaceDots to sit on top of the timing device on your bib. While we try to stay current with all the many timing companies, timing technology is changing all the time. If you are a new timing company, please contact us to have a sample set of RaceDots sent to you for testing. If you are a competitor concerned about your upcoming race, please contact the race promoter to inquire if magnets affect their timing system. Many timing companies will allow you to test your bib or chip before the race, so take advantage of that opportunity if you have it.

dogrunner said...

I use a spi belt and clip the bib to my belt. I prefer it on the belt in case I get hot and want to shed a layer. They make a large one for iPhone 6+. The belt fits right across your hips. No bounce or jiggle.

kuomeisun said...

We're RaceDot twins!! I order these for Blerch this past weekend but stupid me forgot to check with mail before I left :*( Congrats for running the races!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks LLA. Yes, I read that from their sight and saw it more as legaleze to cover their butts more than anything if they mess up someones race time. Didn't know anyone who had tried them though for a real life experience :)

Anonymous said...

You could save $17 by getting the small industrial-strength magnets from Hime Depot like I did years ago. :)

janine57 said...

Interesting post! Now I'm really bummed I didn't get the sapphire one. I purchased the teal. I have a black mesh shirt with the overlay from spring so not inclined to get the black. I use the spibelt also and my number goes on that too but the race dots are interesting. You are doing so good with your running! Don't you use throwaway clothes? I did a running training group and learned about this. You buy wArm stuff at goodwill and wear to race over your usual gear. Take off pants before starting then when you warm up throw the clothes over to the side of the road. The volunteers gather up and donate stuff back to shelters. Some people wear old socks on their hands. Very zen I think cost me $3.00.

LuluAddict said...

@janine57 - I have used throwaway clothes but now I hoard race blankets and find them warmer than a throwaway shirt since I can make a little tent of body heat when I sit on the ground. Disney races start at 5:30 am and I get to the corral a good hour early. The pre-dawn hours are when the temperature hits the lowest point of the day. I still got a little chilled under my space blanket this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I will say that I have used race dots for tons of races and love them! however, the mesh lululemon tees and swiftlys still get snagged when i use race dots with them. the friction of the magnets is still just to delicate on the fabric from my experience. Just an FYI =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post LLA, I had never heard of these and I get the necessity and the appeal (thanks also Anon re: home depot, I'll check that out too).

I don't hoard race blankets but you can buy them fairly cheap at hardware and camping stores so I do keep a couple on hand just as LLA described, especially if it has started raining. A garbage bag also comes in handy. You're not a fashion maven, but hey! Once I attended a race where guests were using blankets intended for runners and there weren't enough for runners getting cold in tanks and shorts. It was starting to rain before the race. THIS is extremely rude of spectators/guests. Volunteers had no idea, didn't ask for or confirm bib so just handed them out. I usually have some sort of casual clothes (non-LLL or clothing that's good) that I am eventually going to purge to charity, like a Gap l/s and long no special brand pants. Instead of donating all of these, I hold a few back for races should I need to wear and discard. Most races will collect those clothes anyway for donation to a clothing charity.