Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cyber Monday Upload!

Cyber Monday upload is up. Pics and comments to follow.

lululemon down-for-a-run-vest berry-rumble
lululemon down-for-a-run-vest white
Berry Rumble and White Down for a Run Vests

lululemon down-right-cozy-pullover berry-rumble
Down Right Cozy Pullover

lululemon fluffed-up-jacket berry-rumble
Love this one - Berry Rumble Fluffed Up Jacket.

lululemon berry-rumble pace-crop
Berry Rumble Pace Crop (US)

lululemon beyond-boundaries-onesie

lululemon beyond-boundaries-onesie
Beyond Boundaries Onesie (CAN)

lululemon align-and-define-ls
Canada got the rulu Align and Define LS tops. This is on my wishlist.

lululemon dramatic-static-speed-short
Very cute Dramatic Static Speed Shorts (CAN)

lululemon free-to-be-wild pigment-wind-multi
Free to Be Bra in Pigment Wind Multi.

lululemon race-to-place pigment-wind-duck
Pigment Wind Duck Sauce Race to Place Hat. I might need this one even though I have it in the 'Sup hat already. This needs to be cherry-picked, though, so I'll wait until it hits the stores.

lululemon relaxed-fit-pants poseidon
lululemon relaxed-fit-pants slate
Relaxed Fit Pants hit the site in Heathered Poseidon, Heathered Slate, and Black. I ordered the Slate since they look so comfy.

lululemon yogini-5-year blue

lululemon yogini-5-year vintage-pink
Yogini 5 Year LS tops in Wee Stripe Cool Breeze and Wee Stripe Vintage Pink/Raspberry. I am so tempted by the pink one but $68 seems so steep for this.

lululemon pigment-wind-white-multi wunder-under

lululemon pigment-wind-white-multi wunder-under
Wunder Under Crops and Pants in Pigment Wind White Multi Print. The crops don't come in 12 but the pants do.

lululemon jeweled-magenta wunder-under
Berry Rumble Wunder Under Crops

lululemon jeweled-magenta wunder-under
Jeweled Magenta Shine On Wunder Under Crops

lululemon shine-on-energy-bra

lululemon shine-on-energy-bra
Pigment Wind White Multi Shine On Energy Bra. I had this in my cart but would prefer it in a solid Berry Rumble or pink color. I'll wait to try this on in the store.

lululemon pigment-wind-jet-crop
Pigment Wind Multi Jet Crop

lululemon criss-cross-headband berry-rumble
Cute Criss Cross Headband in Berry Rumble/ Jeweled Magenta

lululemon bordeaux-drama-groove-pant

lululemon bordeaux-drama-groove-pant
Bordeaux Groove Pant

lululemon sprinkler-pique-runderful-ls
Sprinkler Pique Runderful LS. I ordered this one. (US)

lululemon nouveau-limits-tank
Flash Lite Nouveau Limits Tank (CAN)

lululemon shine-on-cool-racerback
Berry Rumble Shine On Cool Racerback. I'll wait to try this on in the store.

lululemon poppy-petals-inspire-crops
Poppy Petals Inspire Crops (US)

lululemon poppy-petals-high-times
Poppy Petals Dark Slate High Times (CAN)

lululemon apex-stripe festival-bag

lululemon apex-stripe mind-and-body-kit
Canada got a very cute Apex Stripe Festival Bag and Mind and Body Kit.

Just the Slate Relaxed Fit Pants and the Sprinkler Runderful LS for me tonight. There were a few things added to WMTM, too, but nothing I wanted. Did you get anything tonight?


Alyssa Jobs said...

I don't see anything new . . . .

LuluAddict said...

@ALyssa - are you still having trouble seeing it? Click on What's New.

Unknown said...

the U.S hasn't gotten the passage to prana sweaters yet have they?

Anonymous said...

I hope LL will make WUC crop in Herrington Berry. I love the Berry Rumble color. I got the fringe fighter band in Berry

LuluAddict said...

@Holly - not yet.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the restless hoodie. Ugh!!

Chezhire71 said...

Anyone else notice LLL is trying to sneak in the Feelin Frosty Softshell again this year? It was released last year...and went to WMM...both in the insulated & uninsulated versions...

Unknown said...

LLA did you see the puffy blanket jacket she the feeling frosty soft shell insulated that uploaded? Do you think these are leftover from last years port issue?
Nothing for me tonight but definitely interested in the runderful LS!

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - I did see them. I think they are leftovers and that is why I didn't post them.

Anonymous said...

Berry Rumble Fluffed Up Jacket. I hope they come with the holiday shoppers!

Chezhrie71 said...

In addition to my earlier comment @ 10:48 p.m., I went to see if I could write a review for the Feelin Frosty *Insulated, so I would be able to tell new would-be buyers to be wary, as this isn't a new piece at all, but you CANNOT leave feedback as of tonight on this particular item on the LLL website.

Compare to, for example, the Down Right Cozy Pullover. It's truly a *new* item, and the "Be Our First" star area is present at the bottom of its page. So LLL is obviously not wanting anyone to *comment* on the fact that this item is, drum roll, NOT NEW.

SMH. This is exactly why I've gone a bit silent here for a month or two now, spending my time and money looking at other things, instead of waiting with baited breath for disappointing LLL uploads.

Anonymous said...

Nothing that makes my heart flutter. Last year holiday shoppers didn't go out with my online order until Christmas week. I just kept getting red and white ones. As if I need more of those...

Anonymous said...

Great, more period pants! Didn't lulu learn with the first round of blood stained looking pants. My store couldn't give some of those pairs away, they were so awful.

Susan said...

Prior to the upload, Canada had an "All about that Base" longsleeve top snuck into the new items page from last week's upload. It came in dark purple, dark (gator?)green and black. When I clicked on the thumbnail it said "out of stock". The purple one was intriguing. I wish had taken a screenshot of it, I was hoping it was part of the new upload. When I google it, nothing comes up.
Anyone else seen or heard of these?

LuluAddict said...

@chezhire71 -ooh! Interesting point about not being able to leave a review for the re-tread items. Though, you can leave a review for the Puffy Blanket Jacket but it already shows it has 40 reviews. I wonder if it's because the Feelin Frosty went to WMTM where I think the Puffy Blanket Jacket did not.

LuluAddict said...

@ Susan - They seem to have disappeared. I thought it was on one of the foreign sites but Hong Kong only has the About that Base tights.

Anonymous said...

Another comment re "games LLL plays" (IMHO): on Friday morning, placed order for the Karma sweater that went to WMTM at $99, knowing full well that the price would likely drop over the course of the weekend but wanted to get preferred colorway & size (I had tried it on a few wks ago, liked it but refused to pay full price). At 3am this morning, having insomnia, browsed the new selections & WMTM. All but one color, in one size was left (teal) (& yes, the price had dropped at some point to $79). This morning they now have all 3 colors back online w/ multiple sizes. Somehow I doubt there was a sudden return overnight with this sweater. :P
Along w/ chezhire71 comment & other games LLL plays, this company is giving me the ass. And yet....I wear it. Makes me feel like a tart.
Thank you Luluaddict for giving people a forum to exchange information on products so that people can be better informed!

LuluAddict said...

@anon 8:58 am- huh, that sucks.

ellerlashanda said...

The Follow Your Bliss bag that I bought and returned (at FULL price) dropped to $59 (I have not seen a lulu bag of that size that cheap since I started wearing lulu 2 years ago!) I was so excited to get it in the color that I wanted ... I ordered at 4am PST and within a few hours, most of them were already gone. :) SCORE!

Lululover said...

I'm interested in Fouffed Up jacket, but only if it comes in other colors than have been offered. I have inkwell fluffed up vest from last year and dont need another item in that color. I also feel like I'll get tired of Berry rumble pretty soon . Although nice color. I'm very interested in Shine on CRB in black. It reminds me Michi , which has been my fav brand as of lately. I saw comments that it's a size up item so I'll wait till I try it at the store. Don't want to order 2 different sizes. I'm feeling guilty , so far I purchased 3 defines( tevi ,space dye Camo , and black), black grape HT, Yogini 5yrs, WUP in grailpfruit on sale $35 couldn't resist , free flow pants in rasb glo/ tevi , Fleece out jacket in Berry rumble , Pace tights and WUC in pigment wind: br. Also got Fluffin Awesome jacket on wmtm in grain. Will return Fleece out , one pair of Pigment wind bottoms . I hope there won't be anything else tempting !

Lululover said...

Oops sorry for all the typos! Was talking into my phone while walking on treadmill

Anonymous said...

I liked the new fluffed up jacket but wish they'd make a style with synthetic fill instead of down. I won't buy untraceable down items due to how the birds are treated (live plucked).

Unknown said...

Is there going to be another upload on Tuesday? Thursday? Thanks!

LuluAddict said...

@lululover - No, the next one will be Thursday.

Alyssa Jobs said...

I got the bright blue runderful. It's so cold, looking forward to getting it.
Luluaddict, do you think the US will ever get the menthol what the sport tee?
Does Lulu typically only upload winter gear for the next couple of months?

Anonymous said...

OT but does anyone know why the diamond jacquard define jackets were taken off the website? As of yesterday, they had every size except 6 and today they're totally gone. They've been on the website for a few weeks but I can't imagine they sold out so fast. The diamond jacquard Define was #1 on my Christmas list so I'm really hoping to find a solution :(

Anonymous said...

Ordered a Mind and Body kit (still shows up as in stock) and swiftly yesterday, but order is still processing. Does that mean it'll get cancelled? Anyone else experience this?

Rise and Shine said...

Anonymous @ 7:59, I had that situation last summer and I got my order.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling frosty jacket that I got last year of WMTM, and I love that jacket, it's warm and visible in low light. I don't think I would pay $248 for it though, even thought that is what Nike and Sweaty Betty also charge for the same type of jacket.
I also don't think it's a big deal that they re-stocked. A lot of people didn't get a chance to see or get those last year.


Sisi80 said...

Did the Bordeaux Groove pants upload to the US? Haven't had a pair of those catch my in forever!