Thursday, November 19, 2015

Color Comparison: Raspberry Glo Light 2012 to RGL 2015, Paris Perfection, Pinkelicious, and Pow Pink

lululemon raspberry-glo-light-cool-racerback pinkelicious-pow-paris-perfection
I bought the new Raspberry Glo Light Cool Racerback because I had heard that the new CRB was not the same pink. However, they are nearly identical - the new one is a touch lighter than the older one. I think the only way you will be able to tell them apart will be the stitching. The new Ras Glo CRB is decently thick and soft.

lululemon raspberry-glo-light-cool-racerback
Taken indoors.

lululemon raspberry-glo-light-cool-racerback pinkelicious-pow-paris-perfection
Taken in outside in indirect light.

For reference, here are some other pink comparisons.

lululemon raspberry-glo-light-cool-racerback pinkelicious-pow-paris-perfection-bon-bon-jeweled-magenta


Anonymous said...

i have the 2012 r glo and i have the pincalicious...... so for now i'm good on the bright pinks don't need anymore! I love both of my pinks anyone who likes a nice punchy pink really will love this its beautiful!

Lululover said...

I have Power Y from a couple of years ago , but can't remember now if it's Paris pink, rasberry glo or Pinkelicious. I guess will see tonight if I'm keeping the new CRB

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comparison! Quite the similarities, I am interested in this years raspberry glow; I don't have any of these pinks. I had shied away due to the bleeding issues.

Anonymous said...

Wait, you own all of these nearly identical pink CRBs? You are crazy!!!! ;) I guess this is why you call your blog lulu addict.

Jessie said...

Love when you do these color comparisons - thank you! I got the Raspberry Glo CRB too and really love the color as well as material.

LuluAddict said...

2 anon 5:34 am - I love hot pinks. :)