Monday, November 23, 2015

Australian Spoilers

Pigment Wind Duck Sauce All sport Bra

Pigment Wind Duck Sauce Passion Crop

Pigment Wind Duck Sauce Tracker Shorts

Pigment Wind Duck Sauce Speed Shorts

Pigment Wind Duck Sauce 5 Mile Singlet

Pigment Wind Berry Rumble Festival Bag

Sequin Dot Tight Stuff Crop. These are cute.

New In the Present Pouch system.

Be Free Runsie

Jeweled Magenta SS Swiftly. I am tempted by this.

Jeweled Magenta Swiftly Tank

Jeweled Magenta Go the Distance Short

Interesting new print in the Salute the Sun tank - Tiger Space Dye

Flashback Static Pleat to Street Short


Anonymous said...

That pouch system is EXACTLY what I have been wanting for traveling. A bag with multiple compartments for my travel documents and for my earbuds, cash, chargers, etc. I like the print, but hopefully it comes out in some other options too.

Anonymous said...

Ivivva had a tank that looked pretty identical to that "Salute to Sun" one this year. The name escapes me, and I think it was made of Luon light.

Anonymous said...

jewelled magenta again? I have the LS Swiftly still with tags - and the exquisite top and the CRB LOL - so I won't be buying anymore of this colour - save some money!

Unknown said...

So off topic. A lulu outlet just opened nearby. I'm wondering...are there deals to be had or do they usually carry the crap products that don't sell well?

Anonymous said...

I love the Jeweled Magenta SS Top too :) I hope it'd be available in the US soon

LuluAddict said...

@Elizabeth - I think there can be some great deals when the outlets have specials but most of the prices are very similar to stores' markdown racks.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of an Aussie angel willing to help with sending some items to the US? I'm dying for a few swim items!!

Anonymous said...

that pouch looks better and better each time I look at it! Haha. I had no idea I want one so badly!!

Unknown said...

It seriously annoys me that not one of these items was in the upload today. The US is definitely the stepchild of the lulu market. I did manage to order the pigment wind WUC from the NY store that already has them but I hate playing the waiting game to see what online/my local store may and may not get and when. Anyone know if there will be full length WU or high times in the pigment wind print? That's another frustration... By the time they release them (if they ever do), I will be past the return date on the crops!

Anonymous said...

@Lucy Goo, if the US is the stepchild then Canada is the first born child who used to be the favourite, then declared that it didn't want to go to med school and was going to go to art school instead, and things shave never really been the same since. Lulu tries to pretend that everything is is fine, they still love us just as much and respect our choices, but we know that deep down they are now pinning all their hopes and dreams on the youngest kid, Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

The WUC pigment wind. is made of polyester and lycra. It is very heavy in terms of the poly feel. I saw one pair at the NYC store on 5th and 17th street.