Tuesday, October 6, 2015


lululemon peace-collective-cool-racerback
Canada got special edition Peace Collective Cool Racerbacks. These are nearly gone, both on line and in stores. 

lululemon deep-navy-cool-racerback
The US got the Deep Navy Cool Racerback. I ordered this to try.

lululemon cosmic-teal-space-dye-twist wunder-under-crop
The Cosmic Teal Sapphire Twist Wunder Under Crops came in hi-rise and regular on the US side, regular waist only in Canada. They're labeled luxtreme. I ordered the regular rise to try.

lululemon deep-camo-scuba

lululemon bark-berry-scuba

Canada got Deep Camo and Bark Berry Scuba IIIs.

lululemon denim-scuba-ii
US got a Denim Scuba II

lululemon dark-fuel-studio-pant
lululemon wine-berry-studio-pant
The US got Studio Pants in Dark Fuel and Wine Berry.

lululemon wrap-it-up-sweater

lululemon wrap-it-up-sweater

lululemon wrap-it-up-sweater
Canada got Wrap It Up Sweaters in Mink Berry and Light Gray.

Canada got the Sapphire Define.

Meshed Up Tank came to both countries. I'll wait to try this in the store.


lululemon-sapphire-swiftly half-zip
Sapphire Swiftly LS and Half Zip.

Canada got the Desert Teal Swiftly Tank. I want this one.

Forage Teal Circadian Tank (US)

The US got 1x a Lady jackets.

lululemon-dark-fuel-laser wunder-under-crop
Dark Fuel Laser Wunder Under Crop (US)

Canada got Sprinkler Painted Animal Pace Rival Crops

lululemon-painted-animal cool-racerback
Sprinkler Painted Animal CRB (CAN)

Bordeaux All the Right Places Pant

lululemon zone-in bordeaux
Bordeaux Zone In Crop

lululemon-cotton-wunder-under-pant teal

 lululemon-cotton-wunder-under-pant wine-berry
 Forage Teal Stripe and Wine Berry Stripe Cotton Wunder Under Pants. I'm not sure why these are called WUPS since the seaming is nothing like Wunder Unders.

lululemon-desert-teal ebb-to-street
Desert Teal Ebb to Street Pants

lululemon-high-times dramatic statuc
Dramatic Static High Times

Forage Teal Exquisite Crop (CAN)

lululemon skinny groove cyber-stripe
Cyber Stripe Skinny Grooves

lululemon bordeaux-high-times
Heathered Bordeaux High Times (US)

lululemon herringbone-jet-crop-slim
Herringbone Jet Crop Slim Pant (CAN)

lululemon baller-cap-felt wine-berry

lululemon baller-cap-felt wine-berry

lululemon baller-cap-felt dark-fuel
New Felt Baller Hats in Wine Berry and Dark Fuel. (US)

lululemon bundle-up-scarf
Black Bundle Up Scarf

lululemon sup-hat clouded-dreams
Clouded Dreams Sapphire Sup Hat (US)

lululemon dark-fuel daily-practice-jacket
 Dark Fuel Daily Practice Jacket (CAN)

lululemon merino-warrior-scarf
Merino Wool Warrior Scarf

lululemon painted-animal tracker
Painted Animal Tracker Short

lululemon race-to-place hat reflective
Starry Night Black Race to Place Cap (US)

lululemon follow-your-bliss-bag wine-berry
 Wine Berry Follow Your Bliss Bag

Cherry Cheetah Energy Bra (US)

Sapphire with Sprinkler Blue Strap Energy Bra (US). This is temping.

Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

This is starting to get really goofy. Lulu needs to start doing the uploads at a regular time again.

Unknown said...

Any word on the upload? Another waiting game!

Anonymous said...

has the upload time changed?

Anonymous said...

Oh I thought it was just me because I'm looking at the site going "nothing is really new and maybe it's just a 'blah' upload."

Anonymous said...

If the website isn't broken, we are waiting around with no idea how long we are supposed to wait for. A head's up from Lulu with an expected upload time would go a long, long way.

Anonymous said...

Lately their online chat has been SO SLOW. Then, last night it wasn't even working. I sat in the online waiting room for 2 hours and was never connected with an agent. Today I tried again and it was so slow I ended up calling. I asked the Educator and she said they recently changed their "system"

Monika B said...

I'm not sure what is going on but I randomly opened up the lululemon home page and the upload was there! I quickly ordered the canadian edition racer back and received my confirmation email. Now I went back on the web and the upload is no longer...

Anonymous said...

Is this it? http://shop.lululemon.com/products/category/whats-new

Unknown said...

2nd week in a row I rushed home. I have learned. Fool me twice... :p Wednesday is the new Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

it's up, ya'll

Anonymous said...

@Monika B
You're lucky you got your Canadian Edition CRB, I've been trying and I can't get my order to go through. It keeps telling me its out of stock, but it still shows in stock. Tried numerous things, removing from my cart. Closing browser. Opening new browser, adding it. Tried different browsers. Tried the APP. Nothing!

Amanda Harrison said...

Beyond upset. Tried to check out NINE TIMES with the Canadian edition racerback in size 8, only to get to the end and be told there was a problem processing my order every time. The system finally seems to start working again? Size 8 is sold out. So done.

LuluAddict said...

@Amanda - that is a bummer. Try calling a store and have them mail it to you. I've heard they are doing that.

Anonymous said...

Canada got the Bon Bon Energy bra, which I bought as well as the Vinyasa. If we got the high rise WU in the new teal space dye, that would have been mine. I just can't do regular rise anymore. Wrap It Up sweater was tempting, but I think I remember not liking it last year, so I passed. They need a solid Forage Teal Swiftly. Solid, no stupid snake or other animal print. Or stripes. Solid! Teal!

Sophie said...

Has anyone tried the Kanto long sleeve? I've been waiting on the Kanto half-zip but apparently the US isn't getting it! I am not a fan of the neckline of the ls, but I do like the coco pique that uploaded tonight. I need more long sleeves and instead we're getting tanks!!

Anonymous said...

The cotton wunder unders are more like wunder grooves or something. I love the seaming down the back of the leg kind of like the groove/speed tight so I'm tempted by them. Lack of seaming is why I rarely buy wunder unders.

I've never even been to Canada and I want that CRB. It is so cute.

LuluAddict said...

@Sophie - yes and loved it. The rulu is very nice and the styling is nice, too. I'd say TTS.

Anonymous said...

Did Canada also get the hats, or was it just the US?

Sam said...

Out of the entire upload, I'm interested in the black/ultraviolet reversible WUPs, but I know when I try them on in a store the black will just end up showing through the ultraviolet side like always. I'm just patiently waiting for a Speed Tight *Tech, and hoping that they'll make a black cherry pair with a matching Swiftly LS (I know, a lot to ask for from Lulu nowadays).

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:31 pm - Just the US

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the response LLA!

Anonymous said...

Do we know what shirt she is wearing with the fuel green studio pants?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:56 pm - I think it's the Anahatasana LS that made a very brief appearance on the website last week and then disappeared.

Sophie said...

Thanks @LuluAddict! I tend to like scoopnecks and other necklines that give me "room to breathe" lol, so I'm a little worried about that close cut around the neck in the front and back/shoulders, but I guess it's worth a try because I love rulu and coco pique.

I actually got too much tonight! I am obsessed with the sweaty or not bras, and I got the mini pop stripe and the alarming/cranberry (previous upload), as well as the cherry cheetah/bordeaux drama energy bra. I was tempted by the sapphire/sprinkler blue energy bra but I had to draw the line somewhere! Also got the mini check pique wine berry heathered bon bon rulu vinyasa scarf and the scuba II in heathered speckled black! I hope I hate something! haha.

Deezee007 said...

Any word on the price point of the wrap it up sweaters?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's always been like this and I haven't noticed, or I'm way off base, but a lot of the photos look badly photoshopped to me tonight. An example would be the photo in this post above "The US got 1x a Lady jackets". Is it just me or do her legs look wonky?? A ton of the images I clicked on looked like this. Am I crazy??

Anonymous said...

Bummer that those seamed WUP/whatever they are are cotton. Not worth it.

Anonymous said...

all a pass. phew!

love the dark fuel...beautiful shade of dark green. would like it in high times pant and a CRB.

Anonymous said...

Nothing - was hoping for cold weather running gear (speed tights, stuff your bra, etc) but nothing. Would've been interested in the 1x a lady jacket if they didn't do the two-tone color.

christine said...

Haha me too!!

Unknown said...

I still wonder why those disappeared! They couldn't have all sold out?? I was going to order a few of them but waited too long and then they were gone! I figured something may have been wrong with them so they were pulled, but I saw a bunch in-store the other day. Maybe it's the classic Lulu Lesson to buy quick because things can disappear at any time!

Unknown said...

I was in my local Lulu this evening and snagged the dark fuel dance studios and love them..I did not care for the wine berry..too rusty looking for my tastes. I also got the deep navy CRB and love it..very soft and silky material on this one..a definite keeper! They got the new trouser in but I didn't have time to try on and at 148 they aren't calling my name :)
I also got 2 new energy bras the cherry cheetah and the butterfly print (my store finally got them in ).

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - I was thinking about getting the DSPs but wanted to see them in person. I have Gator DSPs and love them but am worried the Dark Fuel look a little too much like Girl Scout uniform pants. I was worried the Wine Berry might be too bright. I have Bordeaux DSCs and really like them. Good to know about the Deep Navy CRB. I know someone on here wrote it wasn't nice but I am hoping it's like the Jeweled Magenta CRB - thin but soft after you wash it.

Anonymous said...

Would a Canadian store ship to the U.S.? I'm dying for the sapphire define!!!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:41 pm - they don't. You'd have to find a Canadian friend or a drop ship service, where you'd order to an address and they'd forward the package onto you for a fee.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:41 - I would be happy to order a sapphire define for you and ship at your cost. Would you be able to find a sapphire energy bra and Jewelled Magenta In Flux Jacket for me in the US? We could do a paypal $$ exchange! email me at jillgodon@rogers.com if you'd like angel services from me :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't get anything, but I was trying to get the inspire tights and the summer loving tote, the order wen through twice and I never received a confirmation from LULU. I received an e-mail from paypal. never got a cancellation from lulu, they are saying that the items are out of stock, but they are showing up on the site as I type.
I asked the educator to cancel the order, she did, but the money has not been refunded to paypal. That was last Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what top she is wearing in the Fuel Green Felt Baller Hat? I think it's also the top she's wearing in the kanto stripe regal plum naval blue vinyasa stock photos. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the upload when the SE CRB was available on the Canadian side, and my size 4 was available (all sizes were showing). I guess I am in the minority because even though I am happily Canadian, I did not think this SE CRB was a big deal. These gimmicks don't grab me and I'd never wear it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:57 PM - I agree! I'm happily Canadian as well, but do not care for this CRB at all, but then again, I've never been one to wear this kind of thing - and I don't like logos and such either. I don't get all the fuss over it at all!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.57 and 6.37 pm
I don't like logos and if this crb had Ruffles or ombré I would have bought it

Megan said...

LLA, do you think there's any chance we'll get those herringbone jet crops in the US? Mmm Rulu pants...

LuluAddict said...

@Megan - I hope so. I have my eye on those, too.