Tuesday, October 6, 2015

UK Spoilers

Rebel Runners are back - in Fuel Green, Wine Berry, and Mini Pop Stripe.

New Tight Stuff Tights in Wine Berry and Fuel Green.

Wine Berry Wild Tank

Forage Teal Sweat It Out Racer

Forage Teal. Boo on the print.

Bon Bon Ta Ta Tamer III

Bordeaux Tough It Out Tank

Dark Fuel Daily Practice Jacket

Bordeaux Terry Scuba III

Forage Teal Karma Kurmasana merino wool sweater.

Mountain Peaks Go the Distance Jacket

Dark Fuel Zone In Tight

Mountain Peaks Stuff Your Bra

Mountain Peaks Wunder Under Pants

Find Your Mantra Hoodie Bordeaux merino wool hoodie.

Mountain Peaks Pace Rival Skirt

Forage Teal Circadian Tank


Starfighter said...

I was hoping for some new fall colors, but sadly Forage Teal misses the mark for me completely.

Anonymous said...

I like Forage Teal and Fuel Green. Would be great to have a solid CRB in one or both colours. I like the Fuel Green Daily Practice Jacket but really do not need it. The Wine Berry Wild Tank is nice but I won't buy it because I never end up wearing any loose tank that I have purchased (sold them all).

Everything else is an easy pass. The Mountain Peaks pattern is so unappealing, very Junior looking.

Anonymous said...

I love my two pairs of Rebel Runner crops from last year and may end up buying more if any of those colors come to the US. That turtleneck merino wool sweater is right up my alley. And what's not to like about that Forage Teal circadian tank. Could be an expensive week for me.

Anonymous said...

oh boy! here goest my wallet... i thought i was safe for a while with MEH uploads in the past few months.... i am loving 50% of the UK stuff!

Lululover said...

I'm debating if I should get Daily Practice in Dark Fuel or take my chances and wait for Define. What a gordeous fall color!

Anonymous said...

I want a Scuba III in Teal SO bad!!

janine57 said...

The pictures where they pretend to exercise are so ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

still awaiting the arrival of the stuff your bras in the USA.
everything else is a blah.


Deezee007 said...

LOVING that merino wool hoodie.

Praying that it isn't $1,000.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the difference in the Rebel Runner Crop and the Runday Crop is?

Anonymous said...

I own both crops, and to me they are really the same, so I have the same question as well, lol.

3crazykids said...

Lol, pretend to exercise. Exactly my thought.

Anonymous said...

I compared them again, and found the only differences are the pockets. Rebel have two side open pockets on both thighs, like speed thighs, then the back zip pockets' open from the side, not the top. Rnday don't have pockets on the sides, but one regular horizontal zip one at the back.

Anonymous said...

The zippered portion at the bottom of the Rebel Runners is made of a ridged material whereas on the Runday it is smooth like the legs of the pants. The Runday seam that runs around the top of this bottom cuff area is arched upwards around the outer side of the leg whereas the Rebel Runners has a seam that goes straight around the calf. I prefer the bottom leg design on the Rundays over the Rebel Runners. But really the biggest difference as others have noted is the side pocket on the Rebel Runners which is huge to me.