Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tough It Out Tank, Toasty Tech Tights, Kanto Catch Me Half Zip, and More

lululemon tough-it-out-tank toasty-tech-tight

lululemon tough-it-out-tank toasty-tech-tight

lululemon tough-it-out-tank toasty-tech-tight

lululemon tough-it-out-tank toasty-tech-tight
Wow, the strap situation on the Tough It Out Tank really bugs me. I didn't love it on the web models but I really dislike it - like nails on a chalkboard dislike - in these real-life photos. I think it bugs me so much because the strap set up doesn't make sense, let alone be cute to look at. I probably hate the wide mesh panel the most. I don't get why this was made in a bunch of colors yet a cute and simple tank like the Sunset Salutation was brought out in a measly three colors. Whoever is green-lighting designs needs to throttle back on these multi-strap monstrosities. And where the heck is the Sweat It Out Racer? The UK has SEVEN colors in it now.

lululemon sapphire kanto-catch-me-half-zip

lululemon sapphire kanto-catch-me-half-zip toasty-tech-tight
Kanto Catch Me Half Zip (why no cuffins?) and Toasty Tech Tights

lululemon herringbone kanto-catch-me-half-zip
Herringbone Kanto Catch Me Half Zip, What the Sport Singlet, Tight Stuff Tights, and Flow Y.

lululemon dramatic-static-define bon-bon-what-the-sport

lululemon dramatic-static-define bon-bon-what-the-sport
Bon Bon What the Sport Tank and Dramatic Static Define. I really like the look of this combo.

lululemon exquisite-crop forage-teal

lululemon exquisite-crop black
Straight Up Bra and Exquisite Crops

lululemon clouded-dreams stuff-your-bra-speed-short
Clouded Dreams Stuff Your Bra and Speed Shorts


W said...

I'm not sure about the tough it up tank either but will try it on when I get to the store.
Do we ever get the Intrisic tank (US)?

Unknown said...

I really like the dramatic static pattern. I can barely wear coco pique because I so tired of it and I feel like I see it everywhere. I think it's a nice, fresh black-and-white that has really been catching my eye!

hmdowd said...

What do you think on the sizing of the Define jackets? Are most everyone sizing up? I'm normally consistent 10 in everything from pants to tops to bras, I only size up to 12 if I want the sweater whatever to fit looser. I'm wondering what size to try in the Define?? without a store to try it on it's hard to decide, and it's hard for me to exchange. I definitely want a more form fit not slouchy, but I also don't want it to be too tight in my shoulder chest area :/ Let me know what you girls think... I'm 5'9", 38C, more broad muscular shouldered, 167lbs. Should I stick with my normal size 10? I like the look of how it fits in the the picture above for sure. Just wearing a tank under it... Argh I wish I had a lulu store to try stuff on before committing to buy. -Heidi

Lululover said...

I'm liking it too, but I saw bad reviews saying that it stretches to white and see thru. I'll have to try it in the store first

Anonymous said...

Stuff your bra! argh where art thou?


Anonymous said...

LLA, I completely agree with you about the tought it out tank. It's one of the worst multistrap tops I have ever seen. It's not only unflattering for the bigger girls, since it digs into the flesh in all possible depths.
Lululemon has brought out way too many multi-strap bras and tank lately. Time to come up with something new.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:48 pm - yes! Digging in at all levels. That is what happened to me in the Super Sport tank. The three hook bra strap - the workhorse part of the tank - pushed my flesh out into that window of the fake bra above it. It was such a lovely look.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have been trying to find reviews on the tough it out tank but it is hard to find any! Do you know if the tank bra runs small or large or TTS?