Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mail Day: Space Dye Twist Cosmic Teal Multi Wunder Under Crops (With Color Combos), Deep Navy Cool Racerback, and Space Dye Twist Regal Plum Alarming Define

This was my lululemon mail for the week - the Space Dye Twist Regal Plum Alarming Define (so pretty in person), Deep Navy Cool Racerback, and Luxtreme Space Dye Twist Cosmic Teal Regular Wunder Under Crops. Unlike other SDT Crops the stripe have been lining up on every pair I've seen posted on social media. The material is not as soft and thick as the luon version but it's still nicely opaque and very breathable. Though I thought they'd be too bright to keep they're very fun and I am leaning towards keeping them. The Deep Navy Cool Racerback feels a like like the Heathered Fatigue CRB - on the thin and scratchier side. The color is very pretty so I'm hoping it softens with washing. I am leaning towards keeping this one, too.

Some people are having trouble deciding what colors to wear with the Cosmic Teal bottoms so I thought I'd post a few combos.

I really like how Alberta Lake looks with these so I'm hoping for some pretty tops in Forage Teal and Fuel Green. Caspian Blue looked decent with these, too. Pistachio was decent for a very bright combo.

The yellowy greens like Clear Mint, Split Pea, Tree Frog, etc. look nice with these. I also liked paler orangey tons like the Flash Light Swiftly. I thought Jeweled Magenta was one of the better 
pinks to pair with these.

Limitless Blue and Aquamarine were super pretty with these.

 Currant, Bleached Coral, Split Pea.

I liked all three of these - Bumble Berry, Angle Blue, and Plum.


Anonymous said...

I ordered both the HT and regular SDCT crops and received them today. The stripes on the HT lined up but the regular rise stripes were way off :-/

Jenny said...

I must have gotten the only pair where the stripes don't match up, but just in the front, the back lines up. I don't mind it terribly, and textured luxtreme is my absolute favorite, so the tags are off and they were worn today. I also love wucIII, they fit me perfectly. I wore with a navy CRB. I'll wear tomorrow for yoga for the true test.

Unknown said...

They look great..I think i may have to pull the trigger ! Does this combo come in the high times pant or just WUC?

Anonymous said...

I love the Bumble Berry, Angel Blue, and Plum most out of all the ones you posted. All 3 look super pretty with them - love!

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - just WUCs right now but I bet WUPS/HT are coming and probably run bottoms.

AlyCat said...

If it comes out in WUPS/HT I am so getting them!
How does the Define Jacket fit once on?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see comparisons LLA.

I saw/felt the deep navy CRB in store today and it's not bad. It did not feel as icky to me as some other recent heathered CRBs. I didn't buy it yet but am thinking about it. Am hoping for some more rulu CRBs.

janine57 said...

I wore angel blue with my striped teal wuc today and a purple wrap looked good ,Bali breeze is pretty ( matchy I know) and sapphire blue would look great!

Anonymous said...

It totally softens up very nicely. I bought the navy one but haven't worn it yet. My heathered Poseidon CRB is my favorite one besides the rulu one. I don't mind having to wash a shirt once for it to get super soft.