Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hong Kong Spoilers

lululemon desert-teal-swiftly-tank

lululemon desert-teal-swiftly-tank
Gorgeous new Desert Teal Swiftly Tank. I think I'll need this one. I'll be curious to see this next to Poseidon.

lululemon desert-teal ebb-to-street-pant
Desert Teal Ebb to Street Pant. I'd love a CRB in this color.

lululemon rain-touch-gator wunder-under-crop

lululemon rain-touch-gator wunder-under-crop
Heathered Rain Touch Gator Green Wunder Under Crops. I might need this if they come in a regular-waist pair.

lululemon herringbone-speed-tights

lululemon fleece speed-tights
Giant Herringbone and Tech Fleece Speed Tight IVs

lululemon bordeaux base-runner-pant
Bordeaux Base Runner Pant

lululemon clouded-dream sup-hat
Clouded Dreams Sup Hat

lululemon forage-teal wunder-under-pant

lululemon forage-teal wunder-under-pant
Forage Teal Menthol Stripe Wunder Unders

lululemon bon-bon-bordeaux cool-racerback
Wee Stripe Bon Bon Bordeaux Cool Racerback. I might have to get this.

lululemon kanto-stripe bordeaux flow y

lululemon mountain-peaks-flow-y
Wine Berry Kanto Stripe and Mountain Peaks Bon Bon Flow Y

lululemon tough-it-out-tank
Flash Tough It Out Tank

lululemon take-it-easy-tank mod-chalky-rose
Mod Chalky Rose Take It Easy Tank


Jessie said...

I am in heaven with this bluesey palletee! Love all these fall teals and blues they have been pumping out. Desert Teal swiftly is sooo pretty!

LuluAddict said...

Agree. The teals are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Can u do a color comparison of Desert Teal and Poseidon? Thx so much. Love all these blue/green colors :)

Unknown said...

Base runners! ❤ please be in the US

Anonymous said...

Love Desert Teal! Agree, need a CRB. I normally don't go for Swiftly tanks because I love CRBs so much but I might have to get that Swiftly too. I may also be after the giant herringbone tech fleece speed tights. Definitely will want the Wee Stripe Bon Bon Bordeaux CRB, please be soft! Also like the look of the Mod Chalky Rose Take it Easy Tank.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I love the desert teal colour and I hope canada gets alot of cute styles in that colour. I also noticed that hong kong got the new fleecy keen jacket III in black and dark fuel, I am hoping for the dark fuel one next upload!

Lululover said...

Desert Teal looks amazing

Unknown said...

Argh. I want every pair of pants and the swiftly tank and CRB. It would be an expensive week for me if I were in Hong Kong right now...