Saturday, October 17, 2015

Comparison: Dark Fuel Green LS and Desert Teal Swiftly Tank to Space Dye Fuel Green, Vintage Green, Poseidon, and Denim Blue.

The new Dark Fuel Green LS Swiftly (on the right) compared to last year's Space Dye Fuel Green. I totally forgot I already had the space dye one when I ordered the new one. I'll be returning the new one since I like space dyes better than solids. The new one definitely reads as a greenish gray.

 Vintage Green (left), Dark Fuel Green (center), and Fuel Green (right).

I also ordered the new Desert Teal Swiftly Tank. Here is it with Poseidon (left) and Fuel Green (right).

 Poseidon (on left) and Desert Teal (on the right).

Desert Teal (left) and Fuel Green (right).

taken without flash

taken with flash
Desert Teal, in the center with Poseidon (right), Fuel Green (right), Blue Denim (lower left) and Vintage Green (lower right).

Blue Denim (left) and Desert Teal (right).

I'm going to keep the Desert Teal tank and will hold out hope for a LS version, too, since it's such a pretty color.

The new Giant Herringbone Pace Rival Crops vs. last year's GH Inspire crops. Like the other Giant Herringbone run bottoms we've seen this year, the stitching is a lot darker than last year's bottoms. I am going to take them to the store to try on with the three-way mirrors and figure out which to keep.


Anonymous said...

LLA, your personal assortment of space dye swiftlys looks beautiful as you have them arranged! Really pretty. And very helpful color comparison.

Anonymous said...

OT- looking for advice on winter run tights. I live in the northeast and am looking for warm tights with phone size thigh pockets. The Toasty Tech Tight is a contender, but I'm not crazy about the seaming. I've been hearing great things about the Speed Tights. Do they usually come out with a crushed version? If so, does anyone have thoughts on which tights are better? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, LLA! This post is super helpful. I'm swooning over your space dye collection, too! I know you are planning to return the Fuel Green but I may actually splurge and order it. That Desert Teal is really pretty, too. For some reason the swiftly tanks don't work on my body, but the SS/LS do so I'm hoping it comes in a LS version.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting it out for the Speed Tight *Tech. If you're in the northeast, skip the *Brushed version unless you like freezing. That said, I believe the Speed Tight *Tech will be more expensive compared to the Toast Tech Tight, despite being the same fabric and very similar (I just prefer the pockets of the Speeds).

Anonymous said...

LLA, did you decide on your pace rival crops? I got them in herringbone and am still mulling it over. I took my usual size, but like some others have experienced, there's some extra fabric in the leg area that's usually not an issue with previous crops (i.e. the inspire crop) Any idea whether the herringbone print seems to be running a wee bit looser in the knee area?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:48 pm - I took them back. I didn't love them that much more than my Herringbone Inspires. I have thick legs so didn't notice any looseness in the knee but the legs do fit larger than Inspires.

Anonymous said...

Thanks LLA! I actually took mine back too before i had a chance to see your response. Did anyone notice that the company is now asking for your full name when you return an item? Guess they're starting to keep track of returns and shopping habits,etc....

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did you find the herringbone speed tights to be less textured and soft this year and more of a print .. ?