Friday, October 23, 2015

Bon Bon Warrior Scarf, Flash Cyber Stripe Wunder Unders, and More

lululemon bon-bon warrior-scarf

Some beautiful scarf photos from the Fresno store were posted this morning - Gorgeous photos of the Bon Bon/Bordeaux Warrior Scarf. I'm not a scarf person but this photos makes me want to get this.

lululemon vinyasa drop-it-ike-it's-hot-tight
Credit: Credit:
Silver Spoon terry Vinyasa with with a Kanto Catch Me LS and Drop It Like It's Hot Tights.

lululemon tight-stuff-tight
Credit: Credit:

lululemon kanto-catch-me-half-zip tight-stuff-tight
Credit: Credit:
Bundle Up Scarf, Tight Stuff Tights, and Kanto Catch Me Half Zip.

lululemon painted-animal-speed-tights
Painted Animal Speed Tights, Go the Distance Vest, and the Reflective Kanto Catch Me LS (I think, though it could be the Mesh With Me LS). I have to chuckle since this is from my local stores and it was probably in the mid-60s when they took these photos.

lululemon on-the-double-pullover gather-and-crow

lululemon on-the-double-pullover gather-and-crow

lululemon on-the-double-pullover gather-and-crow

lululemon herringbone gather-and-crow
On the Double Pullover and Herringbone Gather and Crow Crops.

lululemon cyber-stripe flash wunder-under
Menthol What the Sport SS and Flash/Menthol Cyber Stripe Wunder Under Crops 

lululemon bon-bon-mountain-peaks-tracker-shorts
Bon Bon Mountain Peaks Tracker Shorts, Bon Bon Swiftly, and the Warrior Scarf.


elliekoleen said...

So fun seeing my photos from the Fresno store on your site!

Alyssa Jobs said...

Sorry if this comes up again, I tried to comment from my phone but it didn't confirm I made a comment. Is the menthol what the sport tee only available over seas right now? It's a beautiful color!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but can't do those aweful crow crops...... always hated them don't know why i hate them so much but i do and now they are back..... yuk!!!! wish they would do a cool long short above the knee body skimming not tights, but actual shorts ! The design teem needs to look into this i think a ton of us would love that, especially us 40ish that don't always loveour thighs showing but want shorts for staying cool, would love this wish wish wish.

LuluAddict said...

@Elliekoleen - I updated the post with a link to your website. Thanks for commenting in!

Anonymous said...

Love the ladies in the scarves.. Very cute! I noticed when I walked by my local Athleta today, their windows were sporting a new color and it is very similar to bordeaux. Shameless copycats!

Anonymous said...

Hey, LLA. I'm new to OC and was wondering where it is they are running in the OC store photo? Do you know? Thanks :)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:11 pm - I'd say it's the Newport Back Bay loop.

I usually park off Eastbluff, off Jamboree and head in that way. However, there is an interpretive center on the other side that has real bathrooms (as opposed to portapotties) nearby. It's very pretty but you do have to compete with cyclists for the trails.

I love to run along the paths at the beach. I usually do long runs at Huntington Beach. I park at Edison Community Park in Huntington Beach and head down Magnolia until I hit the beach, about .75 miles, and then head north up and past the pier, which is about about mile 3 from the park. There are water fountains and bathrooms every 0.1 mile or so until you hit the pier and then they are further apart.

Luli Designs said...

I am also wondering if the menthol what the sport tee has been see only over seas? I would live to get this one!

Anonymous said...

LLA - anon 6:11 pm here. Thank you so much for the info! The area seems to have so many great spots for running but I was never sure where to go!

Anonymous said...

Do you think we will see the heathered desert teal in a crew, scoop or long sleeve swiftly?

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:45

OMG! Someone else is using a burgundy color for fall clothing?! STOP THE PRESSES! COPYCATS!!!!!!!
*eye roll*

I know it's trendy on this blog to trash Athleta but there's a lot to be said for their online shopping experience working correctly all the time every time, not needing to do bend tests in 17 different kinds of angles/lighting to ensure the clothes aren't see-through, and a sane return policy. I shop at both places, but the snobbery of Lulu's clientele alone is enough to push me more into the Athleta camp.

P.S. Wasn't Lulu getting called out repeatedly recently for their stirrup pants shamelessly ripping off Alo?

Karin said...

Love the Bon Bon Warrior Scarf, so pretty, but too pricey for me. Also, those pastel easter egg wunder unders??? No thanks! I think even my 10 year old niece would think she's too old to wear stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

5;18 Athleta is known to rip off lulu.


Anonymous said...

Actually I tried a bunch of bottoms at athleta and most of them were sheer and ill fitting. I wear a lulu two and tried athletes xxs, xs, and even s and they were all sheer. So you can be all defensive because you probably work for them but athleta is crappy and poor fitting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, companies copy each other. Everybody does it. As I mentioned in my last post, Lulu was called out for ripping off Alo.

@ anon 3:45pm
Figured you'd accuse me of working for Athleta. How predictable. I'm an employee of "the enemy" if I don't drink the kool-aid? LOL. I don't have words for how dumb it is to accuse a company of copying because they used the color BURGUNDY. In the FALL.
Go ahead and provide me some proof of Athleta's alleged sheerness, if you would. LLA has already helpfully provided evidence of LLL's several times over on this blog. I own a number of pairs of pants from Athleta and have never had an issue, whereas I stopped buying pants from LLL altogether because the constant returns were just not worth the hassle.

Julie Blanks said...

I have them... I'm 34.