Friday, September 18, 2015

What We Love is Back!!!

lululemon anahatasana-ls-tee

Ooh! I might need this. Hopefully, it isn't as paper thin as the Circadian tops.

lululemon bordeaux-wunder-under-crop
Pretty Bordeaux Wunder Unders.

lululemon wunder-under-pant-restored

Hmm, a two-tone Wunder Under Pant. I have no interest in these.
lululemon love-tee
 Bordeaux Love Tee

lululemon sunset-savasana-pullover
 Merino Sunset Savasana Pullover in Wine Berry.

lululemon scuba-hoodie-iii
Cherry Cheetah Terry Scuba III. This might be kind of cute. I need to keep an eye out for it.
lululemon straight-up-bra

New print called Painted Animal Menthol/Black.
lululemon savasana-softshell


Sara said...

The two toned wunder unders are very barre inspired. Very much like the Alo Goddess legging, which people have been saying they like better than Lulu. I can see girls wearing these to my barre classes.

Anonymous said...

I want that white tank!!

Anonymous said...

I tried on the Scuba III in store and it was a disappointment. Didn't feel anything like a scuba and definitely not worth the price. Hope they make more scuba II's in vibrant solid colors.

Lululover said...

I'm waiting for Fluffing awesome vest in gray that got uploaded somewhere overseas. Not loving anything else here

Emma said...


Me too! I'm in Canada and have been wanting that vest so much for fall. Unfortunately, it's already cold enough for me to need it.

Anonymous said...

Yes! It's completely Alo Yoga - LL seems just copied the successful product . Alo has released the first ones at least a year ago and now they have them in dozens of colors and combos .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very boring

Anonymous said...

I'd rather buy the two-toned leggings from Alo. Nothing interests me this week, though it's great to have WWL back in action!

carrie said...

agreed. i have the goddess legging and they are fantastic. you can also get them at nordstrom (here's to great return policies!)

Anonymous said...

Alo Godess leggings rock! I love them for yoga better than wunder unders.
Even cool for just lounging around and sizing is good too. (I don't work for Alo - just love wearing them).:-)

Alyssa Jobs said...

The blue top looks great, I want that one! Where is the what we love section on the website? Couldn't find it . . .