Tuesday, September 8, 2015



The Stressless Hoodie is back (US).

lululemon-coast-camo wunder-under-pant
Coast Camo Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise (US)


lululemon-bhakti-yoga-jacket cranberry
The US got the Bhakti Yoga Jackets. I like the pique one but want to try this on in the store. I've never loved the fit enough to get one.

lululemon-laser-cut-define bordeaux-drama
Laser Cut Define in Bordeaux.

lululemon circadian-tank

lululemon circadian-ss-cranberry
The US got the Circadian Tanks and Tees. These look nice but I want to try them in the store.

lululemon find-your-mantra-henley

lululemon find-your-mantra-henley
The Find Your Mantra Henleys are cute but too pricey at $108.

lululemon coast-camo-scuba

lululemon washi-weave-scuba
A couple of non-compelling Scuba IIs were uploaded - Coast Camo and Washi Weave.

lululemon super-sport-tank
I'm really curious to try the Super Sport Tank but I'll wait to see it in the store.

lululemon 1x-a-lady-jacket

lululemon 1x-a-lady-jacket
Canada got the 1X A Lady jackets.

lululemon laser-cut wunder-under-crop bordeaux
Bordeaux Lasser Cut Wunder Under Crops (CAN)

lululemon bordeaux-swiftly
Bordeaux Swiftly SS

lululemon cherry-cheetah-energy-bra
Cherry Cheetah Energy Bra (CAN)

lululemon cranberry-swiftly-ls
Cranberry Swiftly LS (CAN). The color is pretty but the print kills it for me.

lululemon free-to-be-wild-bra naval-cyber-stripe
Naval Blue Cyber Stripe Free to Be Bra (CAN)

lululemon jet-crop-slim naval-ghost-dot
Deep Navy Ghost Dot Jet Crop Slims Luxtreme

lululemon luxtreme-high-times naval-blue
Deep Navy High Times Luxtreme

lululemon sup-hat dramatic-static

 Dramatic Static Sup Hat

lululemon drop-it-like-it's-hot

lululemon drop-it-like-it's-hot
New Drop It Like It's Hot Pant (CAN)

lululemon speed-tight-gator
Gator Speed Tights

lululemon ghost-dot go-the-distance-short
Ghost Dot Go the Distance Shorts.

lululemon ghost-dot pace-rival-skirt
Ghost Dot Pace Rival Skirt

lululemon inspire-crop mini-pop-inspire
Mini Pop Inspire Crops

lululemon naval-tracker-short
Naval Blue Regal Plum Tracker Short

lululemon coco-pique skinny-groove
Coco Pique Skinny Grooves

lululemon bordeaux-drama pace-rvial
Night Fall Reflective Bordeaux Pace Rival Crops. These are super pretty but very pricey at $118.

lululemon pace-rival regal-plum-space-dye-twist
I really like these Ultra Violet Space Dye Twist Pace Rivals (CAN). These don't any mesh in the back.

lululemon race-to-place-hat gator-night-fall
Gator Night Fall Reflective Race to Place Hat. I think the reflective dots really make this hat.

lululemon speed-tight coast-camo
Coast Camo Speed Tights

lululemon sunset-salutation-tank
Sunset Salutation Tank (US)

lululemon twist-bra-long-line
Twist Bra Long Line in Grapefruit

I didn't get anything today - did you?


Anonymous said...

I got the stress less hoodie in Bordeaux drama. This was one of my fav pieces last year! So glad it is back.

Anonymous said...

If those reflective Pace Rivals make an appearance in black, I'm all over them! Why not BD? Because I have nothing to match it.

Beth said...

Interested in the henley but the price!

Unknown said...

Can anyone comment on the fit of the 1x a lady jacket?

Anonymous said...

Feeling very underwhelmed by everything Canada got. Nothing I really HAD to have. Like the Henley but wow $108 is just kind of unjustifiable, like is it really THAT GOOD? meh. Definitely waiting until I end up in the city and can use my R&D discount on items at least. All these super high prices I think may have cured me from my "addiction" (husband does a dance) hehe

Anonymous said...

I bought the herringbone Define jacket this week. I saw it on the Canadian website a couple weeks ago and have been anxiously waiting for it to upload to the US!

Chezhire71 said...

Nada. Would've been interested in seeing the US getting the Ultra Violet Space Dye Twist Pace Rivals, but the stripes clearly do not line up across the bum so, easy pass for me.

Sophie said...

The US got herringbone and Gator Cyber Stripe defines. I've only ever tried one define (blue denim) and I hated the fit, but I've been told it was because of the fabric. So I ordered both of these to try. We shall see!

Anonymous said...

Pace Rival Crops reflective nightfall! Love at 1st sight. And the twist bras

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 7:17, my addiction is long gone and my husband also did a happy dance. Hard to have an addiction when Canada doesn't get anything anyway.

Unknown said...

I saw many of these pieces at my local Lulu over the week-end and I really liked the Washi Weave Scuba II in person so I bought it! I have the restless PO's from last year..The Henleys looks nice but not at $108 and I like the Pace Rivals in the Ultra Violet Space Dye Twist that Canada got..Hope to snag those here in the states at some point.
I also think it's interesting that the speed tights stayed $108 considering the new pricing structure on pants seems to be $118 and above, but I was happy they stayed at 108.
The Mini Pop Inspire crops are also calling my name but I held off. But those are $96 and the Pace Rivals in a similar pattern are $88..Is anyone else confused by this , I don't get it :(

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me. I like the reflective Pace Rival crops but refuse to pay over $100 for a pair of crops. Also interested in the herringbone Define but not sure that I need it.

I'm also mad that Canada continues to get Run Stuff Your Bra colors, while the US has not gotten any new colors in months. I get that there are items that the US gets that Canada doesn't get, but this RSYB snub seems so strange!.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:30 pm - I know. I don't get it either.

Anonymous said...

is the bordeaux laser cut wu crop on the US side? I'm not seeing them and didn't see them when upload came up.

OttawaLuluLover said...

$108 for a Henley shirt is ridiculous! Boolux or not, a basic piece like that shouldn't cost more than $68. They aren't very flattering on the models either.. Is it me or does the seam along the cleavage in the middle look twisted a bit? Shouldn't it lay flat against the skin?

Very little exciting stuff today, but did end up buying the new stuff your bra (still waiting for the cranberry one though.. Stop teasing me, lululemon! I want to give you money!) and the pique bhakti jacket. I tried it on in the store and it looks great!
Thinking about the Navy 1x a lady jacket, but I still have the one from last year in fuel green which I love!!

OttawaLuluLover said...

I'll gladly be your Canadian Angel if you need stuff your bras!

Anonymous said...

@lulu - "I also think it's interesting that the speed tights stayed $108 considering the new pricing structure on pants seems to be $118 and above, but I was happy they stayed at 108." - Actually with the new pricing structure they should be $98...

Anonymous said...

To the commenter asking about the 1x Lady jacket: I have one from last year. I wore it a ton. BUT I live in Southern VA where it rarely gets colder than 40's for winter highs. It really is a light down-filled coat so not that warm if it's colder than that. And it fit like a typical lulu jacket where you could get a light layer like a sweater comfortably underneath, but anything super thick would make the shoulders too tight. Therefore if it was really cold, I had to pull out a different down coat to wear. I ordered my typical size 6 which fit fine. It has a double zipper which I had to open up when sitting down in car, but in general nothing pulled when I was standing/walking.

Anonymous said...

Canada also got a new CRB: digi pixie caspian blue black. I like the look of it but would like to see it in person. We'll see if it makes it to the stores, the CRBs don't always anymore. They do themselves a disservice because if I see it in store maybe I buy it. I won't necessarily care enough to order it on line.

I didn't get anything. Like the s/s bordeaux swiftly. Also the cranberry l/s swiftly but issue with the pattern as well.

Anonymous said...

The henley looks very pretty especially in black but I will be staying away from boolux and the insane price.

Anonymous said...

I got the mini pop stripe inspires in store and love them.

Anonymous said...

@OttawaLuluLover: Did you get Bhakti jacket in your TTS? I have a regular one from last year but I know the pique items tend to run tighter. TIA!

Anonymous said...

I need one for what the sport tees!!! They've dried up in the U.S. They're my favorite tee. Let me know if I can send u anything from here in the U.S. :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me. I bought the camp scuba that came out on the Canadian side last week that I should get in the mail today. I might order the herringbone define that I tried on in my smaller size in store, (they didn't have my size but online does. (It is very thick and super soft warm) However, I am struggling with the $118 price tag. Do I really need to have it? These price hikes are making me very cautious and thinking twice.

June said...

Ugh. So the Cranberry LS Swiftly is gonna be a print and not the usual??? UGH. UGH. UGH.

Anonymous said...

To the person asking about the fit of 1X a Lady - for me it was TTS, at least last year. I have to size up to a 6 in the fluffed up jacked but in the 1X a lady a 4 was what I would want.

Alejandra said...

Just a word of caution to anyone tempted by it, my 1x A Lady jacket from last year ended up ripping along seams and loosing down, which I remember being in a bunch of the reviews as well. I returned it because it was definitely of inferiority quality to other down pullovers and jackets I have from Lulu.

Anonymous said...

Is the US really not going to get anymore stuff your bras? I have been waiting for the cranberry bra but read on a few blog comments that US will no longer get that style.

Anonymous said...

I got the Bhakti Jacket in pique this weekend, and just love it. I stayed with my usual size. It looks cute open or zipped up. Also - I got the Step Lively crops. I had never even looked twice at them but they looked really cute on someone else so that was my inspiration. But - I'm not taking the tags off for 2 weeks because I think they are not very popular, so am hoping they make it to WMTM in black.

OttawaLuluLover said...

@anonymous 4:45 I bought my regular size 10 for the bhakti jacket. I did buy a size up two years ago when they had the baroque blue one, but I ended up returning it because the 12 was just too big.

@alejandra I bought the fuel green 1x a lady jacket and had no problems with it at all! I loved it and am seriously considering the Navy blue one this year! Must have been a quality issue with a batch. It's such a flattering fit and kept me warm during our Ottawa winters!

Unknown said...

What is the price of the 1x a lady jacket?

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Cranberry Bhakti Yoga Jacket, the Cranberry Snake Swiftly LS, and the Wunder Under Crops III in Luon Pique Black Slate. I'm not a fan of snake prints either, but I have the Pipe Dream Blue Snake Swiftly LS and it is so nice - really nice and soft and thick compared to my other Swiftly tops, and the pattern is actually really flattering on too. So, I went ahead and ordered the Cranberry, because I love the colour even though I would prefer it was solid or even Space Dye - the blue snake one I already have looks really great on, so went with this one too. :) Pus, it's not really obvious snake pattern anyway if you ask me... it's hard to tell unless you already know it's supposed to be snake...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the response noses on the 1x a lady! Definitely eyeing up that navy blue!

Unknown said...

I bought the pique jacket yesterday and I found it to be TTS. I really love it! (I ended up with the fatigue one too -- The fatigue sold out fast, but there were quite a few at the Mall of America today for anyone who's looking...)

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me. I'm still pretty turned off by the price hike fiasco. Like many others, I'm going to be even more selective than I already was, especially if I'm considering paying full price. I usually stop in at a local store about once a week - not going to be doing that for awhile, either.

Anonymous said...

LLA, I love that descriptor of the new Scubas: non-compelling indeed!

Anonymous said...