Tuesday, September 29, 2015


lululemon healthy-heart-pullover
lululemon healthy-heart-pullover
lululemon healthy-heart-pullover pique
Sorry to be late with this. A PTA crisis got in the way. Healthy Heart Pullovers are back. I wouldn't mind one of these but I really dislike the look of the elastic band at the bottom.

lululemon bon-bon-energy
Bon Bon Energy Bra. I ordered this.

lululemon pace-rival space-dye-twist
lululemon speed-tight space-dye-twist
Ultra Violet Space Dye Pace Rival and Speed Tight. I debated getting the Pace Rivals but the mismatch of the lines due to all the piecing would bother me. It looks pretty matched up in the Speed Tight photos but in the Pace Rival photos it's all over the place.

lululemon dramatic-static pace-rival
lululemon dramatic-static pace-rival
Canada got Dramatic Static Pace Rivals. The back of this material is white so I don't plan on getting these.

lululemon dramatic-static define jacket
lululemon dramatic-static define jacket
Canada got a Dramatic Static Define. You can see the reverse side of the material in the cuffin photo.

lululemon cranberry all-sport-support-tank

lululemon cranberry all-sport-support-tank
Canada got All Sport Support Tanks in Cranberry and Forage Teal. I hope a CRB is coming in Forage Teal since the All Sport Support Tank doesn't work for me.

lululemon exquisite-crop dramatic-static
Dramatic Static Exquisite Crops (CAN)

lululemon exquisite-crop forage-teal
Forage Teal Exquisite Crops

lululemon barre-none-tank cheetah
We got the Barre None tank. I'll wait to try this in the store.

lululemon kanto-catch-me-ls
The US got the Sapphire Kanto Catch Me LS. I tried the Herringbone and Regal Plum one on last week and really, really liked them. I would have definitely bought the Sapphire or Plum if they had been solid colored. I don't understand why it's been years (like five or six?) since we've gotten a solid colored non-black rulu top. Lululemon had been making print and pattern run bottoms that really need to be paired with a solid. 

lululemon sapphire-scuba-iii
Heathered Sapphire Scuba III (US)

lululemon sea-mist-kanto-catch-me-tank
Sea Mist Kanto Catch Me Tank (US)

lululemon &Go-LS
The US finally got the &Go Everywhere tops.

lululemon lighten-up-bra
The US got some new colors in the Lighten Up bra.

lululemon stuff-your-bra coast-camo
Meanwhile Canada got a new color in the Stuff Your Bra. American customers would really like to know the thought process behind why they are not getting this very popular bra style. As far as I'm concerned it was a lot of money left on the table.

lululemon herringbone-high-times
Herringbone High Times

lululemon turn-around-tights
Canada got Herringbone Turn Around Tights.

lululemon made-to-layer-ls
 Made to Layer LS

lululemon space-dye-twist-define
The US got the Regal Plum Space Dye Define. 

lululemon washi-weave-vest
Canada got a Washi Weave Fluffin Awesome Vest

lululemon free-to-be-wild-bra
Sapphire Free to Be Wild Bra (US)

lululemon drop-it-like-its-hot tight
Sapphire Drop It's Like It's Hot Tight (US)

lululemon girlfriend tee
Girlfriend Tee in Mod Red Grape (US)

lululemon gator-zone-in-crop
Zone In Crops in Gator (US)

lululemon fatigue-all-the-right-places-pant
Fatigue All the Right Places Pant (US)

lululemon resolution-hobo
The Resolution Hobo is back. This is probably my favorite gym bag of the four I own.

lululemon bordeaux-love-tee
Bordeaux Love Tee (US)

lululemon &go-city-jogger
&Go City Jogger

lululemon &go-city-trek
&Go City Trek Trouser

lululemon &go-city-jacket
&Go Destination Hooide

lululemon &go-destination-jacket
&Go Destination Jacket

lululemon &go-city-skort
 &Go City Skort

lululemon &go-where-to-dress
&Go Where-To Dress

lululemon &go-where-to-skirt
&Go Where To Skirt

Just the Bon Bon Energy bra for me tonight. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I would like to know why we almost never get any of the beautiful colors and prints of the Stuff Your Bras. After they changed the All Sport bra to adjustable, the Stuff Your Bra became my new favorite. But I hate that we rarely get interesting colors. Boo!

3crazykids said...

Bought the herringbone Kanto Catch Me long sleeve last week and ended up returning it because the hem above the hand became super baggy when my thumbs were in the thumbholes. Maybe just me because I haven't seen any other feedback saying this.

Unknown said...

The Resolution Hobo was uploaded on the US side too, right? Isn't it the exact one from last holiday season black with the same print inside? I am seeing a lot of pieces that are carry overs from last season..like the black heart opener scarf.cotton..I own this exact one from last season..Do you think this was just extra product stuck at the ports?
I didn't get anything this time but purchased the Heathered Sapphire Scuba III and love it..I am really preferring this Scuba over my many older model scubas and am starting to pair down by selling the older versions on eBay :)

Anonymous said...

We either never get the stuff your bra or they don't go up to a 12, which I need. I know I'm enormous per Lulu standards but the decreasing number of tops offered in a 12 makes me sad.

I got the healthy heart and sunset savasana. I love my pique healthy heart from last year and I don't know if I'll keep the sweater but I was lusting after it on foreign sites. Tried on the skirt in store but I need to size up to a 12 and don't actually need it.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:10 pm - I feel your pain on the lack of tops in a 12. I don't get it. No reason the new Sunset Salutation tank can't come in a 12.

Anonymous said...

Sunset Savasana, Love Tee, and Fluffin' Awesome for me. Can anyone comment on the herringbone HT? I'm concerned about sheerness and if they'll show "imperfections" but I love the look of them

kas said...

I tried both the pace rivals and speed tights in store today in the new print and you are correct that the pace rivals did not match up but the speed tights do. I went with the speeds for that reason and I am a total sucker for textured Luxtreme. Hope that helps! Also bought sapphire scuba 3 and black healthy heart since it was the softest of 3 colors in store.

Lululover said...

I got &go dress in hearhered black and Define with polka dots.

LuluAddict said...

@kas - I was a little tempted by the Speed Tights but I really like the Regal Plum Space Dye twist over the UV. If Pace Rivals come in that version of space dye I might have to get them, misaligned seams and all.

Chezhire71 said...

Nada. Would've ordered the Herringbone High Times but really dislike the looks of dark seams running down crotch, rear and sides of legs.
Shouldn't have used that darker contrasting seam, Lulu.

Emma said...

Sizing grievances go both ways. I was really looking forward to the Fluffin Awesome vest, but Canada didn't get size 2 in them. I'll probably order the size 4 to try, but not holding my breath. Carrying size 2-12 in all items isn't asking too much!

Anonymous said...

Loving Forage Teal - really hoping we'll see a CRB in this, and also that it will come in 2s and 12s. Why are so many CRBs not available in 2s and 12s in Canada but are available in other countries? I don't get this reasoning sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the banded bottom hems either. They always ride up on me and look terrible.

Lululover said...

It's very roomy ,. I usually size up in non stretchy jackets/vests and got it in a size 6 and now thinking I should order my TTS 4 instead

Anonymous said...

Emma - I completely agree! I'm so disappointed when something I really like and wear in a size 2 is unavailable. Lulu makes it so hard and it's so frustrating for those of us who wear 2s and 12s.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I would love a gratitude wrap or bahkti jacket in forage teal!

Anonymous said...

Well I personally love the elastic bottom on the healthy heart! It helps hide my tummy and flatters me!

Anonymous said...

US also got the Forage Teal Exquisite Crops

Anonymous said...

Love the forage teal, hope to see it in a CRB and some nice rulu tops. Liking bonbon as well. Agree on healthy heart pu, they lose me with the waistband. Disliking all of the shiny outwear items.

Spending less and less on LLL is actually a great thing. Words they don't want to hear but they absolutely do not get it - case in point on sizing and items NA never gets and just a lot of ugly designs.

Anonymous said...

All the &go stuff will &go straight to wmtm...smh

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:56 am - thanks

@lulu - thanks!

@Emma - true. Lots of 2s complaining they're not getting items, too.

@ anon 7:12 am - except for maybe the dress and skirt which people seem to be liking. The prices are too high on everything else.

Anonymous said...

The heathered fabric in the &Go line makes it look rather cheap in my opinion. The skirt would be a great basic piece to have in solid black, inkwell or teal. I'm sick of getting these cheap looking & similar style items shoved down my throat at the extreme prices.

LuluAddict said...

Yeah, I don't understand why we keep getting heathered and striped rulu fabrics. It's been that way for years now and I'm bored with them all. Check out the Ivivva site - there is a gorgeous solid Kayak Blue Rulu top. For some reason Ivivva gets the solid rulus and the colored herringbones/piques. Very stupid.

Anonymous said...

OT: Has anyone seen the Sapphire Go the Distance jacket in Canadian stores??? I am "impatiently" waiting for it to show up in the upload but am starting to lose hope. My local store doesn't have it yet but wondering if any others do!!

Anonymous said...

No stuff your bra again. I haven't been able to figure out why lulu doesn't just have those on all the sites, they are a staple. I have 3 and wear them all the time, they are better support for me than the energy. I did not order a thing. Sale run crops and 2 tanks from sweaty betty.


Unknown said...

I feel you ladies on the lack of Stuff Your Bras. Personally I'm pissed that there are no new Ta Ta Tamer for the third week in a row. And Australia has great colors which should be on the US site. Argh!

LuluAddict said...

@Unknown - agree about the lack of TTTs. I'm dying to pull the trigger on a new TTTIII but only in a cute color.