Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Anahatasana LS tee. I like the looks of this one but am concerned it's as paper thin as the Circadian LS.

lululemon forage-teal
New color coming - Forage Teal, shown here in Light As Air hipsters. I'm looking forward to this in other things.

lululemon sunset-savasana-sweater

lululemon sunset-savasana-sweater

lululemon sunset-savasana-sweater

lululemon sunset-savasana-sweater
Merino Wool Sunset Savasana Sweater (CAN). 
Track to Reality Ultra Violet Washi Weave

lululemon wild-tank
Wine Berry/Mini Pop Stripe Wild Tank

lululemon regal-plum-crb
The US got the Regal Plum Cool Racerback. I'm pretty sure this CRB is rulu and not light luon.

lululemon sapphire swiftly-ls
lululemon sapphire swiftly-tank
Sapphire Swiftly LS and Tank.

lululemon savasana-softshell-jacket
Fatigue Savasana Softshell Jacket.

lululemon kanto-catch-me-ls
Wee Stripe Kanto Catch Me LS

lululemon stirrup-wunder-under-pant herringbone

lululemon stirrup-wunder-under-pant mountain-peaks-forage-teal

lululemon stirrup-wunder-under-pant mountain-peaks-forage-teal
lululemon stirrup-wunder-under-pant
Stirrup Wunder Under Pants. New print called Mountain Peaks Forage Teal revealed.

lululemon run-and-done-toque
Regal Plum Run and Done Toque

lululemon coco-pique vinyasa
Coco Pique Vinyasa

lululemon ultra-violet wunder-under-pant

Reversible Ultra Violet Wunder Under Pant

lululemon love-tee-bordeaux
Bordeaux Love Tee II (CAN)

lululemon bordeaux-wunder-under-crop
Bordeaux Wunder Under Crop

lululemon fluffin-vest

lululemon fluffin-awesome-jacket
Fluffin Awesome Vest and Jacket

lululemon amala-tank fatigue
Gator Amala Tank

lululemon coast-wrap
Naval Blue Coast Wrap

lululemon super-high-times
Super High Times Pant

This upload definitely wasn't worth losing sleep over (it showed up on the app around 11:45 pm PST last night, not sure when it showed up on the desktop website). The only think I was looking for was the Deep Navy Cool Racerback that Canada got last week, so nothing for me.

Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Got nothing, the second week in a row. And, I went into the store yesterday to see the items up close and I was majorly disappointed. Everything was cheap looking, they have just been remaking the same old items and it's over and done. Sick to DEATH of camo, can we please end that trend?
The website issues are the last straw, I'm done. The price changes recently and the website problems compounded with the cheap looking items really have turned me off.

AmyT said...

I got the Fluffin' Awesome jacket in black, in both sizes 4 and 6. Not sure how it fits. Anyone know details about this jacket? Thin? Thick? TTS? Worth the money? If I don't love it 100%, it's going back.

Anonymous said...

is the bordeaux love tee canada only? would love it but can't find it on the US site.
thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing great at all. Hate the two-toned pants. Will pass on everything.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:42 am - yes, it's Canada only.

Deb said...

I ordered two Coast Wraps; the Naval Blue and the Sand. I already have Heathered Black and love it, so only intend to keep one of them. I don't love a two-toned look, so I couldn't be sure from the pics which I'd prefer. I love Forage Teal - CRB or Rulu LS please! Re the Sunset Sasavana sweater - is it really too much to ask that we be able to see what the sweater looks like buttoned in the back? There isn't one shot that shows this - I checked all the colours. The pics continue to get worse.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so pretty!! Really hope the US gets the sunset savasana sweater! The new forage green screams Autumn, cozy fires, and hot cocoa :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me but that's ok, I don't like to buy every week anyway!

My dog woke me up at 12:40 Mtn time so I actually saw the upload then. The only thing I would have gotten was the ghost dot run cap but it's not here in the US yet.

Rise and Shine said...

Only tempted by the Gator Green Fluffin' Awesome, but I really don't need another jacket. But... I love Gator Green. We'll see. $228 isn't horrible, but if it's something you don't really need, it's a lot...

Anonymous said...

I didn't get anything either. like 8:29 said a lot of the new lulu gear is cheap looking. I went to the Union Square NYC store last night after my run and I saw the fluffin vests and jackets and they look like they will fall apart from light wear.
Also lulu just keeps putting lots of stuff out and never really changing the colors, this has been going on for years.
Teal is the only color I've seen in a while that is new, I pretty much come to this site to see what people have to comment on, it's entertaining.


LuluAddict said...

@M - I really wish they'd put out some colored herringbone and pique tops/bottoms. I stocked up on a lot of black and gray pique/herringbone last year so I don't need the same material in a differently styled long sleeve or pants.

Lululover said...

I haven't ordered anything yet. Thinking about Fluffing awesome jacket or vest in camo. I saw the jacket at the stow when I went to Canada and the pattern is very subtle. But they didn't have my size, I was waiting for fluffing awesome vest in gray washi weave, but no luck. Not sure if it'll show up here in the U.S. . Also considering HT in sapphire and brushed WUP. I wish they HT bc of bunching at my ankles but oh well

lulubell said...

I agree with M. It starting to be SSDD every upload. I already have a grey, black, off-white and navy sweater, sweatshirt, coat, long sleeve about some colors? I'd love a purple sweater or red or pink. Something, anything with color.

I kind of like the Track to Reality pant in UV, but I'm not about to pay $118 +tax.
Maybe I'll catch it on MD.

Lululover said...

LLA: same here! I used to have purple herringbone jacket from years ago, it was very pretty ! I sold it though, thinking there'll be more.

June said...

When oh when oh when is the LS swiftly in Cranberry coming out!?!?!??!?!?! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Unknown said...

I ordered the violet space-dye High Times, but if the Speed Tights with that pattern hit the U.S. the HTs willl be going back. I was hoping to see the Bordeaux Turn-Arounds that Canarda got last week, but no dice. Overall, it was a very blah night for me, which is good because I'm trying to be a little more selective. ('Trying...')

Anonymous said...

@Deb, I bought two of them in store last night. Love them, but buttoned up they look stupid. The material buches in the back. That's why they don't show it buttoned up. However, for me, I had no intention of wearing them that way so it was a non-issue....

Unknown said...

Australia has all of the products I want. Is there any way to order from Australia? Upload was so disappointing again! I might have given the two tone WUP a try if they hadn't sold out of my size during the 6.5 hours I was sleeping and not stalking the broken website!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Lulu finally caught on to the two-tone, leg warmer look that Alo yoga has been killing it with. I wondered how long it would take them to come out with something similar.

I like Lulu for the fact that I can go to my local shopping mall and try stuff on — I'm tired of ordering online to receive things that look different than expected — but it's just so not exciting. More color! And their prices are getting crazy.

LuluAddict said...

@Unknown - you have to find an Austalian angel or a drop ship service that will forward packages on to your location.

Anonymous said...

I did not know about the upload issues and as usual would not care because I do not wait on uploads or look that much.

They started losing most of my business about two years ago. It is not hard at all to shop LLL less. I check on line and am in the store less and less. They can keep their &GO type vision, unappealing designs and mesh etc. The model photos jumping around, looking down, are obnoxious and also useless--obscuring the clothes--so it makes it so much easier to not look at their website. Plainly silly and non-empowering marketing, and increasing prices on items (as they continue to lose loyal customer business) only adds to my buying even LESS now. I am absolutely not the sucker who is going to continue to pay $10 more on items as the years and months go buy. Although I know others will--I can see the day of $150 WU's. I find it fascinating that this brand's current management does not get it. Of course quality is worse - more production = less quality. I'm sure they do think, however, these nuts will always pay for ever increasing prices, so will continue to raise them. It's a wasteful company. Instead of being associated with quality now, they just churn out quite a bit of crap that is not even wanted on wmtm.

Anonymous said...

I just got the regal plum CRB in hopes that it's rulu. They have been turning out some things that are not appealing, it's great for my budget. I wish they'd go back to the basics, beautiful functional and quality clothing in pretty solid colors. I'm just feeling glad that I have a pretty good collection of older lulu that's in excellent condition so I don't really feel like there's anything I "need"