Tuesday, September 1, 2015

UK Spoilers

lululemon-coast-camo wunder-under-crop

lululemon-coast-camo wunder-under-crop
Wunder Unders in Deep Navy Mini Coast Camo. I think I'm over camo now.

lululemon-herringbone wunder-under-crop
White Herringbone High Times

lululemon space-dye-twist wunder-under-crop
Space Dye Twist Ultraviolet High Times

lululemon sapphire-wunder-under-crops
Sapphire Blue Wunder Under Crops

lululemon sapphire-scuba-iii

lululemon sapphire-scuba-iii french
Heathered Sapphire French Terry Scuba III

lululemon space-dye-twist define
Regal Plum Space Dye Twist Define Jacket

lululemon bordeaux-drama-cool-racerback
Heathered Bordeaux Drama Cool Racerback. I might need this.

lululemon space-dye-twist power-y

lululemon space-dye-twist wunder-under-crop
Regal Plum Space Dye Twist Power Y and Wunder Under Crops

lululemon space-dye-twist speed-tight

lululemon space-dye-twist speed-tight
Ultraviolet Space Dye Twist Speed Tights

lululemon coast-camo speed-tight

lululemon coast-camo speed-tight
Deep Navy Coast Camo Speed Tights

lululemon ultraviolet go-the-distance-jacket

lululemon ultraviolet go-the-distance-jacket
lululemon sapphire go-the-distance-jacket

lululemon sapphire go-the-distance-jacket

lululemon go-the-distance-jacket cherry-cheetah
New colors and prints in the Go the Distance jacket - Ultraviolet Big Washi Weave print, Sapphire Blue, and Cherry Cheetah Dark Slate. I bought the black Go the Distance last week and really like it.

lululemon windy-blooms-energy-bra

lululemon windy-blooms-energy-bra
Sapphire Windy Blooms Energy Bra

lululemon kanto-catch-me jacket
lululemon kanto-catch-me jacket

lululemon-kanto-catch-me jacket

lululemon kanto-catch-me jacket

lululemon kanto-catch-me jacket
Interesting new Kanto Catch Me run jacket made of rulu and glyde. I definitely want to try this on.

lululemon kanto-catch-me tank windy-blooms
Windy Blooms Kanto Catch Me Tank

lululemon gym-to-win duffel
Gym to Win Duffel in Wine Berry

lululemon sea-mist-power y
Sea Mist Power Y

lululemon namaskar-pant

lululemon namaskar-pant sapphire
Windy Blooms and Sapphire Namaskar Crops

lululemon in-the-flow-crop

lululemon in-the-flow-crop
Sapphire and Slate In the Flow Crops

lululemon cherry-cheetah groove-short
Cherry Cheetah Ultraviolet/Naval Blue Groove Shorts. This print looks Ivivva-ish to me.

Kanto Catch Me Bra

lululemon all-the-right-places-crop fatigue

lululemon all-the-right-places-crop bordeaux
Fatigue and Bordeaux All the Right Places Crop

lululemon all-the-right-places-pant cranberry
Cranberry All the Right Places Pant

lululemon align-pant
NuLu Align Pants in Black/Flash Light

lululemon zone-in-tight
Deep Coal Zone In Tights

lululemon tight-stuff-tight

lululemon tight-stuff-tight
Tight Stuff Tights in Scratch Match Print.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the new photography styling, but everything looks so blah. And yes, I'm over camo as well.

Katrina said...

I'm so screwed. Off to list my house.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:03 am - Nothing is calling that strongly to me, either.

Anonymous said...

i feel the same as you guys. nothing pops or makes me excited.


Anonymous said...

I love the Sea Mist Power Y. So pretty! And I would also love to try on the Kanto Run Catch Me Jacket. It looks really nice.

Sophie said...

The Kanto Catch Me Run jacket looks interesting, but again it's only water resistant which is of limited usefulness. I liked the curved lines on it though.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if anyone in the UK even buys this stuff with the ridiculous exchange rates! How does LLL get away with charging 98GBP for pants that are 98USD (or worse still, CA)!! I know a while back there was a post on their FB page about it which I followed to see if there would be any response, but there wasn't. Someone was 'looking into it' but no response was ever given.

Deb said...

Oh, I love the Sapphire Go The Distance Jacket. Could you comment on the fit of yours? I'm an 8-10, but tend to prefer 10s in most jackets. I size up to a 12 for In Flux Jackets and Scuba IIs. Any thought on whether this is TTS or a size up jacket?

lulu said...

I went to My Local Lulu pant event this AM...Very fun vibe. I was able to try all the new pants including the Tight Stuff Tights..which I really liked but they were $148..Maybe because of the reflective material at the bottom and I am wondering if the Scratch Match will be $128..I also tried the All The Right Places crop and pant..pant is $128, crop is $118..I really liked them and they remind me a little of the speed tights but for the many seams they have they were actually very comfortable and flattering..I bought the crop in the all black. I also really liked the NuLu fabric and the Align pant that was made with this material..they also came home with me and are $98. I stayed with my TTS in all the styles..even the super compressive Tight Stuff Tights I stayed TTS .

Anonymous said...

Any idea on when some of these items will be available on the US site, particularly the space dye high times pants? Most of it isn't calling to me, but I do like those.

Anonymous said...

Felt NuLu today at a store and it feels like BUTTER. I am in love.

Anonymous said...

Upload in Canada is on website now...

Anonymous said...

That camo print is pretty nice. Much better alternative to snake print.

Jennifer Turner said...

Bad girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the Canadian stuff available to the U.S.?

Manila Ice said...

I do buy Lululemon here in UK but tend to wait until it's on wmtm or sale in store. If I don't get it then it wasn't meant to be. I buy full price if I have received vouchers from birthdays etc.
I agree the prices are extremely high but they are in line with other high Luxe Athleisure brands such as "Sweaty Betty" and higher end Nike pieces.
The positioning of their stores in London is interesting as they are either in tourist high foot traffic areas or more affluent high streets/shopping areas.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what pattern is on the inside of the waistband in the new Naval Blue Pace Rival Crops? I can't tell from the online pictures. I'm interested in them (especially with the price decrease) so long as there are no butterflies or snake prints hiding in there!