Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Special Edition Restored Wunder Under Pants, Bundle Up Scarf, Fluffin Awesome Jacket, and More

lululemon-restored-se-wunder-under-pant super-sport-tank


Super Sport Tank and Wunder Under Pant Special Edition *Restored

lululemon-restored-se-wunder-under-pant bundle-up-scarf

lululemon-restored-se-wunder-under-pant bundle-up-scarf

Bundle Up Scarf, Special Edition Restored Wunder Under Pants, and Circadian LS

lululemon-fluffin-awesome-jacket bundle-up-scarf

lululemon-fluffin-awesome-jacket bundle-up-scarf

lululemon-fluffin-awesome-jacket bundle-up-scarf
Fluffin Awesome Jacket, Bundle Up Scarf, and Ebb to Street Pants

lululemon-kanto-catch-me-ls herringbone
Kanto Catch Me LS


Anonymous said...

I don't like the special edition restored WUP - looks like 'faux' legwarmers and I'd rather just wear leg warmers.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love my Kanto Catch Me Long Sleeves! I love the snug and flattering fit (the design details also add so much to the flattering look of this top) and the White Herringbone one is especially soft and cozy feeling.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:28 am - la la la I can't hear you. I don't need another herringbone top, I don't need another herringbone top. ;-)

@ anon 1-:24 am - I agree.

Starfighter said...

Ack, I didn't ever want to see stirrup pants again! That said, if we must have them they should be like the Devi Yoga pants that you can pull down for practice, up for running around.

Anonymous said...

I can't get over what a flat out copy the the SE Restored WUP's are of the Alo Godess leggings. I have always loved lulu because they come up with great prints and unique designs. Totally disappointing.

The bundle up scarf in red is soooo pretty. I'm already cringing at what the price tag will be. My guess is close to $100. I'm going to have to do some good justifications…I'll wear it for many years, great piece to throw on over what I already own, I really want it...

Anonymous said...

agree way too close to goddess.