Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hong Kong Spoilers

lululemon circadian-ss dramatic-static
Dramatic Static Circadian SS. Though I found the Circadian tops very thin I might have to break down and order this.

lululemon dramatic-static-energy-bra

lululemon dramatic-static-energy-bra
Dramatic Static Energy Bra

lululemon dramatic-static-gather-and-sprint-crop
Dramatic Static Gather and Sprint Crop. It looks like the US is never going to get this style.

lululemon dramatic-stirrup-wunder-under-pant
Dramatic Static Stirrup Wunder Under Pants

lululemon coco-pique-kanto-catch-me-ls
Coco Pique Kanto Catch Me LS. I can definitely skip this one since I bought the Coco Pique Race Your Pace LS last year. Lululemon should make some colored herringbone and piques because I'm about stocked up on black and gray versions of these tops.

lululemon painted-animal-bordeaux exquisite-crop
Bordeaux Painted Animal print Exquisite Crops.

lululemon painted-animal-bordeaux speed-tight
Bordeaux Painted Animal Speed Tights

lululemon painted-animal-bordeaux super-squad-short
Bordeaux Painted Animal Super Squad Shorts

lululemon wee-stripe-bordeaux wunder-under-pant
lululemon wee-stripe-bordeaux wunder-under-pant
Wee Stripe Bordeaux/Wine Berry SE Wunder Under Pants. 

lululemon laser-dot-wunder-under-crop
Laser Dot SE Wunder Under crops

lululemon anahatasana-bra
lululemon anahatasana-bra

lululemon anahatasana-bra
Anahatasana Bra

lululemon anahatasana-tee
Anahatasana LS

lululemon anahatasana-tank
lululemon anahatasana-tank
Anahatasana Tank

lululemon barre-none-short

lululemon barre-none-short

lululemon barre-none-short
Barre None Shorts

lululemon meshed-up-shorts
Bordeaux Meshed Up Shorts

lululemon bordeaux-swiftly-ls
Bordeaux Swiftly LS

lululemon dark-fuel-in-flux
Gorgeous Dark Fuel In Flux Jacket. I'm going to need more things in this color.

lululemon bon-bon-stuff-your-bra

lululemon stuff-your-bra

lululemon sapphire-stuff-your-bra
Stuff Your Bras in Bon Bon, Mountain Peaks, and Sapphire

lululemon track-to-reality-pant bordeaux
Bordeaux Track to Reality Pant


Lululover said...

LOVE Anatahanasa tank! Hope it doesn't have a built in bra

Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed US also will receive the Stuff Your Bra in Bon Bon. Such a shame it's not available any longer!!

Anonymous said...

oh no, another Swiftly ruined by that horrible rugby stripe fabric :( really dislike those ones.

However, I like the looks of the Dramatic Static Circadian SS, the Anahatasana LS and the Dark Fuel Green In Flux Jacket :) Now, will these items make it here in Canada or in US? I won't be holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

The Coco Pique Kanto LS is gorgeous too, but like you, I already have the Coco Pique Race Your Pace from last year. ...although, I did get that one a size bigger than I should have and it's a bit too big on me... so maybe this one in the correct size would be justified?! The Coco Pique RYP LS was my first Rulu top from Lulu and after that one I found out that a size smaller fit better and therefore more flattering on me.

Rungirl7 said...

I completely agree!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the green colours but not what they are in.

Those Bordeaux Painted Animal print Exquisite Crops go to the top of the list of most hideous item ever produced. The Barre None shorts in cheetah are awful as well.

dogrunner said...

Barre none shorts are ugly...I bought the laser dot SE WUC a couple of weeks ago and really really like them. Its been a long time since I have loved a pair of lulu pants. They are nice and opaque and for once I didn't have to size up to lessen the sheerness, so they fit great everywhere. One of my stores had all the run stuff your bra's on sale (summer colors) I really love that bra but coming into winter, I can't see using it with long sleeves and zip ups..great new colors though.

Anonymous said...

The Barre None Shorts in the Cherry Cheetah print could not be more unflattering. Even the skinny model can't pull it off without looking a couple sizes bigger than she is. BOOOO!

Anonymous said...

Man I am so jealous of all the pretty colors Hong Kong has in the run stuff your bra. I just bought one of these at Seawheeze and it's become my favorite running bra, then they stopped selling them in the US. What gives? Dark Fuel is a gorgeous color! I hope we see this in other pieces. Also the Barre none shorts straight up look like a diaper to me. You know it's bad when their little 110 lb models have muffin tops in the product photos. What's with all this extra seaming craze? I guess they're trying to be out of the box and edgy with design, but it's so unflattering.

Anonymous said...

I know 9:58 I've been waiting for the stuff your bras. I have to say lulu still tops it with the bras for me.
I tried a few at Sweaty Betty, and had no luck with any of them. the same with Athleta. My favorite at the moment is the stuff your bra.


Starfighter said...

Exquisite Crops - Live long and prosper pants! (Not that it's a bad thing) :p

LuluAddict said...

@Starfighter - totally agree. The waistband looks too futuristic to me.