Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Heathered Fatigue Cool Racerback. I ordered this.

Fatigue Jazzy Snake Wunder Under Crops (US)

Pipe Dream Ace Tank (US)

Alarming SS Swiftly (US)

Sunset Salutation LS (CAN)

Butterfly Texture Beyond Boundaries Pant (CAN)

Superb LS (US)

lululemon-scuba-ii butterfly-texture
Butterfly Texture Scuba II (US)

lululemon-scuba-iii french-terry-butterfly
French Terry Scuba III (US)

lululemon-cranberry pace-rival-skirt
Cranberry Pace Rival Skirt (US)


Gator Cyber Stripe Skinny Groove Pant (US)

Bordeaux Follow Your Bliss Bag (US)

Fluffiest Vest (US)

Fast Paced Run Visor (US)

Cyber Stripe What the Sport Short (US)

Cranberry Wrap It Up Tank (US)

lululemon-cranberry-swfitly tank
 Cranberry Swiftly Tank

Gator Cyber Stripe Wunder Under Pants. These are tempting but I think I'd like them in Wunder Under Crops or High Times better.

Gator Wunder Under Pants. I'd like these in Crops or High Times.

The US got the Go the Distance Half Zips.

 Herringbone Wunder Under Pants (CAN). I bought Herringbone WUPS last year so don't need these.
lululemon-jazzy-snake pipe-dream wunder-under-pant
Pipe Dream High Times in Jazzy Snake (US)

Jeweled Magenta In Flux (US)


 Keep on Track Pant (CAN)


 Lighten Up Bra (US)

Love Tee (US)

Coast Wrap (US)

Naval Blue Scuba III (US)

Open Your Heart LS (CAN)

Pink Lemonade Ta Ta Tamer III 

lululemon-what-the-sport tank
lululemon-what-the-sport tank
Pink Lemonade and Fatigue What the Sport Singlet II

lululemon-pipe-dream sweaty-or-not-bra
 Pipe Dream Sweaty or Not Bra

Sunset Salutation Crop (CAN)

Stillness Pant (US)

Seva Sweater (US)

Sattva Pant (US)

lululemon-run-times jazzy-snake-pipe-dream
Jazzy Snake Run Times (US)

lululemon-rocky-road scuba ii
Rocky Road Scuba II (CAN)

Pizazz Swiftly LS (US)

Sunset Salutation Short (US)


lululemon-sunset-salutation-tank cranberry

 Sunset Salutation Tank

Trail Blazer Crop (US)

 Tie Dye In the Flow Crop (US). I like these but want to try them on in the store.

Butterfly Wrap It Up Tank (CAN)

Just the Fatigue CRB for me today.  Did you get anything today?


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind LLA That I use this space to rant but COME ON Lulu! With these pictures already! 4 pics for the $108 stillness pants? The last pic of the grey pants shows that they CAN cinch at the bottom but can we please see what they look like cinched!? And that same picture it looks like the waist is up to her boobs for crying out loud but we will never know how high they go when not rolled down because they don't give a picture of that! Really? The pics are making me crazy - it's like they are trying to produce art (bad art) instead of putting up pics to sell clothes!

Anonymous said...

I bought the WTS shorts - long - in the cyber stripe. I hope the stripes line up like they do on the model! These shorts would have been great to have for marathon training earlier in the summer, instead of the last week of August.

Anonymous said...

Canada didn't get anything fun:( I would have got the Butterfly fatigue
hoody and heathered CRB. Love the naval blu scuba III. Got the butterfly fatigue bag instead.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:56 pm - I know. I DETEST the new photography, it's pretty useless but I get tired of writing that every upload.

Anonymous said...

Sunset salutation tank looks cute! Has anyone tried it? How does it compare to the wild tank? I like the wild tank on the hanger but it's way too boxy on me.

Unknown said...

Did you happen to notice whether or not other colours of the Open Your Heart LS made it to the Canadian upload? I feel like it's unlikely they sold out so fast....but maybe? Thanks Luluaddict!

Anonymous said...

I got the Sunset Salutation LS in the store today (U.S.). My store is probably a C store, but had all 3 colors...the angel wing?, black and mini stripe barberry?/black.

Love the fabric. Super soft, light weight. It is super comfortable, slim fit. I typically wear an 8 in bra tanks and CRB and a 6 in non-bra tanks. I tried both a 6 and an 8. The shoulders clearly fit better in the 8...the chest is less of an issue b/c of the deep v. The 8 was also less highly to show the fat trying to ooze out of the back of my energy bra! I'm 5'6" 125 lbs and 34C/D. So I would say TTS or one size up. Not a size down item imho. I think the right shoulder size is indicative of the best size. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Lots of "new" items were up last week, too. Are they starting to torture the women like they torture the men with "newish" items?

Liz said...

I gather there's not a lot of love for the Scuba III around here, but I just want to say how much I love the terry version. I bought it last week and it's my favourite thing right now. Something about the terry stretch makes it a great flattering fit on my 'boyish' frame (size 6) and it feels really cozy too. I also like the way the hoodie and collar fall open when I have it zipped up halfway, it looks very apres-ski.

(LLA: sorry if this is a double comment, my computer froze as I was posting earlier and I'm not sure if it went through)

Anonymous said...

Intrigued by the sunset salutation tank...thats about it.

Unknown said...

I too love the gator stripe but would rather get in a crop or high times. My local lulu has a ton of the new stuff last night so I scored a few things I store last night!
I got the go the distance 1/2 zip in the print above, I love it. Also got the fluffiest vest in both the blue plaid combo and the Camo combo... Not sure which I want to keep but will decide. Tried the coast wrap on in the new color above and while I loved the color I just am not crazy that the back of the wrap is shorter than the front. I also got the new pipe dreams high times pant print ... Love the color but debating them since it's a print that is big ;)

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:56 pm - I couldn't have said it better myself! The product pics are so annoying and frustrating I'm not even looking at their website much anymore.

Last week I posted a review for the High Times Pant *Metta that basically said I might want to purchase these if I could actually see what the front of the pants look like... I got 22 out of 24 "helpful" votes because other people are obviously annoyed by them also but LLL pulled my review.

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA and fellow readers,
Anyone know if anything that's out right now meets the following:
- Crop or Pant
- Side pockets that fits iPhone 6
- NO back zipper pocket
- higher rise

I do so many activities, I really like my bottoms to do double-duty. But the photos are so awful lately, I'm confused as to what's what and can't see the product fully.

Thanks so much for your blog and any feedback!!!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:36 pm - I thought a lot of stuff looked familiar - like, why were the sapphire space dye twist WUCs on the What's New page again?

@ anon 7:10 pm - what BS. Relentless feedback on the website and Hey, Lululemon site might finally get through to them. I heard the stores hate the new photos, too.

@Michelle - I only saw one color in ht OYH and I tend to think it's left over stock, just like the Rocky Road Scuba.

@Liz - I bought the Scuba III when I was in Canada to take advantage of the currency delta. It's pretty comfy but not as distinctive as the Scuba II. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet since they temps have been near 90 since I got back.

OttawaLuluLover said...

Bought the butterfly circadian tank in store today. I sized down from my regular 10 to an 8, since it fits pretty loosely. Considering the pink lemonade sun salutation tank, but I think I gotta see it in store first.
Was disappointed to not see any new stuff your bra colours, since that's my go to bra during the summer.
I noticed a few old "new" items.. What's up with that? Are they out of new stuff?

Liz said...

LLA: That's interesting to know and I think it really shows how different Lulu lovers wear their stuff differently :) In fact, I actually like the Scuba III for being *less* distinctive.

I live in a tropical climate, so I usually wear light hoodies like this one in the office (the central a/c is ridiculous), or when I travel. And for travel I like neutrals that pair easily across my wardrobe, which is why I never bought a Scuba II as I felt it would pair well with sneakers and casual outfits. The Scuba III looks much less sporty and I plan to wear it with both sneakers and boots on a trip next spring.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me today which is good because i didn't budget for it! Those Keep on Track pants are cute but I don't expect them to sell out quickly, so I'll keep my eye on them!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:25 pm - I don't think there is anything out now that meets your criteria of no back zipper pocket and pockets that can fit an iphone 6. The Inspire tights have no back pocket but I'm not sure the thigh zipper pockets can fit your phone.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the butterfly CRB in U.S. stores? I snoozed and now they're sold out in most sizes. TIA!

Anonymous said...

I can fit an iPhone 6 in a case in the thigh pocket of my inspire tights.

Anonymous said...

I ordered a bunch of things this evening, but nothing from today's upload. I ordered the Dance Studio Pants in Fatigue Green, the Swiftly Long Sleeve Crew in Pistachio, the What The Sport Short Sleeve Tee in both the Pink Lemonade and the Pipe Dream Blue, and 3 Cool Racerbacks, the Black, the White, and the Parallel Stripe Black/White.

Hoping we'll get the new Heathered Fatigue Green Cool Racerback and the Fatigue Green Bhakti Yoga Jacket that the UK got here in Canada next week.

I like the Cranberry Swiftly Tank and the Black Butterfly Texture Scuba II from today's upload, but decided I'll pass for now, already had my eye on all the stuff I just ordered for a while and thought I'd make my move on them finally.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7:25 pm - You might look at the All Sport Crop. It meets all your criteria although the side pocket I'm not sure about. There is a thigh pocket that zips. It fits my iPhone 5 and I think the odds are good that it will fit your 6.

Anonymous said...

Any reports on the Trail Blazer Crop?

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the grey vest in the sunset salutation (can) pictures?