Monday, August 10, 2015

Australian Spoilers


lululemon-sculpt-tank ziggy-sanke
Sculpt Tanks are back - yay! Though, why couldn't it be in the pretty Butterfly print and not this Ziggy Snake Pipe Dream one. Keeping my fingers crossed for a Butterfly Sculpt tank.

lululemon-pipe-dream-swiftly tie-dye
New Pipe Dream Tie Dye Swiftly.

lululemon-swiftly-ziggy-snake pipe-dream
Pipe Dream Snake print Swiftly LS




New Swift Go the Distance Vest in Angel Wing. Also comes in black. I like the simplicity of this.

New Butterfly print Speed shorts. I hate that the shirts are obscuring the waistband of the bottoms in all the photos, now. This one nearly covers the rear trim, too.

Pipe Dream Ziggy Snake Speed Shorts

Ziggy Snake Pipe Dream Cool Racerback. This'll be a pass for me.

New Naval Blue Cyber Stripe Pace Rival crops. There are no close up photos to tell if these are a textured luxtreme but from the reports I've read of the High Times of the same color it seems this is a textured fabric. I am definitely interested in trying these.


lululemon-pace-rival-crop butterfly
Biggie So Fly Fatigue Butterfly Pace Rival Crops. The text calls these regular luxtreme but I would think these are fullux.



Beyond Boundaries Pant. These are made of luon.


Denim Jet Crops


Butterfly Crew Love Pullover. Didn't these all go to markdown?



New light luon Sun Set Salutation Crop

lululemon-sushine-coast-ls fatigue
Very pretty Fatigue Sunshine Coast LS

Pipe Dream Blue Flow Y

lululemon-sapphire-twist wunder-under-pant

lululemon-sapphire-twist wunder-under-pant
Space Dye Twist Sapphire Wunder Under Pants. I hope this is coming in a run bottom.

lululemon-stuff-your-bra ziggy-snake
Pipe Dream Sapphire Ziggy Snake Stuff Your Bra

Ziggy Snake Gym to Win Duffel


Beth said...

Is it just me or is the UK upload a day early?

Anonymous said...

To me, snake print is something you can maybe have one piece of in your wardrobe - like zebra or leopard. Definitely not piece after piece. Works for me though - I don't like it at all so that keeps my wallet safe.

LuluAddict said...

No, it's me. It's supposed to be Australian Spoilers, not the UK.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago with the wanderlust upload, I really thought things were turning around over in lululalalemon land. Then I see this terrible, terrible stuff and it's a big old NOPE.

Unknown said...

The Crew Love's DID all get marked down lol. I actually like then though, so I hope they return in NA and get marked down again.

Anonymous said...

Will this be coming to Canada or is it just in Australia.

Sophie said...

The only thing that really jumps out at me here are the Naval Blue Cyber Stripe Pace Rival crops, though I'm trying to cut back on buying crops since we're nearing fall. I wonder if they'll make a Speed Tight in that print?

Janae said...

Hate that pose of the chick in the butterfly speeds and grey swiftly. What on earth is she doing in that picture?

Starfighter said...

I really like the fatigue LS! Great color.

Lissa10279 said...

The Beyond Boundaries pants look interesting! I just wish there wasn't such a lag time - or lack of guarantee what we will get!

Anonymous said...

Will these come to canada?

Anonymous said...

I'm still bummed the iris and palm party pace rival crops never made it down to the US from Canada. I REALLY hope the naval blue cyber stripe ones make it over here, I really like those!

Anonymous said...

Yay for sculpt for the pattern. I'd like a pipe dream SOLID blue sculpt tank. Just solid overall please.

Anonymous said...

I tried on both the new pace rival crops this morning....the butterfly are thin fullux (I think I am not too great on fabrics!)really sheer to the extent even putting my hand in the leg with a bit of stretch could see thru them. The stripey naval blue ones are textured and the pair I tried were really stiff and itchy. There's something a bit off in the fabric of the butterfly print pants I tried, the roll down WUP felt like they have no stretch in them and were really tight in the hips and waist in my size up but the legs were all baggy. Sad because I really wanted butterflies on my bottom! I ended up with the sapphire blue space dye wunder unders...gorgeous, medium thick, pattern stays in the right spot and totally opaque :)

kiwihusky said...

The naval stripes pace rival crops are textured luxtreme. So bummed some of the stripes don't line up on the butt.

Anonymous said...

anon@3:42 PM Totally agree. One big yuk imho. This direction is scaring me.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:34 pm - Totally agree. One snake piece is enough. I have the snake print Speed Tights I bought last year so I'm good. So far, I hate all the newest snake stuff, which is great for my wallet.

@ Michelle Lu - lol. They most likely will.

@ anon 4:16 pm - I think this will all be coming to Canada/US soon.

@ unknown - the photos are shitastic now. Waistbands are covered up, we're lucky if we get a full length photo of the crops/pants and it's often far away so I squint at it, rear view is shown in a 1/3 view so it's useless, all around just effing terrible. Moreover, stores were told NOT to post photos to facebook of the clothes unless it has to do with a studio or ambassador so there are essentially zero useful photos available of the clothes. I don't understand what this company is trying to accomplish with its web presence.

@ anon 8:47 pm -thanks for the great try on info!

Kim said...

New light luon Sun Set Salutation Crop I hope these make it to Canada soon! I think they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the waistband on those Sun Set Salutation Crops. I am short so they might be full length on me. They look so comfy.

amy@cafeMakeup said...

The Fatigue Sunshine LS looks lovely. There are a few other pieces that look very workable.

I'll wait patiently for this snakeskin trend to pass along without me.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:34 PM - I completely agree! Too much snake print :( I did go ahead and order the Cranberry Define with the snake print contrast though. I have zero snakeskin items in my closet, and was thinking maybe just that little bit of contrast on the Define will be ok, especially if I only pair it with plain Black pants and a plain Black or White tank, it might even add a little bit of interest and 'spice' to my closet for those days I feel like adding it! But that is where I draw the line! I LOVE the Pipe Dream Blue Swifty, but of course it is Snake Print as well :( Something telling me to try it, that blue just looks so pretty and vibrant, but I don't think I'm going to give in, I'm just not a fan of snakeskin print.

Anonymous said...

Are they messing with fits, as well? I've noticed things in my regular size seem slightly smaller now or less stretchy (particularly bottoms), but I haven't gained weight...

I ordered one pair of the naval blue cyber stripe High Times and the stripes on the butt were slightly off...have one more pair coming to me hoping I can find one that matches up. Really want to keep them but damn, LLL has THE WORST quality control.

Unknown said...

I really like my crew love pullovers, in part because I did get most of them on WMTM and one from the online warehouse sale. I'll grab the butterfly one for sure if it hits U.S.. I'm really liking the bright color snake stuff, but I'll probably be over it after a couple of pieces. I'm kind of saving my bright allotment for the crazy patternedf Ebb to Street pants that are on the Hong Kong website. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll end up here ---

Anonymous said...

Stuff your bra is the only thing that appeals to me at the moment. i like the speeds with the butterfly pattern as well, but I bet those will sell out really fast.